Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club

                 President 2018- 2019 Keith Futter.  

Meets every Monday at 1.00pm.  (not Bank Holidays ) at The Imperial Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. NR30 1EQ   Tel. No. 01493 842000

Please note....on some historical pages on this website the old venue address will still be seen.



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December 29th 2014


                           No meeting !

December 22nd 2014


                          Christmas Dinner meeting with ladies and guests.  Click here for report and Photos.


December 17th 2014


                         This evening was the Annual Tri- Club Christmas carol Service and Entertainment.

This was held at Christchurch Deneside starting at 7.30pm.

A disappointingly small audience were present to sing carols and listen and see some great entertainment.

Rotarian Peter Bondi introduced all the items.

Firstly the Rev. Andrew Fielding welcomed all present.

Some splendid singing and playing of musical instruments was performed by Students from Lynn Grove academy school.

A barbershop choir of 4 " The Fine City Four" came from Norwich to entertain.

There was a Christmas reading by Hilary Farrell, President of Inner Wheel.

The lady Mayoress attended as did also DG Nick Corke.

Special thanks to Robert Lovick and his assistants for organising and John Roper on the organ.

The collection prior to coffee and mince pies was for the local Good Samaritans. Thanks to George Ermini for providing the mince pies.


December 15th 2014


                         Today we had no speaker but Mike Erskine organised a Christmas Quiz.


December 8th 2014

                                The Club speaker was Port Chaplin Peter Paine who  talked about his work helping seafarers who may be crew members visiting the port or those who may have been rescued at sea and need help and support.   Many of the Club members will be familiar with the Old Seaman’s Mission premises on the corner of Nottingham Way and South Quay which has been closed since 2004.   So for many years Peter has been working from his car and although he was able to provide some services from an office in Artillery Square he campaigned for a dedicated centre to assist workers coming ashore.  However he will soon be using a building at East Port Great Yarmouth which is being converted to accommodate an office and shower facilities.   There will also be access to the internet so that foreign seafarers can email their loved ones and have use of video links,  These premises will be a place of safety where they can come and rest or talk to the Chaplin if they have something on their mind.  Many of those that work on board ships can complete tours for almost 12 mouths and if for some reason they have family issues it will most likely be the Port Chaplin who offer help and comfort.   Peter who was proudly wearing the ‘Flying Angel Logo’ is also the Chaplin for the Sea Cadets and went on to explain  that  he makes every effort  to board all the ships that enter the port so that he can liaise with the crew members in case his help is required. There may be times when language is   a barrier but in most cases he seeks the help of other crew members who can speak English and if this is not available he manages to muddles through with their limited knowledge of English.  Yarmouth is still a busy port with oil supply ships and vessels servicing the wind turbines plus other ships bringing in merchandise so it is always a comfort to know that Peter is there to assist in any way he can.    After several questions from the floor the vote of thanks was given by Ian Tilley.

December 1st 2014


                                As a Rotary Club we support our local Community in a variety of ways especially when it involves helping young people as they embark on their chosen careers.  One of the Rotary programs is to encourage the development of young people and we do this by organising a RLYA Course which is a Leadership Award open to those between the age of 18 and 26.  Rotary Clubs can sponsor a candidate or approach local companies who may send one of their young employees to gain confidence and team buildings skills that will hopefully help them in the wider world.  A prospective candidate namely Nathan Surplice was invited to the Club on Monday to give a short overview of his life and his aspirations for the future.  Nathan aged 18 was educated at the Lynn Grove High School and had a unique opportunity when he was selected to go to Phichit, Thailand where he helped out in at a local school especially during the English lessons. . His main focus was on the culture and language in particular the stark difference with regards to the day to day living in comparison to the UK.  He took the opportunity to visit several religious sites, rode an elephant and traveled to Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai.  Nathan then talked about his interest in medicine and having left college he took the opportunity to undertake voluntary work at the Louise Hamilton Centre in Gorleston.  He then went on to talk about the apprenticeship which he is currently undertaking as a Trainee Health Care Assistant at the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston.  If selected for the RYLA Course he is confident that this opportunity will assist him to develop other skills when he goes to University in 2015.  After several questions from the members, Rotarian John Clarke thanked Nathan for a very confident presentation and he echoed the thoughts of all the members by suggesting that he was a very suitable candidate for the RYLA Course.

