Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club

                 President 2018- 2019 Keith Futter.  

Meets every Monday at 1.00pm.  (not Bank Holidays ) at The Imperial Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. NR30 1EQ   Tel. No. 01493 842000

Please note....on some historical pages on this website the old venue address will still be seen.



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   to all our Members Friends and Visitors !


December 27th 2010


                           No meeting..... Holiday.

December 20th 2010


                           A change of venue this week. This meeting is our annual Ladies Xmas dinner. It was decided that a change of venue would be a good idea and the dinner was at The Furzedown Hotel. On a bitterly cold evening about 80 Members and guests sat down to a nice Xmas dinner and after the business items ,there was a some out-of-tune Xmas carol singing , followed by dancing to a disco setup. Many members apologised for not being there due to other commitments.

Next meeting January 10th 2011.



December 13th 2010



                          At this weeks meeting, Ian Tilley gave a detailed history of the river crossings in Great Yarmouth. Since Romans occupation of the area, there had been many crossings of the water in between Roman Caister and Burgh Castle. In fact this was the only way to the sea from the Norfolk Broads. Great Yarmouth was a seaside resort as early as 1760 and the port had one of the largest fishing fleets in the world. From 1470 many bridges were built over the centuries to span the land north of the river and the southern area, eventually becoming Southtown. 1765 saw the introduction of tolls to cross the bridge and residents were discouraged from crossing over to trade. From 1854 to 1928 the bridge of the day served the area well but was demolished and a new bridge started construction in 1926 .This new bridge was opened in 1930 by HRH The Prince of Wales. The second river crossing ,The Haven bridge was opened in 1985 to alleviate the traffic problem going through the town. History talks are always most interesting and Ian was thanked by Ian McCreadie on behalf of the Members.
Next weeks meeting will be the Ladies Christmas dinner at The Furzedown Hotel for 7pm.   Because of Christmas and New Year holidays the next Rotary meeting at The Burlington Hotel will be January 10th.


December 6th 2010



                         At this weeks Monday lunch-time meeting, we were pleased to have a visit from Hilary King , a Member of the Norwich Rotary Club.
She was accompanied by a Japanese Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Nao Iwashita from Matsudo City in Chiba Japan.
Nao is studying as a Master student at The University of East Anglia, and is in Norwich for one year, taking a degree in MultiMedia course.
Her career in Japan was working for the Television station NHK.
Her talk accompanied by a slide presentation, was the interesting subject of her Japanese culture but with an in depth insight to the Japanese sports, particularly Sumo Wrestling.  The history of the sport and its involvement with raising money to build temples and shrines was most fascinating. Surprisingly more foreigners are now taking up Sumo and the application of Japanese apprentices is declining. Nao answered many questions and showed how well she has grasped the English language in the 3 months she has been in England.  We hope she will return in the future to relate her experiences in her years visit to Norfolk. Alan Spinks thanked Nao with a few Japanese sentences for a very entertaining and interesting talk.
Next weeks speaker will be introduced by Ian Tilley.




December 2nd 2010


                          Visit to Thursford Xmas here !


November 29th 2010


                           No speaker was available at this weeks meeting but Secretary Terry Ashbourne arranged for members to view a Rotary CD, "This is Rotary".
The CD showed the Organisation of Rotary and what Rotarians contribute to the Community and the World.
For next weeks meeting a visit of a Japanese Rotary student ,Nao Iwashita, has been arranged by Hilary King of The Norwich Rotary club.



November 22nd 2010


                           On Friday a well supported Chilli Evening was held at the house of Jack Thorpe. A profit of £430 was made for the benefit of The Rotary Foundation.
                           At Monday's meeting, a talk was presented by well-known local antique dealer, Peter Howkins. Peter was speaking in his role as one of the trustees of local great Yarmouth Citizens Advice Bureau. The Bureau is now called The Yare Valley C.A.B, covering a greater area as far as Wymondham district. Peter has been involved for more than 25 years and added that the running of such offices was much easier in the old days but now there were lots of legal requirements attached to the giving of advice. Locally there were more than 30 volunteers, who after 6 months of training were eligible to give advice to the public. Over the last 2 years the problems were mainly of a financial and family matters. With the foreseeable future of job cuts, benefit changes etc. the job of the C.A.B advisors would be become more difficult, and the offices more busy. Funding was always a priority for the Bureau and although outside help was available, the local government offices of The Borough Council helped, it is necessary to have sufficient funds to replace out of date office equipment and retain the upgrading of the premises. Many questions were put to Peter by the Members, indicating the important place in the community for The C.A.B.. Wally Ladmore thanked Peter for his informative talk.
                           A reminder of the 3 Clubs Christmas carol evening at Christchurch in Kings Street on December 15th. Entry is FREE and any proceeds will go to Kids Day Out.

November 15th 2010


                          At this weeks meeting our guest speaker was Ray Harling from the St.Johns Ambulance Brigade, introduced by Monty Spandler.
Ray entitled his talk "The history of St.John.". Ray had joined the brigade in 1950 ,living in S.E London and Kent before moving to Norfolk 8 years ago.
With the help of a slide presentation, Ray gave a detailed and interesting history of St.John , the Baptist ,back to the days of pilgrimages and crusades to the present time of the formation of the Ambulance brigade in 1877, when the Order of St.John, started training people for first aid work. Their emblem of the 8 pointed cross was  very significant and being white was the sign of purity.
Many of the relics are still on view at The Clerkenwell  Museum of the Order of St John.
This museum is located in a Tudor gatehouse, which dates from 504, once the entrance to the medieval priory of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.
The Knights Hospitaller under the Order of St John were founded in the 12th century to care for weary pilgrims and Crusaders. In 1140 the Order was given land in Clerkenwell to establish a priory as its English headquarters.
The Order flourished here for over 400 years and was the start of the modern St John's Ambulance Brigade which was formed in 1877. Over the years the priory buildings have used for offices for Queen Elizabeth I's Master of Revels, a public house, and even a coffee shop run by William Hogarth's father. From 1731 - 1754 the building housed the offices of Edward Cave's 'Gentlemen's Magazine', and Dr Johnson, a contributor to the magazine, worked here.
Today the building is the headquarters of the British Order of St John.
The museum traces the history of the Order from the days of the Knights Hospitaller to the modern work of St John's Ambulance Brigade. On display is a collection of books dating from 1425, arms and armour, paintings, ceramics, Maltese silver and furniture. Other exhibits include pharmacy jars, medical instruments and historic First-Aid collections.
Ray added the service was entirely voluntary and many events could not take place without the presence of the officers of the St.Johns ambulance brigade.
Tony King thanked Ray on behalf of the club members.

