Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club

                 President 2018- 2019 Keith Futter.  

Meets every Monday at 1.00pm.  (not Bank Holidays ) at The Imperial Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. NR30 1EQ   Tel. No. 01493 842000

Please note....on some historical pages on this website the old venue address will still be seen.



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December 25th / 26th 2012




Seasons Greetings to all friends and families.



December 17th 2012


                          Ladies Christmas Dinner.... evening meeting at The Burlington Palm Hotel  .



Tri Club Christmas Concert
                       In December Yarmouth Rotary Club .Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club and Gorleston Rotary club  held their annual evening of music and carols at Christchurch Great Yarmouth.  The Edward Worlledge Junior Year 5 Choir and the Adult Choir  under the direction of Krista Ribbon delighted Rotarians and the general public with their variety of songs including ‘I believe in father Christmas’ and ‘Mistletoe and Wine’   This years soloist was Flutist Megan Storer who at the age 15 performed numerous pieces which included  Rachmaninoff  ‘Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini 18th Variation’ and Gossec’s ‘Tambourin’.  With a packed attendance the three clubs raised over £350 from the collection and this will be equally shared between ‘The Samaritans’ and the ‘Yarmouth Minster’.  The Three clubs form a sub committee to organise the event and it was Committee member Robert Lovick who presented a cheque to Jacob Winiarski and Kayley Nash from the Choir and June Smith who is  not only a choir member but is Headmistress of the school.  This event gives local school choirs and young musicians the chance to perform during the festive season and this is  possible due to the dedication  by the representatives of the Three Rotary Clubs.




December 10th 2012


                         As the year draws to a close and we enter the festive season the Club looks forward to  the Ladies Christmas Evening  which takes place next Monday at the Burlington Hotel.  At our last meeting Ian Dracup who is a member of East Coast Community Heath Care gave an overview of the types of services they provide.  Ian explained that the ECCHC was formed in October 2011 providing 35 different services including District Nurses, Community Matrons, Occupational Therapists Children and Family Nurses, ME Fatigue Teams and many more.  Prior to 2011these services were provided by the NHS but they are now contracted out to outside agencies which he admitted is not a fact that is widely known by the general public.  He then talked about his work as an Occupational Therapist and how he became involved as a Board member of the ECCHC.  This presentation highlighted the variety of health care services that other agencies offer and the important work they provide within the Community.  After several questions from the members Ted Witton thanked Ian for his informative presentation


December 3rd 2012



                   At our Monday meeting the club welcomed  Rotarian Tim Wooldridge from the Lowestoft Club who gave a very interesting talk on the history of the exploration and distribution of gas in the southern North Sea in the 1960s and the subsequent oil exploration further north. Tim was an engineer with Shell and his talk highlighted his personal involvement in this hazardous occupation, he also circulated examples of rock and other deposits drilled from the sea bed together with a number of photographs in connection with his work. The vote of thanks was given by Tony King. Also during the meeting, President Bob Price presented the Haven Duck Race Corporate trophy to accountant Johnathan Bloomfield whose firm was the Corporate Event winner at the September event. .The Three Club Christmas Evening of Music and Carols will take place  at Christchurch, Deneside Great Yarmouth on Wednesday 12th December at 7 30pm.  This event is  open to the general public and entry is free. At next week's  meeting a representative from the East Coast Community Health Care will be speaking to the club.


December 3rd 2012


                  The final of the District 1080 Golf Knockout Tournament was finally held at Bawburgh Golf Club , on Monday December 3rd. On a surprisingly good day of calm weather conditions and the course in good condition for this time of year, the Haven team of Alan Spinks, Alan Carman and Bill Cooke were evenly matched despite Haven having to give 9,9 and 10 shots away !

Two of the games were halved and the winning game was won 2 and 1. This showed the closeness of the matches and all games were played in a good spirit and Rotary fellowship.

The photo below shows Alan Spinks holding the trophy with Bill Cooke and Alan Carman to his left, and the team from Wroxham Bure Valley of Ian Benson, Barry Rumsey and Tony Howard.

After winning last years final, this was a tremendous effort to win again, having come through some tough matches during the previous months !!






November 26 th 2012


                            Business meeting.


November 19th 2012


                           Our very own John Burroughs was our speaker today. John recalled many memories of his stay in Spain over 30 years ago.

He related many facets of life there and presented a very humorous talk for the members.

Craigh Page gave the vote of thanks.

Next week would be a business meeting. Club Council meeting would be on Tuesday evening at The Burlington Hotel.


November 12th 2012


                          The opening of a new hotel is not generally considered to be an entertaining topic. However, Rotarian Peter Bondi made it so when, with a combination of wit
and style, he made it the subject of a talk to the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club at last Monday's lunchtime meeting. After recounting his
experiences at opening several hotels for a French company in the 1980's,  several of which required his understated diplomacy, he went on to give a humorous description of a specific instance that involved a very tight building schedule and a contractual opening date of 31st December. A series of building errors pushed the completion date back from early November to late December. With a great deal of effort at pulling out all the stops, the hotel was opened on 31st December with 10 of the available 80 rooms available for accommodation. The first day of opening ended with the hotel roof being torn off by a tornado. After completion of the repairs, the hotel subsequently gained several important awards.


November 5th 2012


                        At a packed meeting the club welcomed this week’s speaker Stanley Cooper who after a long medical career has written a book containing his experiences as a child dealing with the effects of war.   Stanley was born in Norfolk and can recall at the age of 9 being summoned by his parents to listen to the radio as Germany was occupying neighbouring countries and Britain stood on the brink of war.   At the outbreak of war he was moved with his mother and sister to Devon and at the latter part of the war he came back to Norfolk to live in the country away from his home town..  Whilst he was keen to see enemy aircraft at every opportunity he never felt in danger and thought that it was quite exciting and with an element of fun.   He talked about his time in the shelters and highlighted that he found it quite strange that children from London were coming to Norfolk while children from this area travelled to other locations throughout the UK. .He can remember the distribution of gas masks and the smell of burning buildings but once again he was inquisitive to see the destruction for himself but could not see the dangers. Stanley pointed out that for him life as a child during the war was no different to that in peacetime but had he been born some years earlier the situation would have been very different.   Malcolm Loveland gave the vote of thanks.  Peter Bondi will be the speaker at next week’s meeting.




October 29th 2012


                      The club welcomed Rotarian Peter Burman who is a member of the Yarmouth Rotary Club and was this week’s guest speaker introduced by Junior Vice President Jack Thorpe.  Peter and his wife travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia in 2009 and he delighted  the members with his slide presentation depicting the cities and places of interest that were incorporated in their tour.  His talk began with a brief history of the two countries and the effects on Vietnam’s infrastructure as a result of the war, which effectively froze visitor interest for many years after the cessation of hostilities.  They began their rip in Hanoi and visited the Hoe Chin Min Mausoleum, the Thang long Water Puppet Theatre and Ha Long Bay and also managing to fit in a tour of a Rubber Plantation.   