The Tri Carol Service will be held at Christchurch, Deneside at 7 30pm on Wednesday 17th December. Members of the public are welcome to join us.  


November 24th 2014


                           Our speaker today was Simon Partridge, Director of the How Hill Trust and Past Chairman of Norfolk District Council and a Magistrate.

He entertained the members with a quick fire talk entitled " What did the Tudors do for us ", giving us a graphic description of the time in history during the Tudor period from King Henry 7th to Queen Elizabeth 1st. This included the history and style of the era and the huge difference between the rich and poor. He also gave examples of terminology used at the present time.

Simon was a pupil at Caister School and admits his favourite subject was History. Tony Smith gave the vote of thanks.


November 17th 2014


                          The club has been quite busy in the last seven days beginning with an International Night at the Grosvenor Casino organised by Ian Thomson and Chairman Alan Spinks.  Those members who attended were offered intuition before heading off to the restaurant for a very pleasant 3 course meal.  On Thursday evening 13th ,Leslie Seabert organised a Beer tasting evening at the Apollo Tavern in aid of the Foundation Committee. A profit of £199 was generated. Thanks to John Burroughs for not charging any expenses for food etc.

 At this weeks meeting the speakers were Colin Thackery from the Norwich South Rotary Club and Stuart Horth who is the Head of Community Safety at Norfolk Fire Service.  Colin’s Club President Bill Cox is promoting an initiative to raise finances to supply fire alarms to vulnerable residents in the Norfolk area.  Several Suffolk Rotary Clubs have been working closely with their County Fire Service for a number of years providing alarms and due to pending budget constraints within the Norfolk Fire Service it was felt that local Rotary Clubs could offer some financial support and voluntary manpower in supplying and fitting the alarms.  Colin began his power point presentation with a short video depicting the rapid spread of fire in a mock night club, highlighting the dangers of smoke and toxic gases.   This presentation has already been given to 10 other Rotary Clubs who have pledged money which will be part of a District Matching Grant.  Stuart then handed round the Smoke Alarm indicating the benefits of this product incorporating a battery that would last for 10 years.   Stuart also explained how they identify the vulnerable residents who need the alarms followed up by an assessment so that safety work can been carried out.  He went on to say that everyone could benefit from the early warning by having a smoke alarm fitted in their home.   Rotarian Bob Price gave the vote of thanks.


November 13th 2014


                          A special Foundation Fund raising night was held at The Apollo Tavern in Northgate street.

This was a real ale beer tasting organised by John Burroughs and Leslie Seabert.

14 members and guests attended and were able to sample 6 real ales for a modest £10. Thanks to Jenny and John for supplying the snacks.

Beers were Hancocks 3.6%, Cambridge 3.8%, Once Bittern 4.0%, Doombar 4.00%Red Head 4.2% and Ghost Ship 4.5%.

An enjoyable evening with some members trying to emulate the darts pros.



November 10th 2014


                          At this Monday's meeting our Club Members observed a minutes silence in fond memory of our fellow Rotarian at our Club , Brian Potter.

Brian's comradeship and support over the years for our many community causes will be sadly missed.

Our speaker this week was our own Charles Lewis.

Charles talked about his earlier childhood where he was born in Liverpool .

He was sent away to a boarding school and therefore missed a lot of the popularity of the emerging pop group , The Beatles.

Charles father had purchased a farm in Walton on the outskirts of Liverpool, and this was where John Lennon spent his childhood. The farm had a variety of animals and at the bottom of the land this bordered on Strawberry Fields, hence a famous Beatles song.

Charles recalled his visit to the Cavern as being very crowded , sweaty ,smoky and smelling of soup ! Yes the Cavern was open for lunchtime sessions and many people came in for lunch and listen to the music. It was quite an exhilarating experience.

After this Charles went to College and University in Northern Ireland. His enthusiasm for Liverpool and the Beatles did not wain and in 1964 bought tickets for the premier of their first movie " Its a Hard Days Night " when they appeared in Liverpool after so much success in America.

Of course many of the former Beatles properties are now owned by The National Trust but Charles mother is still at the farm in Walton and continually have visitors from abroad to look around the area .

As always a fascinating and interesting talk by Charles and he was thanked in the usual way by Edward Witton.

Next week Bill Cooke would be organising speakers on the " Smoke Alarm " project.




 It is with sadness that we have lost our very good friend and member of our Club, Brian Potter. Our condolences are with Judy and her family.




