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Alan Carman

President 1993 - 94


 It is July 1992 and I am honoured to be appointed as Junior Vice President after learning the ways and objectives of Rotary and the workings of the Haven Club. The days of gazing at the sea have gone, I am now top table facing west for the next three years.


The year progressed satisfactorily carrying out my duties which included attendance figures, a major factor in Rotary membership in those days.


Suddenly, in May of the Rotary Year, my partial inattention was awakened by the news that Senior Vice President Keith Allen had resigned from Rotary for business reasons, within six weeks; I would be president of the Club.


The Club rallied with great support to me, committees were assembled and, with trepidation, I chaired my first meeting and received the Presidential chain from David Bluck.


Those initial meetings were nerve racking with the usual mistakes being made and the occasional tug of the sleeve from Secretary Peter Stanley. I soon gained experience and began to enjoy my year. The District Governor made his annual visit and commended the Club on its atmosphere and dedication.


The normal social and sporting events progressed with such great events as the pool party at Potters Leisure Resort and annual cricket matches.


I was pleased to attempt to revive the links with Winschoten and hosted a small group of our Dutch friends to explore future possibilities, Unfortunately, their club did not have the same enthusiasm as Haven and exchanges did not continue.


I instigated the Rotarian of the Year award and, whilst initially this was designed as a fun award, I am pleased it has developed into today’s prestige award. I thank Past President Des Sadler for donating the award.


The months soon passed, an excellent Ladies Night at the Carlton, Council Dinner at the Casino and the Charter Night at Ormesby Lodge suddenly brought my year to a close. A year in which I gained a lot of personal confidence, many new friends and a greater understanding of the benefits of Rotary. A thoroughly enjoyable year!



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