Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club


             President 2016 - 2017 Malcolm Loveland.



Membership Current  July 2008- 2009


** denotes Founder Members


Terry Ashbourne Past Service - Retail Management
Norman Bailey Past Service - Horticulture  ( R.I.P )
David Bluck Past Service - Dentistry  ( R.I.P )
Peter Bondi Hotel and Conference Centre Executive
Colin Brooks Hairdressing
John Burroughs Local Government
Mike Butcher Licensee  ( R.I.P )
Ray Calnon Past Service - Retail Grocer
Alan Carman Past Service - Insurance Broker
John Clark Past Service - Estate Agency
Bert Collins Tea & Coffee Co.
Bill Cooke Building Construction
John Dawson Past Service - Medicine - General Practice ( R.I.P )
Richard Delf Hotel - Licensed
George Ermini Garage Proprietor
Michael Erskine Electrical Contractor
Richard Fiddy Past Service - Financial advisor
Derrick Garwood Notary Public
Peter Gethin Past Service - Computer software
Bob Grimmer Building Contractor
Alan Hall

Terry Hall

Past Service - Shipping Agent

Property Development

Tubonye C Harry Consultant Physician
Tony King Past Service - Publicity & Tourism
Wally Ladmore Past Service - Hotel - Private
Charles Lewis Past Service - Local Govt. Museums
Victor Ling Commercial Finance Broker
Robert Lovick Retinal Screener
Ian McCreadie Screenprinting Contractor
Michael Muskett Taxation Services
David Neve Building Contractor
Robert Parker Independent Financial Adviser
Graham Plant Restauranteur
Brian Potter  ( RIP ) Leisure Administration
Bob Price Plumbing & Heating
Des Sadler Transportation - Aircraft
Leslie Seabert Architecture
Michael Self Past Service - Insurance Consultant
Mike Spalding Past Service - Hotelier
Monty Spandler Haulage Contractor
Alan Spinks Past Service -Pharmacy Retail
Ian Thomson Motor Vehicle Repairer
Jack Thorpe Past Service - Building Surveyor
Ian Tilley Past Service - Law - General Practice
John Tomalin Past Service - Banking
Ken Ward Past Service - Local Govt Admin. ( R.I.P )
John Westgate Leisure Consultant
John Wiseman Building Restoration
Ted Witton Banking
Tony Wortley R.I.P Past Service - Agricultural Fertilisers

Honorary Members

Keith Horne               Past Service - Member Gt.Yarmouth Club ( R.I.P )

Brian Nichol               Past Service - Accounting Services

Member of Caboolture R.C in Australia

John Hovell                 Past Service - Banking

Michael Woods               Rector             now in Kuching.Sarawak.          

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Updated: 09/01/2017



The club meets every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at  The Burlington Palm Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth at 1.00 p.m. 


Telephone: +44 1493 844568


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