November 3rd 2014


                        Today  the club dealt with Business matters and as President Jack Thorpe was away it was left in the very capable hands of President Elect Peter Bondi.  Bill Cooke who is the Chairman of Community Service gave his report informing the members that he had  visited the Yarmouth Club last week when a representative from the Norwich South Rotary Club gave a talk about the ‘Smoke Alarm Initiative’ This Norwich Club is running a project to work alongside the Norfolk Fire Service supplying Smoke Alarms to  elderly and vulnerable citizens in the Yarmouth area  The members agreed to pledge £300 to this project which will be part of a District Matching Grant.  The club also pledged financial help towards a shed within the ground of the newly refurbished Autistic Centre namely ‘Sun Beams’ located on Gapton Hall Road.   Alan Spinks from the International Committee gave his report updating the members concerning the September Duck Race and the proposals to the programme for 2105. Alan also talked about the 'Sand Down' project , the  Uganda 'Life Straws' and the 'Lend with Care' scheme,  highlighting the fact the all the money that the club had committed in the form of  small loans had all been repaid and were  now being distributed to assist other small business in the third world.  His Committee continues to monitor other International Projects and would naturally respond when local or international disasters occur.  The Vocational Committee Chairman Keith Futter then briefed the members concerning of the 'Dictionary 4 Life Project'.  The recent application for a Matching Grant supported by the Yarmouth Rotary Cub has been approved and with local sponsors helping towards the costs, meant that with the clubs support we can now go ahead and order the Dictionaries in December .The Clubs will be supplying this ‘Usbourne Illustrated Dictionary’ to Year 3 and 4 pupils to 17 Primary Schools thereby helping them to improve their literacy skills.  The Committee is planning a special launch in May when the books will be distributed to the schools.  Keith informed the members that a possible RYLA candidate Nathan Surplice had been identified and he will be invited to the club in December.  Leslie Seabert representing Foundation announced the dates of some fund raising events including the Beer Tasting evening on the 13th November, a Quiz plus the Norwich Walk scheduled for 2015.   


October 27th 2014


                       Our speaker at this weeks meeting was Steve James. Steve is a Rotarian from the Lowestoft East Point Rotary Club and was introduced by Brian Nichol. His slide presentation was of his trip to Tanzania to take up the challenge of trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro in 2012.
This was undertaken over 7 days and although only about 30 km. in distance ,it was essential to take time due to the problems of altitude.
The symptoms of breath shortness, sickness and diarrhoea were much avoided by the acclimatisation at various heights on the mountain side.
The party was well looked after by experienced guides and porters. It was very cold but was essential to drink plenty of water. Steve gave an interesting and detailed account of what to expect if one takes up such a challenge as this one.
He further explained about a scheme supported by his Rotary Club which was REMIT. This is Rotarians Eliminating Malaria In Tanzania.
It is working together for children & families and saying NO to Malaria. Malaria is difficult to eradicate as the mosquitoes breed in swampy marshy areas of the tropics, and the parasite is becoming resistant to cheaper drugs. It is a debilitating illness which can lead to chronic anaemia, brain and kidney damage and death, especially amongst children and pregnant women. One child in Tanzania dies every 30 seconds. Our Haven Rotary Club would be supporting this cause by providing long lasting insecticide treated nets which protect people at night when mosquitoes are most voracious and also help to train local workers who go to the villages to educate and train the local people.
Colin Smith thanked Steve for his most interesting and humorous talk.
Next weeks meeting would be a business meeting.



October 20th 2014


                       This weeks speaker was retired Meteorologist Peter Collins whose presentation covered his long career with the Met Office.  At a very young age Peter who now lives in Ormesby had a passion for weather recording and having left school he applied for a training course at Mildenhall but on this occasion he was not successful.   He then took up a position as a trainee electrician with a local company namely Bowers and Barr but after couple of years he reapplied to the Met Office and was finally accepted.  Peter undertook his training at Hemsby and once this had been completed he was posted back to his training station. Peter talked about his work especially the deployment of weather balloons which carry instruments aloft to send back information on atmospheric pressure, temperature humidity and wind speed.  During his early career he was not only measuring and plotting wind speed but was also trained to respond in the event of nuclear fallout. He was later posted overseers working at his first RAF Station at Gan in the Maldives.  Whilst Peter talked about his work at the station he also mentioned the fact that working in such places meant that as a civil servant he was still able to use the facilities at the base and at one point he assisted in manning the mess bar which he enjoyed immensely.  Peter worked in many different countries but returned to the UK in 2002 to become an Inspector for the Met Office visiting a number of stations, making sure that that they were working correctly. He had a spell presenting the weather forecast on Radio Norfolk and recalled the events that unfolded during the Great Storms of 1987.  He completed his talk by highlighting the fact that due to the advancement of technology staff numbers have been greatly reduced. Richard Coller gave the vote of thanks.