Such a trip would not be complete without seeing some of the intricate tunnels that were built during the conflict. How daring they were to build tunnels that would operate beneath an American Base many of which housed hospital facilities for the injured soldiers.  Peter was overwhelmed with the very large number of motor cycle users and the nail biting experience of trying to negotiate crossing the very busy roads.  He then moved on to talk about their time in Cambodia and their stay in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap which is situated in the Northwest of Cambodia which is a heritage site of the Angkor Temples.   This was a most informative and interesting presentation which resulted in several questions being put to Peter from the members. . Robert Lovick gave the vote of thanks. .



October 22nd 2012


                      On Saturday Alan Spinks and Robert Lovick attended the District Conference in Ipswich and they  were anxiously awaiting the result of the winner of the John Grant award for International projects.  Whilst Haven did not win the award the Club was nominated for two projects, which included sending laptops to a School in Panaji, India and the other sending funds to the victims of the Japanese Tsunami. .   This week’s speaker was club member Charles Lewis who gave a presentation on Volcanoes.  Charles has now embraced digital technology and started this talk with a short video of the Volcano at Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland in 2010 that halted air traffic over Europe for several days.  He went on to explain the different levels of eruptions and sadly the loss of life of four people in Japan in 1991 at Unzen Japan which is infamous for the 43 fatalities caused by the unexpectedly large pyroclastic flow on June 3.  The famous volcano photographers Maurice and Katja Krafft, and geologist Harry Glicken were among those lost during this tragic event, together with multiple journalists who had joined them in a zone into which entry was not prohibited but was recommended against by the authorities.   The presentation included other famous volcanoes and the desire by many to visit these locations as tourists which can be challenging trips in the knowledge that one must always be aware of the possible dangers.  After several questions from the members it was the task of John Wiseman to give the vote of thanks.



  District 1080 Conference at Ipswich October 20th.

    A well attended meeting full of interesting speakers and content, with superb catering. A few photos of the event below !


Speakers shown are Sharon Davies MBE., Eva Loeffler OBE, Rtn. Eva Brodehl and GSE team from District 9800 Victoria, Australia.

Rtn Alan Spinks holds Sharon's Gold Olympic torch, and receives shortlist certificate for John Grant Trophy awarded for best District project from DG 1090 Judith Diment .

Past President Robert Lovick presents our club banner to Team leader Julie Mason, and children of Coppleston High school Ipswich, show off their peace Origami !



October 15th 2012


                      Our speaker this week was The District 1080 International Chairman, Brian Davies from the Felixstowe Languard Rotary Club. He was introduced by Alan Spinks.
Brian talked about his involvement in South Africa of various projects that he had  personally visited, and continued to explain many projects that would be of interest to all clubs. One of the projects our club would be looking to support was "". which is set up to offer small loans in communities to alleviate poverty. The slogan " Make a loan, change a life "is very true. People in the developing world don't want to rely on hand-outs. The innovative scheme allows people to lend small sums of money directly to entrepreneurs from across the world, and help them to turn their business plans into life changing opportunities. The loan is paid back, using income from their growing business. Once repaid, the loan can be recycled again and again. Brian's presentation was most interesing and informative, and Wally Ladmore thanked Brian for an excellent talk.

Next week John Dawson would be asking our member Charles Lewis to talk.




October 8th 2012


                    Senior Vice President Ian McCreadie was in the Chair for this weeks meeting and ran the proceedings with confidence and style which will no doubt serve him well for the future.   Ian welcomed Steven Bourke who is part of the Group Study Exchange from Melbourne Australia.   Steven is a serving Police officer stationed at the Glen Waverley  Academy  and was on a Vocational visit to Yarmouth Police station to compare working practices.  He is staying in Caister with his Rotarian Host and will take the opportunity to visit many places of interest during his stay. The lunchtime speaker was David McDermott who is no stranger to the club and his subject was ‘Window Dressing in Great Yarmouth’.  Before the 1890’s there were no window displays but with the introduction of glass it revolutionised the way shop owners could display their goods.  In the beginning shop keepers displayed as much merchandise in the window as possible but with the turn of the century they realised that a more creative approach was needed.  David then talked about Palmers store in Great Yarmouth who appointed Philip Musgrove Grey as their window dresser having been employed by the store owners Buntings of Norwich.  He then went on to talk about Philips back ground and his career as a window dresser. Philip even managed to enter his windows displays in local and national competitions which proved very lucrative as he always managed to win and was allowed to keep the prizes.   This was a most enlightening presentation on a subject that many would have had little knowledge of but the members found the talk informative and interesting and naturally embraced David’s funny stories at the end of his talk. . The vote of thanks was given by Tony King

1st Responders to form Second Unit

Presently 12 trained volunteers man a 1st Responder unit which springs into action when requested by the East of England Ambulance Service, triggered by 999 calls.


All the volunteers are trained to use specialist medical equipment so that, arriving first on the scene of an incident, they can maintain or improve a patient's stability until the arrival of paramedics or the ambulance.


Early intervention, support and treatment of a patient has been shown to increase the chance of survival and recovery in instances of Cardiac arrest, respiratory failure, chest pains , unconsciousness, sudden collapse and choking.


Since it's inception in the Borough in May 2010 the service has proved it's value to the people of the community, on many occasions, and is now seeking funds to purchase the equipment to allow a second unit to be formed, serving the northern areas of the town.


The Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club have supported this very worthy project by making a substantial contribution towards the specialist medical equipment required.


 In the picture  Mr John Lucas ( Scheme Co-ordinator) is seen accepting a cheque from the President of Haven Rotary Club,Mr Bob Price with Richard Fiddy ( Community Service).


More information about the 1st Responder scheme ,which is wholly funded by public donation, can be found on their web site or by contacting John Lucas on 07909220247


Also see report on July 23rd 2012.



October 1st 2012


                    The speaker at this weeks meeting was Alex Bond who is the Rural Sports Development Officer for Norfolk and she is responsible for promoting sport in the Borough and in the rural community.   Her team are working closely with schools and health organisations to try and get more people of all ages involved in the scheme.  This includes training coaches within a specific sport and appointing local coordinators to promote sport and to identify underused or empty buildings that could be utilised.  With the success of the London Olympics Alex presumed that there would be much interest in the scheme but to date the take up rate has been quite slow.  She talked about how village games were being organised which would encourage the participants to aim for the ultimate goal and take part in the Norfolk Games.   Alex talked about an initiative called ‘Get Into’ which is designed to try and get people back into sport who for some reason have opted out.

She admitted that it’s success depended on the public embracing the idea whilst becoming healthier at the same time.  Alex informed the members that  more co-ordinators were needed and that publicity for  the scheme was vital in order to achieve its aims.  There was  much amusement when one of the members asked Alex if she could give our President some words of encouragement  to get back into sport and the speaker replied by saying that she would be more than happy to help all the members if they so desired. Many pertinent questions were answered by Alex and she was thanked by Peter Howkins for an illuminating talk.



A Salvation Army initiative, arising from Team GB's success at the Paralympic Games has been supported by The Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club.   The initiative "Tins for Medals" called for the donation of tinned food to form the Five Olympic Rings; the tins later destined to be used by the S.A. to provide food for those desperately in need in the Borough.

Haven Rotary Club matched the number of medals won(123) with pound notes to purchase in excess of 400 tins from Lidl's supermarket.


In the picture Captain Rob Symonds of the S.A. is seen accepting a token delivery of the tins from Club President Bob Price whilst Richard Fiddy (Community Service) looks on.


September 24th 2012


                           A business meeting today. Full report by Alan Spinks of the success of yesterday's Duck Race. A report by Alan Carman of the successful District 1080 Golf Day arranged by our Rotary Club. ( further report  see below Sep.20th )

Reports were then given by each committee....these would be in the Secretary's minutes.



September 23rd 2012


                           The Annual Duck Race.....full report and photos here..


September 20th 2012



                           District 1080 Golf Day at Thetford Golf Club.   Report here.....


September 17th 2012


                           Throughout the Rotary year each member is required to find a speaker and this week it was the turn of Bill Cook, which  gave him the opportunity to contact an old friend John Nichols who talked about his career as a fisheries biologist.

However John first mentioned his time as a Magistrate and amused the members with some of his experiences during his early training. 

John who is now retired has 42 years experience in plankton ecosystem research specialising in the taxonomy of North Atlantic and NW European plankton.  John was responsible for numerous projects, which included assessing and studying the sustainability of North Sea and Thames Estuary herring stocks including sprats.  This type of work would mean many trips on research vessels and he admitted that he suffered from seasickness on several occasions.   This was a most interesting subject and when an individual is passionate about their work it always reflects in the presentation and this was no exception

European legislation to maintain healthy and sustainable fish stocks means that John although officially retired is still called upon to carry out work within this field.  He is also working to encourage companies to obtain the eco logo that indicates that their fish has been caught using accepted friendly methods but he admitted that there is still much to be done to bring this labelling to the attention of the general public.  John Burroughs gave the vote of thanks.  On Sunday the Club will be holding its 13th Duck Race at the Great Yarmouth Waterways and we are delighted to welcome Jessica Applegate, Gold Medallist at the recent Paralympic games who will be accompanying the Mayor Colleen Walker.




September 14th 2012

The funeral service to celebrate the life of our fellow Rotarian Norman took place at Great Yarmouth Crematorium

on Friday 14th September. The service was conducted by Rev'd Peter Glanville. Opposite is a photo of a remembrance bouquet from the International Committee in the shape of a duck....Norman having been a member of that committee from the year after his Presidency of 1983 and the instigator of our most successful Annual Duck Race.



September 10th 2012


                          On Monday with the aid if his walking frame Owen Baldry who is nearly 4 years of age was determined to walk up the ramp into the Burlington Hotel on Monday to meet the President Bob Price and some of the members. Several months ago Owen’s Father Carl and his Mother Sacha came to club to talk about their fund raising efforts to send Owen to America for an operation that will hopefully allow him to walk without the use of his leg braces  and frame.  Owen has a condition called spastic diplegic cerebral palsy and this life changing operation is now scheduled to take place in St Louis in November.  Sacha is seen receiving a cheque for £832.50 from the President Bob Price (right) and Chairman of the Community Service Committee Bill Cooke.(left)  The couple have now exceeded their initial target but explained that the extra funds would  be needed as Owen will require special equipment and numerous sessions of physiotherapy once they return to the UK.  During the lunchtime meeting club member Leslie Seabert talked about his passion for photography and delighted the members with a collection of photographs.  His  interest blossomed at an early and he soon became a members of the Gt. Yarmouth and District Photographic Society.  Whilst he embraced the coming of the digital age he admitted that his knowledge was limited with regards to the use of computer programmes that can change and enhance his pictures.  Leslie agreed that it is quite easy to take picture but it is the scene and the artistic flare that make a picture special and this was certainly proved to be this case with his selection of pictures both black and white and colour that certainly delighted the members.



September 3rd 2012



                          In July the club organised a fund raising event at Terry Hall’s barn and on Monday Bernadette Auger the Consultant in Palliative Care is seen receiving a cheque to the sum of £832.50 in aid of Palliative Care East Appeal from President Bob Price (right) and Community Service Chairman Bill Cook (left). It was a sad occasion on Monday when the members paid their respects to Norman Bailey who passed away at the weekend. Richard Delf read out a statement covering Norman’s service within Rotary when in 1981 with other members they founded the Club and in 1983 he became President. This year due to ill health he did not renew his membership but was made an honorary member.  Norman was a real character and was never slow in making himself heard amongst the members if he had an issue to air.   He will undoubtedly be missed especially his high profile involvement in the Annual Duck Race and his ability to make sure every member sold all the Ducks they were allocated.  The Haven Golf Championship was held on Friday at Caister, the organiser Alan Carman welcomed three new golfers to the event and it was Bill Cook who took the winners trophy. The Carpet Putting Competition which is awarded to the loser went to Mike Self.   At this Monday’s meeting it was a club member namely Ted Witton who gave a talk about a cultural visit to a Beer Festival in Peterborough with several other members.  Ted is never short of funny stories and this was no exception and one can only imagine the hardship that they must have endured in having to sample so many guest ales.




September 1st 2012



        It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of our friend and

        Founder Member and President of 1983, Norman Bailey.

        We extend our condolences to his family.

        Norman will be sadly missed and always remembered.





August 31st 2012


                      Haven's own Golf Day.....full report and photos here !


August 27th 2012


                      No meeting...Bank Holiday.


August 20th 2012


                      Haven A golf team of Bill Cooke, Alan Carman and Alan Spinks, played the quarter final match against Haverill Rotary Club, today at Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club.

On this occasion the team won 2 matches to one loss. Alan Spinks just lost his match to a very good golfer from Haverhill. All 3 played well but Bill and Alan C. were able to overcome the shots they gave away to the opposition. The Haverill members had previously attended our lunch time meeting, and enjoyed the fellowship and speaker presentation as reported below !

A lovely afternoon for golf and once again , the team were successful and now proceed to the semi final.


August 20th 2012


                    At this weeks meeting ,it was reported that preparations for the coming DUCK RACE at The Waterways on September 23rd, were well in hand.
A good attendance with visitors from the Rotary club of Lowestoft and 3 golfing members of Haverill Rotary club to play our Haven A golf team later after lunch ,. Subsequently it was a win for Haven A who now proceed to the semi finals of the District 1080 Knockout Tournament.
Brian Potter of Potters Leisure Resort at Hopton, introduced his speaker, Nigel Pattle, who is one of his entertainment staff.  Brian first explained his Company's Mission Statement of entertaining in all aspects of The Resort, before Nigel gave an amusing and well presented account of his role in entertainment behind the scenes. He supervised talent spotting auditions in London for possible inclusion in The Potters Theatre Group. The most recent audition attracted 600 would be dancers and singers and this was a tough job to whittle the final figure to just 13. Many stars of the west end stage today have started their careers with the experience gained in The Theatre Group , the most recent talent was Leanne Mitchell, winner of BBC's The Voice and also Kerry Ellis, who was unsuccessful in The Voice. David made a prediction that a star would emerge in the future namely Ian McIntosh. With The Resort being open 52 weeks of the year, there is a need for the entertainment to be refreshed twice a year, and with singing, dancing, magic and constant changing of scenery and lighting, David emphasised how important it was to continue to search for new talent , to keep the high standard of entertainment that the Resort had to offer. With David's 28 years in entertainment at Potters, he certainly knew how to enthrall the members with his talent and humour.
A most enjoyable presentation and David was thanked by Richard Fiddy.
Next week there would be no meeting as Bank Holiday.

From A satisfied Contributor

A welcome email highlighting our fund raising !

Dear Rotarian Price

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tony Taylor and I am the President of Maldon Blackwater Rotary Club in Essex.

I was staying at Potters' Leisure Resort week beginning 30th July and I met two of your members who were organising the soft toy raffle.

I introduced myself to them and found them to be lovely people.

I really would like to point out just how good they were while they were there. They interacted so well with the guests and were very open and friendly. These two members are a real credit to The Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club and to Rotary in general.

I also think that this is an excellent idea - bringing a little joy to the guests' day and raising money with friends - what Rotary is all about. It is also an excellent platform to raise the profile of Rotary to people from across the country.

I just wanted to pass on my thoughts.

Thanks you for your time.

Tony Taylor
President Maldon Blackwater Rotary Club                    The email refers to Bill Cooke and Mike Self !!



August 13th 2012


                  At our Monday meeting the Senior Vice President Ian McCreadie introduced this weeks speaker Hugh Sturzaker who is Chairman of the Great Yarmouth Arts Festival which takes place in the town between the 1st and 22nd September.

Hugh explained how this idea was formed and his vision for the festival and highlighted the fact that hopefully visitor numbers to Great Yarmouth would increase during this period which would benefit the town as a whole.   Some of the events were due to take place at the newly refurbished St Georges Theatre but due to the delay in its completion these events will now be taking place at other venues.Such events require sponsorship which has enabled the organisers to keep prices low and in some cases entry will be free. .   Hugh talked about some of the events and the exhibitions that would include a variety of art work from professional artists and those who simply paint or sculpt as a hobby.   Some of the attractions include an open submission of Visual Art, a variety of music at the Minster Church of St Nicholas. Open Studios, Poetry and a Herring Trail plus much more so there is something to please everyone.  He offered any member who has a desire to sing to take part in Handel’s Messiah from scratch which will take place on the 15th September at St Nicholas Church. There is no doubt that Hugh and his team have put a lot of work into this project and hopefully the general public will embrace all that the festival has to offer


August 7th 2012



                   Today President Bob and PP Alan Spinks attended the meeting of The Great Yarmouth Club.

Prior to this they had both travelled on the Puffing Billy along the sea front, as part of the "Wheelie Good Idea" Initiative.

The travelling notebook between all the clubs in District 1080 was handed over to President Derek Houghton.




  President Bob's initiative to travel on Puffing Billy !


August 6th 2012


                  At a very hectic lunchtime meeting which began with the arrival of four Gorleston Rotarians lead by their President Peter Black ,having walked from their meeting place namely the Pier Hotel to the Burlington Hotel, to hand over the Little Black Book that is part of the ‘Wheelie Good Idea’ initiative organised by Sally Green from the East Point Rotary Club in Lowestoft .  The idea is to move the book between different clubs by unique methods of transport and at the same time raising funds to purchase specialist wheelchairs for disabled athletes.  President Bob is planning to take the book to the Yarmouth Rotary Club by travelling on the Seafront Train.  The club inducted new member Philip Hunt who is well known to the members having supported many functions in the past.

                This week’s talk was undertaken by Terry Ashbourne, Alan Spinks and David Neve.  Terry and Alan had visited Panaji India in 2011 and returned from that visit with an idea to seek part funding for a project to supply laptops and projectors to schools in the local area. The local Rotary Club in Panaji would also raise funds and other financial support that would come from Matching Grants within the Rotary Organisation.   Having secured the grants the Rotarians decided to return to India to visit the schools that were scheduled to take possession of the equipment. They were immediately embraced by the local school children and it was quite apparent that the lack of facilities did nothing to deter their desire to learn.  Having completed their presentations they flew from Goa to New Delhi and there organised transport and a driver to visit the usual attractions in Delhi, Jaipur, Jodphur, Udaipur, the Ramthambhore National Wild Tiger Park and naturally the Taj Mahal in Agra.

                 David Collins, the District 1080 Matching Grants officer attended , together with SVP Nanna Lay from the RC of Lowestoft East Point. David said how much he and Nanna enjoyed the presentation and would look favourably on our proposed further project with the construction of a new Toilet Block at " Our Lady of Merces High School " in Merces, Goa. He also explained the Stokes Mayonaise scheme for "End Polio Now" campaign. 



New member Philip Hunt                                 Gorleston President Peter Black with Bob.




July 30th 2012


                 Today was a business meeting.

Next week guest Terry Ashbourne will present, with Alan Spinks and David Neve, the Matching Grant Project earlier this year in India.


July 23rd 2012


                Several months ago a representative from the ‘Norfolk Community First Responders’ came to the club to talk about the new service and how the unit was delivering medical assistance throughout the Yarmouth area..  On Monday John Lucas who is the area co-ordinator was invited back to the club, to give an update on how the unit was functioning.  The ‘First Responders’ are trained by the East Anglian Ambulance Service and are provided with mobile phones for call out purposes, so it is important to have a rota system whereby the availability of the  ‘Responders’ are  know to Ambulance Control.  John undertakes this role on a voluntary basis and admits that there is a need for a second unit that would enhance the existing team working in the Great Yarmouth area.  John explained that a quick response to a medical emergency is paramount and they would like to increase their medical equipment and certain fund raising initiatives are being undertaken to acquire these items.  John talked very briefly about some of the incidents that the 'Responders' had dealt with and it was obvious that as local residents they could be at the scene relatively quickly  to administer First Aid, until further assistance arrives.  Bill Cook thanked John and commended him and his fellow ‘Responders’ for serving the community on a voluntary basis.



July 16th 2012


              The speaker at this weeks meting was Colin Smith , one of the Haven Club's more recent members and a person who for many years has been associated with football in Great Yarmouth and the surrounding area. He recalled many of the the interesting aspects of his sporting interests from a minor league player with Greenacre Old Boys to becoming a first class referee officiating at numerous well known footballing venues in the East of England and meeting many well known sporting stars and show business personalities.
He was also for a time Chairman of Great Yarmouth Football Club and gave an insight into the trials and tribulations a person has to endure in such a position. He recalled his associations with Club President Bob Price, himself a local football referee, and the acting Club Secretary Tony King, who not only introduced him into minor league football but also gave the vote of thanks to Colin for his interesting talk.
The speaker next week would be John Lucas, coordinator of The First Responders scheme and will be introduced by Wally Ladmore.


July 9th 2012


           The club was formed in 1981 and it was the vision of the Founder Members that created a vibrant and happy club that still exists to this day. One of Founder Members namely David Wakefield attended the club on Monday who was the guest of Brian Potter. This week’s speaker was Alysia McDonagh who works for the National Charity ‘Whizz Kidz’ and her job is to support fundraising volunteers for this region. Alysia explained that it was their aim to ensure that every disabled child has an opportunity to be something special namely to do the fun things that other children enjoy at their age There are an estimated 70,000 disabled children and young people in the UK waiting for a specilait wheelchair.  She talked about  how their organisation provides these chairs and how instantly their lives change giving them the freedom and confidence to do simple tasks that we take for granted. Due to the complexity of the equipment they have to be taught road safety and the skills that will allow them to manoeuvre the wheelchair throughout the home.   The Charity also organises ‘Ambassador’ Clubs and Camps whereby they have the opportunity to meet other children with disabilities and take part in a variety of activities including drama, art, sport and music.  Like most Charities they are dependant on donations and whilst they receive some finding from the National Lottery they are also dependant on volunteers and are now seeking help from businesses who may be able to give a work placement to a young person who is wheel chair bound.  Richard Coller thanked Alysia for giving the members an insight into the work of the Charity.


July 2nd 2012
              On Monday the members witnessed the installation of the 31st President namely Bob Price MBE who takes office from Robert Lovick.  The President elect David Johnson from the Gorleston Rotary Club and Derek Houghton from the Yarmouth Club joined the proceedings and addressed the members  wishing President Bob a successful. and happy year in office.
President Bob was a member of the Gorleston Rotary Club some years ago and having undertaken the role of President in that club he will be  no stranger to the job in hand. 
Bob's vision  for the coming year  includes helping  promising youngsters  possibly by way of a Bursary who are artistically or musically talented  by  providing them with a Bursary. This initiative has been placed  before the appropriate Committee to undertake further research. The President paid tribute to three members who in the past 12 months have been
awarded Honorary Membership namely Norman Bailey, Ken Ward and Alan Hall. The President would like to continue the membership drive and is hoping to repeat the initiative whereby possible candidates are invited to a meeting  to explain the function of Rotary. During his year he  would also like the club to support the Dementia Charities that effect the lives of so many people.

 Ian McCreadie was appointed  Senior Vice President   and Jack Thorpe becomes the  Junior Vice President.  

June 26th 2012

Members Tony King, Terry Ashbourne and Alan Spinks were present at a "Norman come wine with me "visit

when President Robert presented Norman with his Honorary Membership Certificate as a Founder member

and distinguished service within the Haven Club over the last 31 years.

June 25th 2012

                 Gary Burfield was our speaker at this weeks meeting. Gary is the County Commissioner for Norfolk in the scouting movement. In 1972 Gary moved to Norfolk from London and was in the Great Yarmouth Fire Brigade for 30 years. When his two sons became interested in the scouts, it followed that with volunteers needed for the Organisation that he volunteered and has been doing this volunteer work for 29 years. He explained the history of scouting and how young people and adults had been changed by scouting. His duty was to help the County and Districts to grow and deliver more exciting and adventurous activities to even more young people. In Norfolk alone there were 7000 young scouts and about 2500 Leaders and volunteers. However due to the restriction of having a limited number of scouts to supporting Leaders and adults, there were still many young people who were being denied joining a group. There were extensive training schemes for any person that would like a rewarding part time activity in the local scout groups. Scouting is for young people from the age of 6 to 25 and over the last 10 years , girls have been part of the Organisation. So many activities are available and Eaton Vale Activity Centre provides all these to help develop a positive and useful base for future success.
Bob Price thanked Gary for his interesting talk . Next week would be the start of the New Rotary year and would be Presidents Handover meeting.

June 21st 2012     Charter Night Dinner    Report here

June 15th - 17th Weekend at Chilworth Manor.

Some pictures that were taken at the Gourmet evening on the Saturday night at Chilworth. One picture of the main entrance to the Hotel.

June 18th 2012

                  Our Club Assembly took place at today's meeting. Assistant District Governor East Hugh Davies was representing District 1080. Chairmen of Committees gave their reports as to the way they would progress over the next Rotary Year. Bill Cooke for Community, Alan Spinks for International and Peter Gethin for Vocational. There was no report from Foundation and Tony King deputised for Club Service. In coming President Bob Price ended by hoping the Club would have a very enjoyable and progressive year in the true Haven spirit and fellowship. A tribute was paid to Terry Ashbourne who had done a fantastic job as Secretary, and who would be leaving the Club.

Charter Night dinner would be on Friday June 21st.

June 18th 2012

                  Haven B Golf Team had to bring in new member Keith Futter following an injury to Wally Ladmore and with all 3 players having to give shots to their opponents ( Woodbridge Deben) because of their superior handicaps on their (Woodbridge's) tricky home course with it's notoriously fast greens did well with each match going to the last hole. John Clark scraped home but Mike Self and Keith were unlucky to lose their matches on the last green. Lots of ifs and maybes but although they left with heads held high unfortunately they lost 2-1.

June 11th 2012

                This was a Business matters meeting , following a Club Council meeting. Details of decisions and discussions are available from The Secretary.

President Robert inducted a new member to the Club. Keith Futter and his classification is Property management.

June 4th 2012

                No Meeting....Queen Elizabeth 2's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

May 28th 2012

                 This week, Craigh Page invited Sacha and Carl Baldry from Lowestoft to talk about their 3 year old son Owen.
Owen has Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy, which means he cannot walk or run.
Sacha gave a moving insight into the problems Owen has and how having a particular operation while he is still eligible for it, would make his life in the future as near normal as possible, otherwise he would be confined to a wheelchair for life.
To this end, they are raising £50000 to send Owen to St Louis Children's Hospital in America for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, which involves cutting some of the sensory nerve fibres that come from the muscles and enter the spinal cord. This very complicated procedure will reduce the tightness in Owen's muscles and make it easier for him to increase his strength with therapy and exercise. With a successful outcome ,Owen could be taking his first independent steps within 2 years. Carl also explained how they had got in touch with the charity Cauldwell Children, who had been an enormous help to the family and supported their appeal by managing donations and supporting fundraising to pay for the operation. Any help that can be given can be donated online at or through the charity at
However for the full story of this brave little boys plight please read his website at
There will be no meeting on June 4th as this is a Bank holiday.


 May 22nd 2012

                   Haven's "A" Golf team once again were successful in defeating Kings Lynn Priory "B" team at Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club. We await our next opponents for the quarter final rounds.

May 21st 2012

                 At this weeks meeting, Aaron Bartlett was introduced to the members as a possible candidate for RYLA course. Aaron introduced himself and talked of his ambitions at work and how he felt the RYLA course would benefit him. The club members unanimously accepted that Aaron would be a very suitable candidate and after September he would return to the club and give a talk on his experiences.

Press Report to Mercury.

Haven Rotary Cub together with the Gorleston and Great Yarmouth Club has nominated Aaron Bartlett aged 18years from Caister for a Rotary Youth Leadership Award.


Aaron having secured sponsorship for the scheme will attend a 5 day course at the Grafham Water Management Centre, Cambridgeshire in September.  He will take part in team exercises public speaking sessions, learning to be an effective leader whilst challenging him physically and mentally.


Aaron who resides with his parents and younger sisters is currently employed as a Mechanical Engineer at Armultra situated at the Gapton Hall Industrial Estate.  He is continuing his studies in QA/QC Engineering at the Great Yarmouth College of Further Education.


President Robert Lovick of the Haven Club congratulated Aaron on his presentation to the club and in securing the full backing of the membership.  Aaron will return to the club once he has completed the course to give an overview of his experience during the 5 day period.


Robert Lovick would welcome local companies or other organisations who would like to nominate a suitable candidate between the age of 18 to 26  for the 2013 course, to contact him on 01692 670076 or any of the Three Rotary Clubs.

Further information about this award can be obtained by visiting



R otary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is Rotary's leadership training program for young people. RYLA participants can be ages 14-30, but most clubs and districts choose to focus on a narrower age range, such as 14-18 or 19-30.

RYLA emphasizes leadership, citizenship, and personal growth, and aims to

  • Demonstrate Rotary's respect and concern for youth
  • Provide an effective training experience for selected youth and potential leaders
  • Encourage leadership of youth by youth
  • Recognize publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities


The Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club have teamed up with the Alzheimer's Support Group to extend the variety of activities they offer to sufferers.

The local group, based at the Kings Church Centre aim to provide support ,for carers and the cared for, with the emphasis on reminiscence, providing a variety of activities such as exercise, music and now a form of sensory garden with a potting shed.
They presently have a large shed in the grounds at Kings Church and the Haven Rotary Club have donated a selection of gardening tools, equipment and materials which will allow this project to be brought to fruition.

  Pictured (left ) is the Group Manager accepting the equipment from Richard Coller of Community Service committee.


May 14th 2012


              On Monday the club had great pleasure in welcoming the Mayor Barry Coleman and the Lady Mayoress to speak about his year in office.  This was to be his last day as Mayor and it was quite fitting that he was able to give the members an overview of the tasks that he has undertaken throughout his time in office. .  Barry selected his ‘Top Ten’ duties which included visiting Charity based organisations, schools, opening fetes and several local businesses including the very busy month during the Christmas period.  He mentioned the fact that he was invited to observe an air and sea rescue exercise which involved the Gorleston lifeboat and expressed his admiration for those who brave  the elements to save others.  In the summer of 2011 Rotary members from Canada visited Norfolk and were taken to the Gorleston Bandstand and were greeted by Barry and his wife.  The Mayor took the opportunity to welcome the Canadian visitors to Gorleston but also took the time out to speak to all those who were enjoying the music which highlighted the role of connecting with the public when ever possible.  The Mayor paid tribute to Mike Butcher who was not only a Haven Rotarian but was also a Local Councillor and was for him a privilege to unveil a blue plaque in memory of Mike.  The visit of the Prince of Wales was a big boost for the town and this occasion will  have lasting memories for him especially being blessed with good weather throughout the day.   President Robert Lovick thanked the Mayor and Lady Mayoress for visiting the club and had pleasure in presenting to him a cheque to the sum of £250 for his chosen charities.

At next Mondays meeting the Rotary Youth Leadership Award candidate Aaron Bartlett will be addressing the club and prior to this a short presentation about this course will be undertaken  by Peter Gethin.  


Haven "A" Golf Team through first round !

Haven's A golf team of Alan Spinks , Bill Cooke and Alan Carman successfully negotiated their first round knockout match against Kings Lynn Trinity Rotary Club. The match was played at Middleton Hall Golf club on a pleasant afternoon. The next round is a home match at Great Yarmouth & Caister Golf Club against Kings Lynn Priory B team.

Haven "B" Golf Team Triumph also !!

Haven "B" are also through to the second round of the District 1080 KO Competition. Haven "B" were drawn away to Norwich Rotary but they were just no match for Messrs Self, Clark And Ladmore.

Haven "B" ( B for Brilliant ..Mike Self's inclusion ! ) are now to play away to Woodbridge Deben.



May 7th 2012


              Bank Holiday.....No meeting.


April 30th 2012



                Our own member Charles Lewis was our speaker at our weekly meeting. Charles can almost speak and make a good interesting talk out of any subject.This week he talked about volcanoes.
The how and why was explained in detail of all the many causes and formations of volcanoes over the world, citing many of the more famous such as Mount Etna, Vesuvius. Mount Fuji and particular the tale of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington state, in the United States, The eruption was preceded by a two-month series of earthquakes and steam-venting episodes, Prior to the eruption, USGS scientists convinced local authorities to close Mount St. Helens to the general public and to maintain the closure in spite of pressure to re-open it; their work saved thousands of lives. An earthquake at 8:32: a.m.on Sunday, May 18, 1980, caused the entire weakened north face to slide away, suddenly exposing the partly molten, gas- and steam-rich rock in the volcano .An eruption column rose 80,000 feet into the atmosphere and deposited ash in 11 U.S. states. At the same time, snow, ice and several entire glaciers on the volcano melted, forming a series of large lahars (volcanic mudslides) that reached as far as the Columbia River, nearly fifty miles to the southwest. Less severe outbursts continued into the next day only to be followed by other large but not as destructive eruptions later in 1980.
Fifty-seven people and thousands of animals were killed. Hundreds of square miles were reduced to wasteland, causing over a billion U.S. dollars in damage , and Mount St. Helens was left with a crater on its north side. Charles talk was fascinating and generated many questions. David Neve thanked Charles for his interesting talk.

April 26th 2012

Thursday Night April 26th at the Pier Hotel President Robert  and Mike Getvoldson present a cheque to the Salvation Army  which was half  of the collection taken at the Xmas Carol Service. Lieutenant Rob Symons is receiving the cheque.

 The  amount on the cheque was £258.00



April 23rd 2012


                  Our Club has supported many local charities. Recently through our Community Service Committee , we have supported 2 families in desperate need of appliances such as Washing Machine and Cookers.
At our Monday meeting it was particularly appropriate that our speaker was Tina Batley from Sure Start. Tina works out of the Sure Start Childrens Centre and her work involves support and advice for local families with needs. Some families and single parents do not always have support of local benefits and Tina emphasised many areas of hardship that many people in our area have. Much of her time is spent in helping to educate families to be able to get into work, and thus support their families and to have a better prospect of future self esteem. Surprisingly many of the local population cannot read or write and this is a burden on families who may have multiple disadvantages, such as debt, workless households, crime and antisocial behaviour which ultimately leads to mental health issues, and the inevitable breakdown in relationships. Tina explained that domestic violence is still a big issue and many of her tasks concerned with all the issues mentioned are referred to her through the Social Services. Tina answered many pertinent questions from the members ,emphasising her experience in dealing with families and people with considerable burdens and hardships.Wally Ladmore thanked Tina for her most interesting and informative talk and hoped the Rotary Clubs would offer their help in the future.


April 16th 2012


                 The AGM was held today. Assistant Secretary Mike Self updated on the decisions voted on by the members following the Club Council meeting. These were circulated to all members.


April 9th 2012


                No meeting as Bank holiday Easter Monday.



April 6th 2012


              A Gorleston woman is now able to get out and about again after being presented with a mobility scooter.  Mrs Vera Hunter, who is in her 90s ,was finding the walk to her local shops, even with the use of a walking aid, was becoming more and more difficult as well as taking a considerable time. The Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club were made aware of the problem by the local organiser for the national charity REMAP,Mr Reg Nichols. The Haven Rotary club were pleased to be able to provide an electric mobility scooter for REMAP who have made it available to Mrs Hunter, enabling her to retain her independence. In the picture Mrs. Hunter is seen accepting the scooter keys from Bill Cooke (Haven Rotary Club) whilst Reg Nichols (REMAP) looks on.


April 2nd 2012


                In recognition for our continued support of The ShelterBox Trust project ,a charity that supports Disaster Relief Work, our Club was awarded a Gold Award for contributing to the purchase of 100 boxes sufficient for aiding 1000 disaster victims. This week we had no speaker at our weekly meeting, but Secretary Terry Ashbourne at short notice, organised a fun quiz for the members. The club has now completed its Matching Grant project in India and a full report would follow later. Next week there will be no meeting as this will be Easter Monday. April 16th will be the clubs annual general meeting.

   Happy smiles for receiving the coveted GOLD Award !


March 26th 2012


                    Our Club was honoured by the Disaster Relief organisation The Shelter Box Trust this week. We have sponsored 100 ShelterBoxes which aids 1000 disaster victims and in recognition for this ,awarded  a Gold award.
Our speaker was Maria Hartley from the Great Yarmouth Borough Council. She is the Cultural, Sport and Leisure Manager and came to talk about the Boroughs participation in the Olympic Torch Relay. The visit to our area would be early morning of Thursday July 5th. The Olympic torch is being run through hundreds of areas of the UK before reaching London ahead of the Olympic games. The torch will travel in 2 modes: Convey mode when the flame will be with a travelling vehicle ,part of 14-16 vehicles, and Torchbearer mode, when the flame will be carried by a torchbearer along the " Communities on route " . From Acle, the route will be through Filby, then from Caister Road ,down Lawn Avenue and across the Market Place before going on to Lowestoft. The torch will travel for 70 days ,63 days around the UK ( 48th day in Great Yarmouth )and then 7 days in London. The total mileage will be 8000 miles and conveyed by 8000 torch bearers. This ceremony offers the Borough an opportunity to celebrate the Olympic theme and spirit of the Olympic Ideals. The Borough will be displaying Olympic 2012 banners along the route and also themed planting will be done and it is hoped as many residents as possible will turn out to view this once in a lifetime spectacle. Maria answered lots of questions and was thanked by Ted Witton for her most interesting talk.

Next week John Burroughs would be the speaker.



March 19th 2012


                   This week’s speaker was Reg Nichols who is a member of the organisation called ‘REMAP’.  This charity was set up to help disabled people who had a particular problem and needed the help of individuals with technical skills who could make or alter equipment to meet their particular needs.  All the voluntary members involved with this work are retired engineers, woodworkers, upholsters and other craftsman who work from home to deal with a variety of requests.  Reg talked about the numerous items they have made including head mirrors for a partially blind runner, computer aids for wheelchair users and cooker guards and a mini lift that would raise the person to the door level of a caravan   The person requesting the help would have some idea of their requirements and it would then be up to the boffins to see if their request is feasible and in most cases they would come up with an idea that fulfils their needs.  These members have designed certain features and aids  for the ‘Rotary Sailability Project' in Oulton Broad.  There are 8 skilled members covering an area from Potter Heigham to Bungay in the south. The members had a chance to look at a display board depicting many of the items they had designed with the user proudly demonstrating this equipment.  President Robert Lovick took the opportunity to present Reg with a cheque to the sum of £250 for the REMAP organisation.  After several questions from the members it was John Wiseman who thanked Reg for addressing the meeting and commended him and his team for using their skills to help others.   


March 12th 2012


                     Business meeting discussing items from committee meetings and Council meeting.


March 5th 2012


                 John Clark introduced our guest speaker this week. Colin Huggins is the Managing Director of Places and Faces Magazine. He has been working in advertising for 30 years and gave a light hearted talk with a slide show of many categories of popular adverts in newspapers and billboards over the last half century. Some of these are so controversial that today they would never be allowed to be shown to the public. Despite the technical hitch at the start with the projector, Colin gave a fascinating insight into the world of advertising interspersed with much humour. Mike Self gave an enlightening vote of thanks on behalf of the members. Next week would be a business meeting.

March 2nd 2012


                     Foundation Quiz Night.   47 members and guests attended The Burlington Palm Court Hotel for the annual quiz night. Rtn Jack organised this and Pat and Terry Ashbourne formulated the quiz questions. Jean Thorpe was in charge of the raffle , having had many nice donated prizes and the sum of £185 was made for Foundation committee's fund.

At the interval everyone enjoyed a pork meal.

The winning teams were as follows;
1st  'The Googlies' with 55 points
2nd 'The Optomists' with 50 points
3rd 'Denser not Mensa' with 48 points.
There were 11 teams in all.

Despite there being another quiz organised in The Town Hall, there was a good attendance and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening.


February 27th 2012


                         We welcomed the District Governor of Rotary District 1080 , Tom Griffen at our meeting this week. Secretary Terry Ashbourne reported on the trip to India next week ,together with Alan Spinks and David Neve, they would be joining in a joint project with the Panaji Rotary Club to supply laptops, projectors and screens to 15 schools in the Goa Province. Further reports would be presented in the future after the trip. Alan Spinks also reported on the donation to the Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake disaster, that the Rotary Club of Yamada in the middle of the disaster area ,had just had a ceremony to acknowledge the donation by our club, to a local school attended by Rotarians ,Parents and school children.
Tom Griffen then addressed the members on all aspects of Rotary, particularly Rotary's commitment to the eradication of polio world wide. Rotary was involved with many health projects, water aids and disaster emergencies with Aqua boxes and Shelter boxes. Rotary was committed to projects with Youth Development, Health and Humanity programs and Group Study exchanges. DG Tom encouraged clubs to have fun and fellowship, find new members but above all ,practice the motto of Rotary " Service above Self ". President Robert thanked DG Tom for his encouraging talk.


February 20th 2012



                         Mike Self introduced our speaker at this weeks meeting. The subject Terrorism with special significance for the London Olympics.
Phil Beaumont is a Counter Terrorism Security Advisor working for the Protective Services of Norfolk Constabulary based at Wymondham.
Phil was formally a police officer but now trains officers and advises on all aspects of security where terrorism could potentially be a danger. Places would be where there are large crowds of people such as sports stadium, concerts and large public meeting places. By using his initiatives and advice, strategies could be put in place to prevent any problems. Any terrorist act could have potentially a large impact on Energy services and public transport and this would be a major consideration for the coming London Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Phil enhanced his presentation with video clips of terrorist acts over the years and the explosive effects chemicals and containers could have. Tony King thanked Phil for his fascinating and interesting talk. Next week we would have the visit of the District Governor Tom Griffen.


February 13th 2012


                        At our weekly meeting we had two guest speakers from the registered charity Waveney Sailability. Before this Bob Grimmer who is Vice chairman of the East Norfolk Friendship Club, explained a fund raising auction to be held on March 26th at the high street Gorleston social club. Jacqui Soards and Sally Green, both directors of Waveney Sailability then gave a full insight into how the charity was set up and its aims and function. Sally is a member of the Rotary Club of Lowestoft East point and is responsible for all the bookings and fund raising. Jacqui was awarded a Rotary Paul Harris award for her work with the charity.
Waveney Sailability helps disabled people find more enjoyment from life and experience the thrill of sailing. It is a Charitable Trust set up in 2005 by volunteers with help from local Rotary clubs. It provides support, training and equipment to all those with disabilities to enjoy the challenge of a physical activity in a safe and friendly environment. The sailing is on Oulton Broad and are indebted to The Waveney and Oulton Broad Yacht Club who allow the use of their club house and facilities. They have 13 boats and are operated with a single control stick and are specially designed and adopted so they will not tip over, are simple to use and are real fun for the users. Boats have been supplied by local supermakets ,banks , sponsors, and the Broads Authority. Tuition , training and all buoyancy aids and waterproofs are supplied and sailing is every Tuesday from April to October for about half an hour on the water, but thanks to all the volunteers who help to get every person ready for their session. With the need to store the boats during the winter, in 2008 a boat house was built. Jacqui stressed there was a need for more people with disabilities to go sailing, more volunteers either with sailing skills or assists with refreshments and sponsors were always welcome to ensure the continued success of such a worthwhile project. More information is available on their website at
Next week Mike Self would introduce Phil Beaumont who will talk about Security at this years Olympics.


February 6th 2012


                       President Robert inducted 2 new members today, Colin Smith introduced by Bob Price and Peter Taylor introduced by Jack Thorpe. President Robert was our speaker and gave a presentation of his Rotary Fellowship Exchange to Canada.



                           As Rotary prides itself on the importance of ‘Fellowship’ it was quite befitting that President Robert addressed the club concerning the Fellowship Exchange Visit to Canada that took place in September 2011.   Robert together with his wife Roberta and 4 other Rotarians from the Watton Rotary club were hosted by families from the  Red Deer, Olds, Cochrane and the Chinook  Rotary Clubs in the State of Alberta.  Their hosts had a full itinerary which included horse riding ,travelling on a steam train, a lake Cruise, site seeing and riding on Harley Davidson’s though spectacular mountain terrain. A special visit for the group was an invite to the ‘Hutterite Community who are very experienced farmers and one could not be impressed with their dedication and their community spirit with very little of the modern day high tech facilities that we take for granted. They are self sufficient living a very similar lifestyle to that of the Hamish community. .
Due to time constraints Robert was unable to cover every trip in his talk but felt it was important to explain how the 'Fellowship Exchange works  and how Canadian clubs raise funds and the projects that they have instigated. Throughout this visit the hospitably shown to all the group was outstanding and we have many lasting memories and friendships that will continue and flourish in  years to come. Leslie Seabert thanked the President for sharing his experience of this very special trip with the members..



January 30th 2012


                       Peter Howkins was to introduce our speaker this week but was unwell and we wish him a speedy recovery. Ted Witton introduced Judith Bell who is the new executive officer of Yare Valley and District Citizens Advice Bureau ( C.A.B ). She is responsible for 3 Bureaus ,one in Great Yarmouth in Stonecutters Way and the other 2 in Attleborough and Wymondham. It was in 2008 when these services were combined. Judith had previously been in banking but she had followed her passion for Charity work into the CAB. The branch in Great Yarmouth had been in existence for over 70 years and now was available 4 days a week. Although it was important to obtain financial support , and both County and The Borough Council had been generous with their help, as had some of the Parishes, the most important factor was to get more suitable volunteers from all fields to help the ever growing numbers of people seeking help and advice. The biggest factors were Debt Related problems, Welfare problems and matters connected to employment. Judith stressed she was determined to improve standards locally and offer a service which was open to everyone free of charge. The facilities at Stone cutters Way had been improved and with the help of the Borough Council a new disabled toilet had been installed. Judith quoted one or two cases which had been successfully concluded and showed how CAB had a tremendous influence over peoples lives, when other avenues of help had failed. Judith's talk was full of facts and enthusiasm and President Robert thanked her for all her hard work at the Bureau and wished her well in her quest to improve the service and gain more volunteers. The Club presented her a cheque for £300.

     Judith pleased to receive the cheque from Robert.

Next week President Robert would talk about his visit to Canada on a Rotary Friendship Exchange.



January 23rd 2012


                      At the Monday meeting this week, our speaker was our own member John Wiseman. John gave a courageous, intimate and in depth account of his last two years history of his association with prostate cancer. This was a talk which was directed at all our club members to be aware of male problems that should be taken to their doctors at the slightest hint of a symptom. Prostate cancer is very much more common among men especially over the age of 70 and because of the advance in medical knowledge, detection at an early stage was most desirable. John had members listening intently to his very personal situation from early detection through radiation treatment. John gave some valuable advice to those who had a few symptoms and his key words were to " Be Aware" and if necessary check with the local surgeries and have a blood PSA test. A very interesting subject brought out in the open by John ,and Bob Price , on behalf of all the members, thanked John on his personal insight into prostate cancer.
Next week Mike Erskine would be introducing a speaker.


January 16th 2012


                       This weeks meeting was a business meeting and reports from each committee were approved, having been endorsed at the previous council meeting. The latest Calendar of Events had been circulated to all members and forthcoming ideas for interesting speakers was considered. Four recent donations were approved . CAB, the local Citizens Advice Bureau, because of their increased workload and the reduced funding from some official sources, and two emergency actions to help a single mother in providing essential furnishings, and a widowed lady with 2 children recently moved into a flat, to supply a double bed and 2 single beds, the request having firstly been initiated by The Salvation Army who had also helped. Finally following a presentation by the Operational Manager of the Benjamin Foundation for Housing and Homelessness, a cheque of £500 was presented to help extend their range of services and support in a new Great Yarmouth premises in the Summer. Internationally the Club would be donating £250 each to Water Aid to complete a project in Africa and to The Aqua Box Organisation for use in the Philippines following the recent floods and landslide disasters.



January 9th 2012
                     Following the festive holiday break, our first regular meeting of 2012 was on Monday. It was good to see so many members attending and enjoying the fellowship at The Burlington Palm Hotel.
John Westgate introduced our speaker Jane Hall. Jane is a contemporary visual artist who paints the modern British seaside. She also has a fascination for the old shops in Soho London which are fast disappearing and thus, capturing them in colour on canvas helps to retain parts of the heritage of British Life. Her inspiration also comes by visiting many of the streets and shops in Great Yarmouth which she paints and is particularly capturing the spirit of the seaside town with her impressions of colourful sights as Ice Creams, Hot Dogs, Fish and Chip shops , the amusement arcades etc in a modern and realistic way. Jane has lived in Great Yarmouth for the last 19 years and has held exhibitions of her work and paintings in various locations throughout Norfolk , Cambridge and London. Her latest exhibition will be on show at the Great Yarmouth Library from Wednesday 15th February to 24th February between 6:00 to 8:30 pm. Her work is varied and she also enjoys painting portraits and outdoor scenes. She enjoys ballroom dancing and thus has painted a series of pictures of her favourite dances. Jane gave a fascinating and interesting insight into her work as an artist and showed how very passionate she is and how this hopefully was transferred on to canvas in a bright , colourful and modern way. Malcolm Loveland thanked Jane on behalf of the members.

 Next week would be a Business meeting.

Jane with 3 of her paintings.


January 2nd 2012


                      No Meeting.... New Year's Holiday.




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