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                  President 2015 - 2016 Peter Bondi.



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President 1990 - 91

                 I consider that it is a great privilege to be appointed as President of a Rotary Club, but to be so elected in the 10th Anniversary year is very special indeed.  It gives the opportunity to look back over a decade of change and advancement within the Club and Rotary movement generally and it was for this reason that I asked each of the Club’s past Presidents to write a short summary of the highlights of “their year” and for our two publication experts.  Tony King and David Wakefield, to produce a commemorative booklet.  The result is fascinating reading for out Club members and friends alike.  With the one sad exception of Geoff (1988/89), all past Presidents remain as active and enthusiastic as ever and without doubt they continue to form the axis  on which the Haven Club rotates.  My thanks go to them, and also their wives for ensuring steady progress with the fulfilment of the “Object of Rotary” since our Charter on 26th June 1981.

                  The current Rotary Year has been so packed with activities with repeats of the tried and trusted events and also some new items that it has simply flown by.  The highlights for me have been the visit to Yarmouth of youngsters from 11 European countries in August and then our friends from the Winschoten Club in September, the District 1080 conference in November with the presentation of the John Grant Trophy to our Club, the marvellous presentation by our Youth Exchange student Michiko, at Christmas, and most recently the fun of fellowship and a flutter at our new fund-raising Horse Racing Night in February!

                I wish the Club, its members and their ladies every success and happiness in the years to come.


Updated: 18/08/2015



The club meets every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at  Burlington Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth at 1.00 p.m. 


Telephone: +44 1493 844568


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