October 13th 2014


                    There was no speaker organised for today . A general knowledge quiz was held for those present.


October 6th 2014


                    The club has been operating the Haven Duck Race for many years so it was quite fitting when new ideas were discussed to introduce something new to the programme. So club member Richard Coller came up with an idea to introduce a ‘Giant Duck Race’ with Companies purchasing a Duck for £100 and entering their own Duck in one of the races. This year’s winner was Eastern Fluid Power Ltd and their representative Graham Gillings who attended the meeting announced that his company would donate the £500 winnings back to the Club. The club also welcomed Trevor Saunders from the Grosvenor Casino who presented Graham with a voucher inviting 4 people to attend the Casino for Sunday lunch.  President Jack Thorpe thanked both businessmen for their generosity and for supporting this event.  To purchase a Giant Duck for the 2015 season contact Richard Coller on 01493 664151 This week’s guest speaker was Sarah McPherson who is an Awareness Officer for the Carers Agency Partnership and was introduced by Peter Bondi.  Sarah’s role is to promote the existence of a Helpline for families requiring support for carers and their families.  Her very interesting background includes being a riding guide, a rural business coach and a computer programmer plus some involvement with economic research in the Shetland Island.  Sarah gave the members an overview of how many carers there were in the UK dedicating a large part of their lives caring for others.  There are many young carers supporting family members and in some cases to the detriment to their health and education.  This presentation was not seeking financial support but appealing to the public for volunteer to operate the Helpline which can be the first inquiry that a carer can make when they are seeking advice and guidance during this very difficult time.  The vote of thanks was given by Colin Smith.


September 29th 2014


                 In 2013 Haven embarked on an initiative to award a Bursary to a Performing Arts Student which not only included 6th Form Students but 11 year pupils from Acle and Caister. This year’s entrants were extremely talented and due to the very high standard it was decided to award the Bursary to two students namely Megan Storer and Paige Richards from the East Norfolk College each receiving £300.  So to allow the students the opportunity to meet club  members Megan and Paige were invited to the meeting on |Monday to receive their award. Megan is no stranger to the Rotary Club as she very kindly agreed to play at the 2013 Three Club Carol service and was one of the winners at the recent ‘Gorleston Got Talent’ competition which was organised by the Gorleston Rotary Club. The second award winner Paige whose passion for singing was evident during her polished performance of two songs namely ‘Nothing’ from 'Chorus Line' and ‘On My Own’ from the Musical 'Les Miserables.  Megan who plays the flute is studying Music, Mathematics and Technology and is a member of the Norfolk County Youth Orchestra. She has now been promoted to principal flautist and her dream is to play in London West End shows and to be involved in film scores.  She delighted the members with a piece of music entitled ‘Cantabile et Presto’ by Enescu . Megan and Paige were accompanied by the College pianist Paul Miller.   Both students then talked about their aspirations for the future and then informed the members that Megan would be using her Bursary to help her purchase a new flute, while Paige who is currently visiting Universities will be financing extra lessons in preparation of her final exams.  It was quite fitting that the vote of thanks was given by Philip Hunt who is a very keen Theatre supporter and enjoys a spot of acting himself quite naturally highlighting the high standard of their performances.   On behalf of the Club he wished them every success for the future. Next weeks speaker will be introduced by Peter Bondi.

September 22nd 2014


                           Business meeting. Also Alan Spinks gave a report on yesterdays successful duck races. 


September 21st 2014


                          Duck Race Day !     Full report and photos here !


September 15th  2014


                            Our annual Duck Race at The Waterways North Drive takes place this coming Sunday September 21st. Entrance is free and first race of four will start at 2.00pm. Gorleston Boat Club will be demonstrating and showing their model boats. Ducks can be purchased for £1 on the day and all proceeds will go to local Charities. A fun event for young and old.

At our Monday meeting Richard Delf introduced his long-time friend Roger Pawley. Roger has been interested all his life in horse racing but particularly in football. He started playing at 14 and progressed to play league football for Cambridge Utd. Following a 3 month trial at Norwich City he was disappointed that his skills were not required there. He continued however to play local football in the Eastern Counties League but having given referees a hard time during his playing career , he decided to apply for certification as a referee, and graduated from class 3, through 2 to a class1 referee. This gave him the opportunity to referee Football league and explained some of his more memorial matches. However having taken so much from the game he wanted to give back his experiences and in 1977 , he became a Council member of the Cambridge FA and is still there today but now as Cambridge County Chairman Chief Executive. As such this has lead to his appointment as a member of The FA sitting on their disciplinary , referees committee and League Finance committees. It was no surprise that young footballers on high wages were coming before the disciplinary committees for offences with drug and gambling habits. Footballers in all leagues were now not allowed to gamble on football. Roger showed his enthusiasm for his vocation and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his involvement. His talk was most interesting with members asking him many pertinent questions, for which he was thanked on behalf of the club by Charles Lewis.

Next weeks meeting would be a business meeting.



September 8th 2014


                         Last Wednesday 35 members and Guests enjoyed a trip to London, with a tour of The Royal State Rooms and Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace. Such splendour and a wellworth visit. The weather helped as it was a glorious summer day.

Our regular Monday meeting was attended by guest speaker Nick Pownall, introduced by Bert Collins. The Pownall family are well known for all their support for the town and Borough, but today Nick's presentation was of places faraway.

In fact he showed videos and photos of Sangat Island Dive Resort, on one of the 100's of beautiful islands in the Philippines. 

Sangat Island Dive Resort, which opened it's doors to the general public in 1994, occupies quite nearly the entire southwestern cusp of Sangat Island. To date, this perfect little slice of paradise offers  guests, fourteen native-styled, ecologically "low-impact" accommodations, restaurant and bar facilities, and an internationally-renowned water sports and scuba diving center. There is also a small boatyard which offers sight-seeing trips around the tropical waters.

Edged by a 300-meter span of white sand beachfront, postcard-perfect tropical waters, and coral reef gardens brimming with sea life, Sangat Island Dive Resort has become, in just a few short years, one of the premier resort destinations for eco-conscious paradise-seekers and scuba diving enthusiasts the world over.

The island has a wide variety of wildlife, including rare birds, monkeys and monitor lizards. Nick explained how his son Andrew had acquired the island and all the hard work of putting in Electric generators and sewage systems, to set up his business there.

Nick had travelled worldwide but this beautiful island resort created by his son was top of his favourite places.

Many questions were asked by the members and Wally Ladmore thanked Nick on a truly interesting talk.

The Annual Duck Race at The Waterways was getting closer on September 21st.



September 3rd 2014


                          Trip to Buckingham Palace. Report and Photos here......


September 1st 2014


                        At Monday's meeting, John Westgate introduced his niece, Lisa Crook as guest speaker. Lisa is the Borough's Waste and Recycling Communications Officer.

She explained that the Public did not realise how much waste and rubbish was generated in The Borough and the problem in sorting and recycling all of this.

New guidelines would be coming out in October 1st and all households would get a brochure explaining the changes to recycling. The importance of recycling was apparent in that this was sold on, and over a year , this generated about £800,000 back for the Borough Council.

Garden rubbish was a problem but was easily dealt with , if the Brown bins were purchased and used. The main purpose was to increase recycling, reduce the amount of waste and rubbish and manage garden waste more effectively. Not only are the streets and areas of flats and houses kept clean and litter free but there is a good " Beach Care" scheme that is in operation locally every month with Volunteers going along the beach and removing rubbish and litter. Also the river area was also being attended to. The Borough was also linked with other organisations in Norfolk and also " Keep Britain Tidy" campaign . Lisa visited schools in the area to promote ideas for Energy Saving, Plastic Bottle recycling, cutting down on household food waste ( probably households throw away uneaten or not used food items to value of £50 each month ) , Food Storage and Preservatives, and  Portion Control. She links with the catering College to obtain suitable recipes for using "left-over food ".

She said she had experienced first hand going out with the refuse collection carts, sweeping the streets and seeing how challenging it was to keep control of the environmental waste and rubbish issues. Her message to everyone was to get recycling up and waste down ! A very interesting talk by Lisa, full of enthusiasm and after many questions from the Members, she was thanked by John Clark.

Next weeks speaker would be Nick Pownall introduced by Ian Thomson.


August 25th 2014


                    End of Summer Bank meeting.


August 18th 2014


                       On Wednesday evening 14th August, Robert Lovick the local Assistant Governor and a member of Haven Rotary Club visited the Royal Air Force Air Cadets based in Suffolk Road in Gorleston.   Whilst Robert was there to present a cheque on behalf of the Club he took the opportunity to see first hand some of the training that is undertaken by the Cadets.  The photo shows Robert with Cadet Anne-Marie Hunt and Cpl. Aaron Olly explaining the co-ordinate exercise that was in progress during his stay.  Robert then met some of the cadets  and was shown the computerised training flight simulator that the Cadet’s use and was given a  resume of the  opportunities  that this organisation provides for young people, who are interested in being part of the Training Corps.  Robert then presented the cheque to Flt Lt Tracie Cameron, who thanked the club and reiterated that this money would be used to purchase a Heavy Duty Gazebo which will be mainly used for recruiting purposes.   On Saturday evening 16th August ,the club held a Summer Dance at How Hill, which was attended by over a 100 Rotarians and guests who gathered in the palatial gardens next to How Hill whilst enjoying a ‘Pimm’ prior to the main event.  A gentle stroll to the barn followed by a Hog Roast and dancing to Pip Duffy was surely the perfect recipe for a very successful evening.   The Community Service Committee under the direction of Bill Cook thanked  all of his team  for their hard work, and announced that proceeds of the evening would be going to the ‘Louise Hamilton Centre’ in Gorleston  and a donation would also be made to the How Hill Trust.  

At today's  Monday the Club welcomed several visiting Rotarian’s whilst dealing with business matters incorporating reports from the respective Committees. 


August 14th 2014


Cheque Presentation to Royal Air Force Cadets at Gorleston.

                         On Wednesday evening 14th August, Robert Lovick the local Assistant Governor and a member of Haven Rotary Club visited the Royal Air Force Air Cadets based in Suffolk Road in Gorleston.   Whilst Robert was there to present a cheque on behalf of the Club he took the opportunity to see first hand some of the training that is undertaken by the Cadets.  The photo shows Robert with Cadet Anne-Marie Hunt and Cpl. Aaron Olly explaining the co-ordinate exercise that was in progress during his stay.  Robert then met some of the cadets  and was shown the computerised training flight simulator that the Cadet’s use and was given a  resume of the  opportunities  that this organisation provides for young people, who are interested in being part of the Training Corps.  Robert then presented the cheque to Flt Lt Tracie Cameron, who thanked the club and reiterated that this money would be used to purchase a Heavy Duty Gazebo which will be mainly used for recruiting purposes.  

August 11th 2014


                            On Friday evening several members and guests enjoyed a splendid evening performance of ‘Noises Off’, a 1970’s farce written by Michael Frayn at the Southwold Theatre, which was organised by Bert Collins.   At today’s meeting the speaker Monica Bates from the Charity ‘Sun Beams’ was introduced by Wally Ladmore.  Monica is raising funds to open a specialist Autistic Centre at the old ‘Smart Kidds’ premises at Gapton Hall.  Monica explained the work she is undertaking in transforming the building to meet the special needs of  children with autism and the uphill struggle she has had to raise funds.  Like many other similar charities they get no direct funding from the government but were successful in securing a £250.000 donation from the ‘Three Guineas Sainsbury Trust’.  This scheme is available to other charities which provide activity programmes for children with autism and complex special needs. This has allowed the charity to purchase specialist equipment and appoint qualified staff to work in the centre.  Monica explained the purpose of the centre and once it is up and running they would be helping young people up to the age of 19yrs.  They can accommodate up to 20 children at any one time bearing in mind that for every three children they must have one member of staff. .  This has been a very difficult road for Monica in getting this building fit for purpose, admitting that she had no idea of the problems that she would face.  However at no time did she ever feel like giving up the struggle to get the building open and invited members to pop in and see the progress that is being made.  President Elect Peter Bondi thanked Monica and on behalf of the club wished her every success with this project.

 The  Club will be dealing with business matters at next Monday’s meeting.


August 4th 2014



                          This is the second year that the Club has moved from its normal location to the idyllic surroundings of How Hill near Ludham.  As the members and several guests sat down for lunch they were able to enjoy the Norfolk Broads from this very special view point.  This week’s speaker was Terry Byrne MBE who was the former Senior Cadet Officer of the 901 Marine Troop based in Winterton.   Terry began talking about his childhood and having come from a large family with very difficult living conditions, he decided to leave his home at the earliest opportunity and join the military, which became his chosen career path.  He joined the Junior Leaders Regiment which was the name given to training Regiments of the British Army taking entrants from the age of 15, who then moved to adult service at the age of 17 and a half.   He served abroad including Germany and Cyprus and after 26 postings, he felt that it was time to return to the UK and his final move was to Colchester Barracks.   He talked about his training with the ‘Stalwart Vehicle’ informally known by servicemen as the ‘Stolly’ which is a highly mobile amphibious truck   He was deployed with the Royal Corp of Transport which was amalgamated with other services and is now named Royal Logistic Corps.  Terry is no longer involved with the Winterton Corps but has helped to form  the Junior Leader Adventure Corps  which is based in Great Yarmouth helping a variety of young people from different backgrounds  to improve  their inter personal skills through leadership and discipline.   Terry has an MBE for his services to the voluntary sector and one can only but admire his dedication and commitment in helping young people to reshape their lives. Former Mayor John Burroughs gave the vote of thanks and paid tribute to Terry having had first hand experience of the voluntary work undertaken by him.


July 28th 2014


                 Last Saturday 29 members and guests had a day out at The July Meeting at Newmarket races. Arranged by Richard Delf, the group had a wonderful time by first visiting the racing stable of Charlie McBride , followed by a champagne and salmon lunch at the racecourse and then entered the premier ring to watch the afternoons racing.
Our speaker this Monday was Mrs Sandra Edmonds introduced by John Wiseman. Sandra is the leader of The Methodist Memory Club at The Church Hall, Magdalen Way, Gorleston. There is also another Memory Club at St Andrews Church in Gorleston.
They are not charities but rely on volunteers and run the Clubs for people with memory loss for whatever reason. It is expensive to run and hard work , and the Club was grateful for a £200 donation from Haven Rotary Club. Memory loss may be due to the onset of dementia but it could also be because of loneliness and isolation caused by the sudden loss of a loved one. Sandra explained that the volunteers were trained in reminiscence activities and that this reminiscing with the aid of " memory boxes " was vital in stimulating those with problems of dementia and other causes of memory loss. A daily or weekly "Sparkle" newsletter was downloaded to remind those in the clubs of the past and to stimulate their interests. This was very therapeutic for all attending as was the use of music with quizes and sing-a-longs. The more stimulation the longer dementia is kept at bay. Sandra emphasised that the people were never treated like children. If any person has memory loss , embarrassed at forgetting names, feeling socially isolated and alone and hard to concentrate then volunteers are at the Clubs to help  and they can go along to meet others who have similar problems and share their feelings with them. Sandra is available on 01493 285438.
The talk was most informative and interesting and the vote of thanks after many questions was given by Tony King.
Next weeks meeting will be at How Hill at 1.00pm.


July 26th 2014

                 Day out at Newmarket Races.... click here for report and photos.

July 21st 2014


                At Monday’s meeting the out going Assistant Governor Hugh Davies handed over the badge of office to the new AG Robert Lovick.  Robert has been a Rotarian for 9 years and will be supporting Rotary Clubs in the Great Yarmouth area including clubs in Lowestoft and Norwich.  He thanked Hugh for his commitment to these clubs and his dedication within District over the past 3 years.

Our speaker Eddie Elmhurst a well known sound technician from the world of television was introduced by Ted Witton.  As a young man he wanted to join the RAF but parental pressure meant that he would study electrical engineering which incorporated his interest in films, music and photography.  In 1966 he joined Thames TV as a trainee sound engineer, and subsequently worked on most of the popular drama and comedy programmes of that time.  He was for many years studio based which meant that he worked with nearly every celebrity of the time. This included Eamon Andrews, Abba, Bee Gees, Peter Sellers Bruce Forsyth, Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper, The Rolling Stones and numerous others.  He recorded such shows as ‘This is your Life’, ‘Benny Hill', ‘Morecombe and Wise’, ‘World of Sport’, ