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Bill Cooke

President – 1987/88

             My year as President of the Haven Club has to go down as the most rewarding and enjoyable year I have experienced.  Although it passed very quickly, towards the end I began to feel I didn’t want it to finish.  Like Margaret Thatcher and Saddam Hussein, once given a little bit of authority, one can be reluctant to give it up.

            I was fortunate to have a year without any controversial happenings, the most awkward was having to meet Luke’s extrovert mother when she arrived uninvited in Yarmouth with the intention of living and working locally.  We felt this would not be in Luke’s best interest and I had to persuade her it might be better if she moved elsewhere.  Although Luke was halfway through his year when I took over, it was good to be involved with him and a great pleasure to wish bon voyage to our first exchange student – Jayne Lewis – who had a very successful and enjoyable year in Australia.

             I know I made quite mistakes during the meetings but the most embarrassing had to be introducing Anita Barnard, who spoke to us about “Save the Children”, as Anita Dobson.

            The highlight must be going back to Winschoten with a party of 24.  Being involved with their first visit here, it was a happy  coincidence when it became apparent that our second visit to them would be in my year and coincide with their 50th anniversary celebrations.  The most amusing moment also happened during this trip when we upset the Dutch train guard by changing the reserved seats around to suit us, only to find the same guard on duty on the return trip.  Those there may recall it.

           I thank the club for giving me this privilege and for making it so enjoyable.


P. S from the background – the wife – I too enjoyed Bill’s year – the typing, the running around, the jobs not done around the house, even being shouted at – but the joy it gave him was wonderful and I am glad I was beside him for all the fun.


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