A lengthy debate was held concerning the venue of this years Christmas ladies dinner. By a close majority vote it was agreed for one year only to be at The Furzedown Hotel, confirming the wishes of the President and Vice President.


November 8th 2010


                       Today was a business meeting when all Committee Chairmen outlaid their work over the last 3 months. The casini night reported a profit of £2900. Des Sadler is to act as compeer for the 3 clubs Christmas carol service. All collections for this night will go towards the expenditure of " Kids Day Out ". Robert Lovick announced that he has organised a trip to the Hospice at Quidenham on April 5th 2011.

Looking ahead the Greyhound evening would be February 9th 2011 and the Duck Race September 18th 2011.


November 1st 2010


                       TC Harry introduced speaker Graham White who spoke about chips and resistors.


October 25th 2010


                      On Monday the President John Burroughs welcomed new member Richard Coller into the Club and once the induction procedure had been carried out Richard made a short acceptance speech.  Richard has made several visits to the club and most recently gave a talk on his passion for Bee Keeping and gave the members a chance to sample some of his honey.  This week’s speaker was David Richards who is a teacher at the Ormiston Venture Academy and it is at this location that he manages the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Volleyball Club.   The club was formed 18months ago and during this time the membership has grown to 70 and they are already competing in several local and national competitions.  Giving  young people the opportunity to take part in this sport means that they can meet new friends together with a personnel challenge which many would possible never experience.  Like other clubs there is always a funding issue but they were supported by Sport England who gave them a grant of £3000 to get the club up and running which included much needed equipment and kit.  However funding will once again be a major concern as possible budget cuts are implemented and David will now embark on a mission to try and secure future funding to keep the club operating.

T C Harry gave the vote of thanks.


October 18th 2010


                       Many members attended the funeral on Tuesday at St.Nicholas Church to remember our Past president of our club, Tony Wortley ,who passed away last week. Our sincere condolences to Margot and his family.
Our speaker at Mondays weekly meeting was Carol Manthorpe introduced by Leslie Seabert. Carol ,a local Magistrate explained the legal system of Justice as it related to the Magistrates, Youth, Family and Crown Courts. The adult courts are open for the public to attend but not so with the youth and family courts. Carol has been a magistrate since 1993 ,having previously worked with The Inland Revenue. No special attributes are required but there is plenty of ongoing training and prospective entrants are well vetted and political leaning and age are relevant. It is compulsory to sit a minimum of 26 half days per year. The service requires public confidence in their assessments and it should be remembered ,the work is voluntary but allowances are approved to recompense any expenses. Carol also explained the powers that were available and generally the guidelines were followed subject to conditions of each case in respect of fines and custodial sentences. Carol was thanked for her interesting talk and her succinct answers to many questions.
There will be Club Service , Community and International Service meetings next Monday. The speaker will be Dave Richards introduced by Michael Self.



October 11th 2010



 Our annual Casino Evening at The Imperial Hotel last Friday was once again a great success, raising just under £3000 for Rotary Charities.

President John presents a cheque for £600 to Bob Grimmer, representing " The Friendship Club "

                      The speaker at our lunchtime meeting this week was Matt Wilson from NORCAS. There are NORCAS centres across Norfolk and Suffolk, from which dedicated teams offer a range of services to help clients with alcohol, drug and gambling problems. There is also a Homeless Outreach Service in Norfolk and a Youth Service in Norfolk and Suffolk. The service is committed to providing  services free of charge and to ensuring the confidentiality of clients. NORCAS is a charity and was set up 32 years ago. The number of clients both young and old is showing rapid increases each year. This keeps the staff of 120 very busy as clients may require between 3 to 9 months counselling and very often there is need for further consultation. Addictions shows no discrimination among the general public and this can start at 7 years old and upwards. The clients can be homeless, unemployed but also professional and the general public. The addictions are roughly broken down to 55% Alcohol, 40% drug related and the rest addicted to gambling. A typical alcohol addict consumes 30/40 units a day equivalent to 20 pints of beer or 2 bottles of vodka. Much of the addictions have an underlying issue such as childhood abuse. 92% of the funding is from the Government, about 2.9 million pounds which is spread around the 9 offices in Norfolk and Suffolk. Clients mainly contact NORCAS by self referral, G.P's or by friends and family. NORCAS is trying to reach more clients and get their services into the rural areas. Matt explained about the children of drug abusers who are often looked after by the children and there is no funding for this , and thus he is starting an appeal to highlight this issue. Matt gave a riveting talk about the social problems of addiction and after many questions by members ,he was thanked by Peter Howkins. Their website is
                     Next week Leslie Seabert will introduce Carol Manthorpe as our speaker.


October 4th 2010


                At this weeks meeting we had 2 visitors from America. Dave Petroske from the Rotary Club of Excelsior, Minnesota and Mark Lawrence from Kentucky.


Our speaker introduced by Ted Witton, was Eddy Elmhurst a well known sound recordist from the world of television. He studied electrical engineering but was always interested in films, music and photography. In 1966 he joined Thames TV as a trainee sound engineer, and subsequently worked on most of the popular drama and comedy programes of that time. In his work which was studio based , he worked with nearly every celebrity of the time. This included Eamon Andrews, Abba, Bee Gees, Peter Sellers Bruce Forsyth, Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper, The Rolling Stones and numerous others. He recorded such shows as This is your Life, Benny Hill Shows, Morecombe and Wise, World of Sport, Callan , Rock Follies, Love Thy Neighbour, World at War and many more. In 1980 he moved to Anglia TV , sound recording for Drama series ,news and documentaries. By 1993 he was working full time with the Survival series taking him to Africa , Alaska ,Europe and America. He felt he had been extremely fortuitous in having the career that he had had, working with so many celebrities and famous people. After many questions from members he was thanked for his very interesting talk by Derrick Garwood.

Next weeks speaker will be Matt Wilson from NORCAS.



September 27th 2010


                           Club business discussed today following last weeks Council meeting. A poor attendance today, but a welcome back to President John after his holiday.

Next weeks speaker will be introduced by Ted Witton



September 20th 2010


                           Last Sunday was the 11th Annual Duck Race at the Waterways. A large crowd enjoyed the 3 races and as a result of hard work by all concerned the amount raised for Rotary Charities should be in the region of £6000.
At this weeks Monday meeting Graham Plant introduced Councillor Sue Hacon. Her talk explained about the funding for the Great Yarmouth in Bloom competitions. The sponsorship was not just for all the many hanging baskets and flowers about the town , but involved communities to enable them to create an environment of clean and attractive neighborhoods. Of the £16000 available this was distributed among many villages including Filby, Winterton and Hopton. Initially this was run by the Borough Council but now with business sponsorship, the schemes were in the hands of a group of 6 volunteers. Sue and her colleages had been busy during the summer judging Villages, schools, pubs, restaurants and gardens. Great Yarmouth now enters the Anglian regional and also the Great Britain in Bloom competitions. Great Yarmouth have been winners of the Anglian regions best Coastal town. After many questions from Members , Sue was thanked for her interesting talk by Mike Erskine.
Next weeks meeting will be a business meeting with no speaker.




The Senior Vice President Robert Lovick took the opportunity whilst on vacation in Colorado to visit the Boulder Rotary Club for their Friday lunchtime meeting. .  In the picture Robert is exchanging Club banners with the Past President John  Knottke who was chairing the meeting due to the absence of the President and the Senior Vice .

(September 10th 2010)
















September 13th 2010


                           Two Australian Rotarians from New South Wales, Dennis Bishop and his wife Carol, and John Fraser with his wife Anne, visited our Club at the Monday meeting, taking part in a Rotary Friendship Exchange. Mike Butcher had previously taken an exchange team to their District 9700.


Dennis and John exchanging their rotary banners from The Rotary Club of Wagga Wagga Kooringal, and Rotary Club of Orange North with our President John.


Our speaker this week was Michael Scott, who is the Technical, Sales and Marketing director of Potters Leisure Resort at Hopton, introduced by Brian Potter. Until a year ago Michael was head of Technical services at The James Paget Hospital, but moved to Potters to integrate the complexity of modern IT and promote the Company through all its departments. So much data is acquired from so many sources to run an efficient marketing programme for a Company in the Leisure business, in order to keep ahead of competition. Michael is involved with over seeing Stock control, Gym and Spa systems, door controls, CCTV, 175 Computers and 300 telephones and many more equipments requiring control and sourcing of electronic data, to enable the sales and marketing team to target the right guests for specific holidays or breaks. An intelligent telephone routing system is installed, which enables 99.8% of all calls to be answered in less than 30 seconds, and an advanced email system to cope with the 175000 emails into the Resort. The Company website is now the most used vehicle for obtaining all the information and many attractions and entertainment breaks are booked within several hours of going live on the website. In the near future Potters will be introducing Potters TV direct to all bedrooms and live chat on the website. Michael and his team spend a lot of time analyzing data to promote the right package to the right customer. Much use is made of Social Networking media such as Twitter and Facebook and reviews and feedback are taken very seriously. The introduction of a Loyalty Club will be forthcoming for guests in the newly opened Black Rock restaurant and also for the Gym and Spa centres.  George Ermini thanked Michael for an interesting insight as to why IT is so important today in all large Companies.
This coming Sunday is our Annual Duck Race on The Waterways starting at 2pm. There will be 3 duck races and also demonstrations of kite flying and model boats.


September 6th 2010


                       This weeks meeting provided a speaker of considerable interest introduced by Robert Parker. David Dutson and his wife Margaret were on holiday but are both Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Brynmawr in Wales. He talked of his passion for a water purification project started 6 years ago and is now sort after in almost any country that needs drinking water. Lack of access to safe drinking water contributes to the staggering burden of diarrhoeal diseases worldwide particularly affecting the young, the immuno-compromised and the poor. The biggest single killer of children ,about 1.5 million each year ,in water infested regions is diarrhoea from bacterial infected water .
                       David explained the use and components of the small individual portable Lifestraw unit, which originally had chemicals and physical filters to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, including Cholera and Typhoid. Lifestraw Family is a point-of-use water purifier, for family use, made in Korea and North Vietnam. The new version now has no chemicals and uses membrane filtration. The units require no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts, no running water or piped in water supply, and the product is functional until water can no longer pass through the filter. The idea of the individual unit is that one end of the Lifestraw is dipped into any polluted water source and then sucked up through the unit into the mouth as pure germ-free drinkable water. The unit is virtually maintenance free and very easy to clean and carry. Many 1000's of units are already in Pakistan and Africa and more are to follow when transport becomes available on the airlines. 
The Family Lifestraw unit  can filter up to 20000 litres at a cost of about 1/10th of a penny per litre, enough to supply a family of 5 with microbiologically clean drinking water for 3 years. Only one drawback is the ability to remove Salt and heavy metals such as Arsenic but in the areas where these are abundant , a different procedure is necessary. David's presentation was fascinating and interesting and demonstrated a wonderful invention for use in disaster areas around the world. Further information is on website    Richard Delf thanked the speaker for his informative talk.
Next week Graham Plant will provide a speaker.


August 30th 2010


                     No meeting. Public Bank Holiday.


August 23rd 2010



                    The Club held its annual Golf Competition on Thursday at Caister organised by Alan Carman and once again the players were blessed with good weather. .  As Alan Spinks was unable to defend his title it was everything to play for and with experience and course knowledge it gave Bill Cook the opportunity to forge ahead and take this years winners trophy with 37 points.  There were ten members who took part in the competition and it was quite evident that the less experienced players were most competitive trying not to achieve the lowest number of points.  At the end the game the players enjoyed a meal at the club restaurant where the trophies were presented by the President John Burroughs.  A more detailed report and photographs from this competition can be viewed by visiting the Haven Rotary Webb page.

                    At Monday’s meeting the club took the opportunity to discuss the current disaster in Pakistan.  Vice Chairman of the International Committee Ian Thomson presented a report from his Committee outlining what action they felt the club should take in response to this disaster.  After much discussion it was agreed to send out a number of Aqua30 Boxes which has approximately a 75 litre capacity and 30 Filter / Purification system that is capable of providing 33,000 litres of drinking water.  There is no meeting next Monday due to the Bank Holiday.

The next club meeting will be on Monday 6th September.


August 19th 2010


                    The annual Haven Golf day took place Thurs afternoon 19/8/10 at Great Yarmouth and Caister Golf Course. As usual 18 holes were played under Stapleford Rules with full handicap allowance. Those taking part were Alan Carman (organiser), Ian Tilley, Tony King, Wally Ladmore, Mike Self, Bill Cooke, Richard Delf, Robert Lovick, Peter Gethin and Mike Erskine.
The weather was kind being a bit cloudy, no rain with a slight/moderate SouWesterley. Following recent rain the fairways were quite green and the greens in very good condition. No real excuses for anyone!
After the game President John Burroughes and Alan Hall joined the weary players. A few pints were enjoyed and then a steak and ale pie dinner followed by a death by chocolate pud. All washed down with a few bottles of wine.
Then the infamous putting competition with the David Bluck trophy going to the worst putter.
Taking part is always the only important point but for the record the winners and losers were as follows:-
Overall Winner-Bill Cooke 37 pts
2nd Place-Mike Self 34 pts
3rd Place- Alan Carman 33pts
Longest Drive-Peter Gethin
Nearest to Pin-Alan Carman
Lowest Score Trophy - Richard Delf
D Bluck Worst Putter Trophy- John Burroughes.
Great fun enjoyed by all. Once again many thanks to Alan Carman for organising . The skills of Alan Spinks and John Clarke were missing but Bill proved a worthy winner on the day.


August 16th 2010


                    On Friday evening several members travelled to Southwold to enjoy a very hilarious performance at the local theatre organised by Bert Collins.  Earlier George Ermini sailed his yacht from Lowestoft to the venue with Richard Delf at the wheel ably assisted by his wife Bridget and the perfect hostess Susan Ermine.

  At todays meeting the speaker was Richard Coller who talked about ‘Bee Keeping’.  Richard is no stranger to the club and is well known for his business connection at ‘Pertwee and Back’. Together with his son Tom they now look after over 30 hives which came about after their uncle could no longer maintain his interest in this enterprise due to health problems.  He explained the process and the different types of honey that is produced at certain times of the year which takes a lot of dedication and commitment.  Bees thrive in areas where there are plenty of flowers which mean gardens in built up areas are the best locations which have in the past caused him some minor problems. However these issues have now been resolved and the bees continue to produce the honey which is sold locally at certain outlets.  Having sampled the produce at lunch there were many questions from the members which was a testament to this very fascinating and interesting talk.  Bill Cook gave the vote of thanks


August 9th 2010


                     Today was a business meeting, following the recent Council meeting. Any member requiring any details discussed and approved, please contact Secretary Terry.


August 2nd 2010



                    Jessica Hiscock from the East Anglian Children’s Hospice receives a cheque to the sum of £685 from the Senior Vice President Robert Lovick at their lunchtime meeting. The Community Service Committee organised a special 60’s night at Valley Farm Hopton and members and guests enjoyed a night of nostalgia with the ‘Yarebeats’.  Jessica thanked the members for all their hard work organising the evening.  Having visited the Club earlier in the year she took the opportunity to update the members on the changes currently being undertaken at the Quidenham Hospice. They have now completed an ‘End of Life Suite’ which gives family members more privacy from the day to day running of the hospice.

She also took the opportunity to talk about their outreach services and the constant fund-raising that allows the Hospice to function.  With some Government support the balk of their costs are covered by donations which under the present climate could be that much harder to acquire. The Senior Vice President confirmed that in April 2011 several members would be accepting an invitation to visit the Hospice to see at first hand the facilities and services that are available for the patients and their families. 

                    At Next Monday Meeting the club will be dealing with business matters



July 26th 2010



                  Wally Ladmore gave us a talk this week. He had researched some of the history behind some of our childrens nursery rhymes, such as " Ba Ba black sheep", " Humpty Dumpty ", " Ring a'ring o'Roses ", "Three Blind Mice" .Some of these had meanings of great importance over 800 years ago ,relating to great historical events and Kings and Queens of the past. A fascinating talk and John Clark thanked him in his own inimitable style.

                   Next weeks speaker will be Jessica Hiscocks from The East Anglian Childrens Hospice, whereby she will be presented with a cheque ,raised as a result of our recent 60's night.


July 25th 2010


                 Haven's Garden Party at Bill and Diana Cooke's home. Full report and photos here...          


July 24th 2010 



                 A day at Newmarket Races.

July 19th 2010


                 This week’s speaker at the Monday lunchtime meeting was Charles Lewis, well known throughout the area for his knowledge of historical events. Charles, a member of the local Rotary Club , gave a fascinating and informative talk about Crusades dating between 1096 and 1291. The control of Europe and the Middle East fluctuated many times over the span of 200 years, with marauding armies of Christians and Muslims fighting over large areas. Over mainly 6 crusades, Kings of France ,Germany and England mustered large armies of Knights and Peasants to fight for the Kingdoms of Jerusalem, Egypt and territories in Turkey. As usual Charles captured the brutality of the era with his fluent and graphic accounts of the various crusades. Colin Brooks thanked Charles for a most interesting talk.

Last Saturday, the Club had a 60’s Evening Dance at Hopton Barns. About £700 was raised for The East Anglian Childrens Hospice at Quidenham.

On this Saturday, the Club will have a day out at Newmarket Races, and Sunday a garden party at the home of Bill Cooke.

Next weeks speaker will be Club Member Wally Ladmore.



July 12th 2010


                At this weeks meeting , the speaker was Bill Henderson from C.A.D. The Great Yarmouth & District Citizens Advice Bureau, situated in Stonecutters Way. Every Citizens Advice Bureau is a registered charity reliant on trained volunteers and funds to provide these vital services for local communities. The Citizens Advice service provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to everyone on their rights and responsibilities. It values diversity, promotes equality and challenges discrimination.

Bill has been working at the local CAD for 15 years after a career in banking. He related many situations that came to the office which was between 40 and 50 queries every day.He specialised in Debt and Benefits and also occasionally Bankruptcy and repossessions.

His work involves appearing in court, has been on local Radio Norfolk and advising clients on almost any subject that requires expert free guidance. One highlight was the reception of CAD Patron HRH the Princess Royal, Anne, on her visit to the town.

After 24 years in Norfolk, which he has loved, later this year will return to his home town of Dunfermline in Scotland. A fascinating and informative talk and Alan Carman thanked Bill on behalf of the Club,for giving up his valuable time.

               Richard Delf informed at length the details of the race day visit to Newmarket.

               Bill Cooke explained the need to encourage as many members and guests to come to our 60’s Night Dance this coming Saturday. It was all for a good cause, The East Anglian Childrens Hospice.

After the meeting 7 Members paid a visit to Hospital Radio Yare at the Northgate Hospital.

Next weeks speaker will be Charles Lewis.



July 5th 2010


                 Presidents Handover  Click here for photos




June 28th 2010


                  An informal meeting today with no speaker as many Members had another commitment and the meeting finished at 2.00pm sharp.


June 25th 2010


                 The attendance at our annual Charter night was a little disappointing with a membership of 49 and only 24 members were present.

An excellent meal was provided by the Burlington Hotel and a very jovial entertaining evening was had by all.

President Mike made his selection of Rotarian of the Year, Jack Thorpe and praised his efforts and his Foundation committee for exceeding all their targets for the Rotary year.


June 21st 2010



                This week Secretary Terry Ashbourne introduced Peter Burrage, Programmes Manager for Hospital Radio Yare, who outlined a brief history of the Radio Station which began in 1977.
It's a volunteer-run Station, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, especially for the Great Yarmouth PCT, entertaining patients at the James Paget, Lowestoft and Northgate Hospitals.
Peter thanked Haven for it's past support with specialised music equipment and said that without help from the local community it would be difficult to maintain the high standards now achieved.
Senior Vice President John Burroughs thanked Peter for all the hard work he has put in to this project over the years.Next week Rotarian Peter Howkins will be arranging a speaker. 


June 14th 2010


                  Today was the AGM. Attending was Assistant District Governor East  Brian Hunter. Committee Chairman gave their view of the forthcoming year and what was hoped to achieve.

                  The club held its Assembly whereby the various Committees announce their plans for the new Rotary Year.  Assistance Governor Brian Hunter joined the proceedings to hear the respective Chairman’s give their vision for the coming months.   President Elect John Burroughs paid tribute to the current President Mike Erskine who had never missed one meeting during his period of office.   Jack Thorpe (Foundation) and Mike Self (Vocational) talked about their challenges and aspirations for their area of responsibly and welcomed some new members to their team.  Bob Grimmer now heads up the Community Service Committee and was quick to announce that he had already identified a couple of local charities that the Club may be able to help.  He also took this opportunity to promote the Swinging 60’s Night at Hopton which takes place on the 17th July in aid of the East Anglian Children’s Hospice.   Rotarian Ian McCreadie takes control of the International Committee and stated that he was committed to continue the excellent work of the outgoing Chairman, and would identify good International projects that warranted their support in what ever way possible.  Finally Assistant Governor Brian Hunter complemented the club on its past achievements and was in no doubt that it would continue to flourish within the true tradition of Rotary.



June 7th 2010


                Despite the power cut at lunch time on Monday the Burlington Hotel was still able to prepare a hot lunch for the members. This week’s speaker was Kirsty Burn who is the Marketing and Promotions Manager for Great Yarmouth Tourism. She addressed the club concerning their current initiatives for this year and 2011.  She has been in this post for 2 years having previously worked at the Forum in Norwich .  Her vibrant personality seemed ideally suited to this position and her passion for the job was reflected in her vision for the future. She talked about marketing, social networking and advertising together with the planned new TV advert that will hopefully increase the number of visitors to the town.  Government funding has been promised for this new advert which hopefully will go live in 2011.  There are several events scheduled to take place this year including Beach Volleyball, the Heritage Open Day and the Maritime Festival all of which have been well supported in past years.  There are proposals to update the Web cam in the town that will hopefully allow potential visitors to press a button and instantly see the town’s attractions and at the same times checking out the weather conditions on the day they log in.  Kirsty admitted that the resort must embrace the facilities on the Internet where many potential customers browse to search for competitive holiday packages and accommodation for the very popular short breaks.  There is of course still the traditional holiday brochure and the ‘What’s On Magazine’ which highlights the attractions and events which are still widely circulated and accessed for information.  Rotarian Ted Witton gave the vote of thanks.

                 Members are reminded that the Club Assembly will take place at next Mondays meeting.


June 3rd 2010


                  Some members attended the Joint Council Dinner at the China Diner in Great Yarmouth. A varied substantial meal was enjoyed by all. President Mike thanked the outgoing council members and welcomed a good year for the incoming Council.


May 31st 2010


                  No meeting....Bank Holiday.


May 24th 2010


                 Rotarian Peter Gethin addressed the Monday meeting and his subject was ‘Library Automation’ which highlighted his involvement in this process and how it would release personal ambitions that would have a life changing effect.  Peter’s career centred on software systems and in 1990 at the age of 34 he had the opportunity to form a company called ‘Sirsi Limited’  Prior to this he was the Technical Director of BRS Europe a company specialising in information Storage and Retrieval software, a position he held for 8 years. He established a personal reputation in dealing with library automation systems which is a computer system to aid library staff in all aspects of their work.  This meant that not only  did they automate local public libraries  they were awarded contracts in Universities, Government Departments including the Home Office, Inland Revenue and the MOD.   They soon established a reputation for being a safe and reliable company on the world stage and this work would move to libraries in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Greece and Spain.    Due to the nature of this specialist work his company acquired the Dynix Corporation which in 2007 was sold to a venture capital Company in California.  Later that year Peter retired and now enjoys many of his interests which include flying, sailing, skiing and music and he admitted that this was only achievable due to a very successful career.  Rotarian John Wiseman gave the vote of thanks.

                 The Joint Council dinner will now be  held on the evening of Thursday 3rd June.

                 There will be no meeting next Monday due to the Bank Holiday.



May 17th 2010


                 At today’s Haven meeting,  Mayor Tony & Mayoress Sarah Smith attended the final function of their mayoral year by joining us for lunch today.  During lunch, President Mike presented Mayor Tony with a cheque for £250 by way of a donation to His Worships Charities.  ( The Parish Church Preservation Fund and The Kingfisher Boxing Club ). Mayor Tony gave us a brief insight into his year as our Mayor.He has attended some 415 events and explained that this has been the most memorable year of his life. He hoped he had upheld the dignity of the historical office.

  Photo by Mike Butcher.


May 10th 2010


                  At this Monday’s well attended lunchtime meeting the guest speaker was local business Neil Russell introduced by Rotarian Derrick Garwood.  Neil began his talk by explaining his career within the motor trade and the period spent with the ‘Holdens Group’ before embarking on a new business venture with partner Mike Spalding.   Having been an employee for several years he decided to set up a company that can supply commercial and private vehicles both new and second hand to suit the specific requirements of the customer.  Neil went on to explain his desire to undertake a Charity Challenge by climbing the 3 Peaks and cycling between each location covering a distance of 500 miles in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  This was an event that was to have taken place this year but due to a football injury it had to be rescheduled for August of 2011.   Neil is no stranger to fund raising and has taken part in other events which enabled the James Paget Hospital to purchase specialist equipment.  Once fully fit he will recommence his training programme assisted by friends and family.  Rotarian John Tomalin gave the vote of thanks and wished Neil every success with the 3 Peaks Challenge.

                  Next week’s guest speaker will be Yarmouth Mayor Tony Smith.



May 3rd 2010



                   May Bank Holiday....... No meeting this week. Members may like to visit another Club.           


April 26th 2010


                  Annual AGM. Election of new officers of the club for new Rotary year.


April 19th 2010


                  At each lunchtime meeting members who are unable to attend for a variety of reasons send their apologies to the Club Secretary.  However it was an historic moment for this club when some of the members contacted the Secretary to inform him that they were stranded abroad due to the flight restrictions throughout the UK . 

                  At the Monday meeting Rotarian Dick Fiddy introduced his daughter Karen who talked about her experience in travelling to Moldova in 2009 to help with a summer camp for children from poor backgrounds between the ages of 9 and 11yrs.  Karen was able to show a slide presentation depicting the locality and the very basic amenities that were available at the camp. Despite the facilities and the blandness of the food the children enjoyed the experience.  The helpers taught English .First Aid and played numerous games creating much fun and laughter which could be clearly seen on the children’s faces.  Karen had the opportunity to travel on a horse and cart to the Romanian border which was quite bumpy due to poor state of the roads.  Karen is a member of the Magdelan Methodist Church , Gorleston and it was through missionaries Chris and Helen Ducker who are working in Dancu that inspired her to make the trip.  She covers the cost of her travel but raises money that enables her to take specific items and also allowing them to purchase essential goods once they are in the country.   The club has been given the opportunity to see the living conditions in several Eastern European countries through slide presentations and it is quite apparent that life is difficult for many families but with the help of people like Karen they light a beacon of hope for so many. . Rotarian Peter Gethin thanked Karen and wished her well on her next visit in July.



April 12th 2010


                On Saturday evening the club held the Ladies President night at the Zest Rooms at Hopton with dancing through to 1am a great night was enjoyed by all those who attended especially the president were wore the ‘Erskine Kilt’ which represented his family roots. 

                On Monday at the club meeting President Mike Erskine thanked Rotarian John Burroughs and his wile Jenny for all their efforts in making it a most memorable night.  At the lunchtime meeting the speaker was Romanian Oana Sentici who has lived in the UK for the past 6 years and whilst studying in Norfolk she is raising money to help AIDS victims in the area of her home town Timisoars.  With a slide presentation she was able to show the poor living conditions and pictures of local families who were suffering from the illness some of whom had sadly died since the pictures were taken.  During the past 6 months she has been raising money to enable her to visit and purchase food for those in hospital and to help finance improvements to some of the homes many of which have very basic facilities.  She explained how she was raising the money and her future plans.  She admitted that she was researching the possibility of obtaining Charity Status but was in no doubt that this would take some time to achieve.  This was a very moving presentation outlining the problems of young people who by no fault of their own had contract this decease mainly by blood transfusions.  Rotarian Mike Butcher thanked Oana for addressing the members and wished her well in raising funds for her project.




April 5th 2010


                     No Meeting....Easter Monday holiday.



March 29th 2010


                    This week was a Business meeting. All members will have had a report from the Secretary.


March 22nd 2010

                     Rotarian Bob Grimmer introduced this weeks speaker, Vicky Farina. Vicky is the founder of the Gorleston Friendship Club. She gave a summary of her career, being the eldest of four children, moved here in 1975 from Bristol, spent 5 years at college  to become a credited counsellor and worked with children requiring special needs. Realising that the area needed facilities for those with special needs, especially after the age of 18, she started the Friendship group in Gorleston in 2007, starting with 7 members , but now have well over 50, ages ranging from 18 to 60.

The Friendship Group aims to enable people to have increased self- confidence, greater independence, a wider social network and equal opportunities. It is committed to providing a safe, friendly and supportive environment where all the members are treated with dignity and respect and have the opportunity to express their views and choices, and encourage development of independence skills. Within the Group , all members will know what is happening and are able to keep links with services and organisations, enabling them to be aware of services available to them.

The Group meet every Wednesday, 7pm to 9pm,  at the Gorleston Social Club. During the month, trips are organised to the theatre, bowling , circus etc. A karaoke evening once a month proves to be particularly popular. With funding and donations it is hoped to start 2 more Groups in the Hemsby and Gorleston areas, giving more access to those with special needs allowing them to have more confidence to go out and socialise.

Rotarian Monty Spandler thanked Vicky for the information and good work she has done and is continuing to do for the local East Norfolk Friendship Club.

Next week there will be no speaker but a discussion of business matters.



March 15th 2010


                    At this weeks Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club meeting, the speaker, introduced by Rotarian Bert Collins was Mr Joe Larter.  A well-known Norfolk born and bred business man, whose earlier career of building construction work, was diverted ,after the early death of his father, to his enthusiastic projects of acquiring Gunton Hall, founding the now most popular and highly successful theme park at Pleasurewood Hills, the Sealife Centres in Hunstanton and Great Yarmouth, the Bure Valley Railway, Miniature worlds in Holland and Ripleys Believe it or Not. He related many stories of his past projects and personal wartime encounters of his father in the Martham Home Guard. He admitted not being so good at running events but was very enthusiastic in starting up new ideas.

His latest project is The Courtyard. The aim is to introduce the concept of an old-fashioned continental style “ artisans quarter” with a 21st century twist. A place where independent artisans and businesses can live and work in harmony. There will be an onsite brewery ,the Blackfriars Brewery, a contemporary glass designer, sign maker and graphic design studio, architect and varied small businesses. The Courtyard will offer a new approach to the letting of office and studio space. It is situated on Main Cross road in part of the redevelopment area of the town, well supported by the Borough, which continues to be at the forefront of the regeneration of parts of the town. The Courtyard opens in less than 2 weeks.

A very humorous and interesting talk and Mr Larter was thanked on behalf of the Club by Rotarian Mike Spalding.

Next week Rotarian Bob Grimmer with his daughter will talk about The Friendship Club.



March 8th 2010


                  Many of the members could not have missed all the construction work currently being undertaken in the Great Yarmouth area in connection with the Broads defences and it was this project that was the theme for this week’s guest speaker.  Dan Russell a civil engineer with ‘Bam Nuttall’ Construction was introduced by Rotarian Bill Cook.  Dan lives in Methwold with his family and his happy to remain there for some time having moved extensively around the country due to the fact that his father was a Navy Officer.  He met his wife at University and they both decided to undertake voluntary work in Tanzania which they found most rewarding. Having returned home he began his civil engineering career first working on several major road projects and then later joining Bam Nuttall who are currently carrying out work on the river defences.  Dan simplified the work being carried out on the Broadland Flood Elevation Project and talked about the piling and the need for sloping banks as apposed to steep banks and how they were protecting the banks to the standards maintained in 1995.   This is a project that is ongoing until 2021 but the whole of the defences will require constant monitoring a task that will eventually be undertaken by the Environmental Agency once their work is completed.  Dan just had time to mention the fact that he enjoyed cycling and together with several other work colleagues had raised several thousand of pounds for numerous charities.  The members had the chance to put question to Dan and it was the boat enthusiasts who asked a number of searching questions, giving Dan the opportunity to explain in more detail some of structural work.  The vote of thanks was given by Rotarian Mike Self.



March 1st 2010


                On Wednesday evening the Foundation Committee organised a quiz night that was held at the Burlington Hotel. With 16 teams taking part there were some surprises when the favourites to win came fifth.  This event was most  enjoyable due to the hard work of the organising committee   raising £267 for their current project..

                 Richard Delf introduced this weeks quests who were  Teacher Emma Horne, pupils Francesca Thrower and Dan Smith (both 14 years of age ) from Acle High School. The two pupils are part of a group of 13  who are supporting a  project in Jericho , a town in Kenya which is helping the Stereheh School for boys. They are raising money that will allow them to take books, sports equipment pens, pencils and similar items to the school whist helping them with their studies  during their visit. They are hoping to raise enough money to supply the children  with porridge every day for a  year. They explained how this project was  started and with the aid of a slide presentation members were able to see the area and the smiles  on the children's faces  during the 2009 trip. During their visit they would have the opportunity to go on a safari which would no doubt be something not be missed.     Dan explained that  each pupil has to raise £1200 to cover their travel and accommodation. Francesca gave an overview of how they were  managing to achieve this amount by way of Coffee Mornings, Tributes Nights and other sponsored events. Rotarian Leslie Seabert wished the pupils every success in meeting their gaol and felt that it would be a most memorable trip,. Rotarian Bill Cook will be arranging  next weeks speaker.  


February 22nd 2010


                          At this weeks meeting Rotarian Colin Brooks introduced Bridget Lowe, a committee member of East Coast Hospice. This project is to build a ten bed hospice to be called the Margaret Chadd House with a building and landscaped gardens which will inspire hospitality, care and well being to patients, staff and their families. It will play a vital role in supporting people with incurable illnesses as well as their family and friends. A local independant charity run for the local area. She explained that this is a project needed for the Great Yarmouth and Waveney area. The East Coast Hospice formally known as Yare Hospice Care was formed in 2007 as a result of The Marie Curie Delivery Choice findings that there was a need in this area for in-patient care, and would be different from the Palliative Care East project currently at the James Paget Hospital. The ECH is a charity and is not funded by Government and the funding to be raised would be up to £5000000.  The aim to build an in-patient hospice combined with a day care centre between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft. Already 2 charity shops are run in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston and a further one to be opened in Lowestoft.
Bridget gave a brief history of Hospices, starting in the 11th century ,known worldwide as places of refuge and for care of the dying. The first in London in 1892 was St Josephs, quickly followed by others, offering a holistic approach both mentally and spiritually. A very interesting and informative talk, thanked by Rotarian Des Sadler on behalf of the club. Any support and information can be obtained from their website . Secretary Terry has further details if more information is neded.


February 15th 2010


                         Rotarian Jack Thorpe and his wife Jean hosted a Curry Evening at their Hemsby home on Friday which was well supported by the members and their wives raising £425 for the Foundation Committee.  Vice President John Burroughs thanked the hosts for organising the evening and opening up their home to the members.  More info here....

                         On Monday the club speaker was Jessica Hiscocks who is a Community Fundraiser for the East Anglia ’s Children’s Hospice.  Jessica outlined the services provided at the Hospices including short break care, specialist play and music therapy, end of life care and bereavement support for all the family members.  EACH is a registered charity which relies on public support for 75% of its required income of around £5.5 million per year.  Jessica explained that they have recently opened a Charity shop in Lowestoft and planned events for the coming year include a Sponsored Cycle Ride and a Toe Dip at Lowestoft .  This was a moving presentation which reflected the struggle of young children and their families when life threatening illnesses prevail.  At the end of the presentation the President Mike Erskine and Chairman of the Community Service Committee Bob Price presented Jessica with a £100 cheque together with proceeds from the ‘Heads and Tail’ fundraiser held during lunch.  The club has acquired a mini  hoist, suitable for a large estate car, MPV or similar vehicle.  The owner has requested a donation for the hoist which cost just under £1000.  For more information about the hoist including fitting arrangements then please contact Rotarian Robert Lovick 01692 670




Alan Carman arranged for Jessica of EACH to talk about the hospice.

President Mike presents the cheques to Jessica, with Community Services Chairman Bob Price.















February 8th 2010



                       It was the recent disaster in Haiti that was featured in this week’s presentation by Gary Francis from the organisation called the ‘Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters’.  Gary has just returned from the earthquake area and gave an overview of the work undertaken by his team.  Gary has been part of the group for 14 years and with regular training was given leave as a serving Metropolitan Polices Officer to  travel firstly to Santo Domingo and then onto Port-au-Prince.  His group was one of the first teams to arrive in the Dominican Republic as they were unable to fly directly to Haiti .  Due to the fact that there was no official reception centre Gary and his fellow members undertook the task of co-ordinating the deployments of other teams until the UN Officials arrived.   Having been relieved from this deployment they were quickly assigned to sectors and their work could finally begin.  Due to the fact that one of his team members could speak Spanish and French they were able to communicate with the local residents who were desperate to find family members thought to be buried under the rubble.  Gary was able to show the members several slide pictures of the area especially the devastation and the dangers they faced entering buildings that were badly damaged and with the thought that further after shocks could occur.  As a registered charity they get no state funding and on average each deployment costs about £20.000, so they have to raise money from public donations. It was pleasing to hear that many of the shelter boxes sent by Rotary Clubs had been seen in use and he admitted that equipment such as tents and generators taken by them were left for the local people to use.  Rotarian Brian Potter gave the vote of thanks.



February 1st 2010



                      On Wednesday ( more info ) the Club held a fund-raising event  at the Yarmouth Greyhound Stadium and organiser Bob Price would like to thank all the sponsors who ultimately made the evening such a success. 

                      This Monday it was Rotarian Mike Butcher who gave a presentation which incorporated his visit in 1995 to Antarctica .  However the talk began with a brief resumes of the explorer Edward Shackleton who in 1914 tried to navigate the Antarctica route but his ship became stuck in the thick polar ice and eventually broke up and sank.  The group had to use the lifeboats for shelter and continue the rest of expedition by boat and on foot.  Part of the final root back to civilisation taken by Shackleton was undertaken by Mike and the rest his group while visiting the area and especially the section where they slid on ice to Stromness which was exactly what the ‘Boss’ Shackleton did as they completed the last part of the journey.  Sadly Shackleton died in 1922 during his final expedition and is buried in South Georgia .  Mike then did a power point slide show of his visit which included stunning views of the landscape including Aicho Island , Paradise Harbor and Salisbury Plain.  Naturally he included the breathtaking icebergs and many different types of birds, seals and penguins that kept the visitors company throughout their stay.  Robert Parker thanked Mike for sharing his holiday experience and giving the members a short insight into one of Shackleton's explorations.


January 25th 2010


                        At this weeks meeting Rtn Bob Price introduced his guest , Rev. Chris Terry , the new rector of Great Yarmouth.

Our speaker ,introduced by Rotarian John Clark was Dr David Watson. He is associated with the Christian Charity, “Fields of Life”. This charity is in the UK and Ireland, established in 1995. The original vision to pioneer a training farm developed into a needs based response to build a primary school for the local community. Over 55 schools have now been built with over 20000 children receiving education and offering an opportunity for survival and hope for the future.

Dr David illustrated his talk with slides and explained his passion for his school “ School of Sure Foundation” in Uganda, which he has helped to build and provide education and medical care. This was built for £40000 and educates 300 children, mainly orphans and the impoverished. Leprosy is still a big problem there and also many need reading glasses which he always needs as donations from the general public. He is particularly interested in helping the many disabled children. Once mobility can be given , this leads to schooling and then ultimately to being a useful citizen in the community. Families live in very crowded small houses and scabies and lice is a very big distressful condition.

Dr David’s latest project is to build adjoining accommodation with in-house boarding facilities both for boys and girls. He also was concentrating on drilling bore holes in the school grounds to enable everyone to have access to clean water. He loved Uganda and the people, who always appeared happy with obvious hardship.

A very informative and interesting talk and Dr David was thanked on behalf of the Club by Rotarian Graham Plant.


January 18th 2010


                       A business meeting today when Committee Chairmen gave their reports to all members , following a Club Council meeting last week.


Haven Rotary Club Sends Aid to Haiti

Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club were pleased to announce at their Monday lunchtime meeting that the club would be sending 10 Shelter Boxes to the humanitarian disaster at Haiti as a result of the recent earthquake. Such purchases are only possible due to the generosity by the general public who support many fund raising events throughout the year. 

These shelter boxes are usually packed with one (sometimes two) ten-person tent(s). Other items can include insulated sleeping mats and thermal blankets, water purification tablets, water purification kits, water containers/carriers, a trenching shovel, a multi-fuelled cook stove, eating utensils and plates, a children’s' activity kit and other essential items.  Many shelter boxes have already arrived in Port au Prince and you can experience how the boxes are helping the humanitarian effort by visiting the Website at












President Mike Erskine and Vice Chairman Ian McCreadie of the International Committee discuss the Haiti disaster and the help being given by Rotary Clubs throughout the world.




January 11th 2010


                      The club members always look forward to a sparkling presentation from a formidable speaker namely Rotarian Peter Bondi and they were not disappointed with his talk.  Peter has a passion for food and enjoys cooking and entertaining which gives him the opportunity to spoil his guests and for them to enjoy the experience.  His talk related to ‘Lunch’ and how for him it is a very important part of the day, to be enjoyed and embraced for all the right reasons.  He then explained the great evolutionary leap and how some 1.9 million years ago man became distinct from other primates that existed at that time and what lunch had to do with it. 

Having talked about the many changes to our bodies it was the early humans who started to cook which eventually changed their digestive system and caused the development of the brain.  So by some 200,000 years ago anatomically mans body shape was to all intense and purposes the same as ours.  For Peter lunches are not a chore and with his career in hotel management spanning back some 30 years he was able to share his belief that there is no better way of winning new clients than to allow them to be entertained over lunch at his hotel.  Peter then produced a bottle of ‘Poire Williams'  eau de vie with the pear inside that had been given to him by a Frenchman over 20 years ago.   He explained how the pear is grown inside the bottle and the expense in keeping the pear covered with the Poire Williams, which somehow seems to evaporate very quickly in his house at Potter Heigham. Once again Peter incorporated some interesting facts flavoured with humour which delighted the members.   The vote of thanks was given by Rotarian Ian McCreadie and was in subject terms ‘An Excellent Choice.’

                       Next Monday’s meeting will be dealing with business matters.



January 4th 2010

                     After the Christmas break the club enjoyed a good attendance with only a few absent members.   Rotarian Mike Spalding introduced this week’s speaker Gordon Bailey who is the brother of club member Norman.  Gordon’s talk related to his passion for the game of ‘Bridge’ and how it changed his life style for several years after he had retired.  It was while he was on a cruise celebrating his Silver Wedding and enjoying a game of’ ‘Bridge’ that it was suggested to him that as he was so skilled in the game he should consider sending his CV to the Cruise companies, with a view to giving lessons on board the ships.  He gained further qualifications and then successfully applied for a position with Saga and was soon off on his first working cruise.  This meant that he travelled to many countries including Dubai. Dakar, the Caribbean and Greenland.  His wife Val accompanied him and although she played the game she was never meant to be part of the group with Gordon but on one occasion she had no choice and by all accounts she was a formidable player.  Gordon then went on to talk about some of the countries that had the opportunity to visit and made the statement that for him ‘life certainly did start at 71’.  Junior Vice-Precedent Robert Lovick gave the vote of thanks.

Rotarian Peter Bondi will be next week’s speaker.




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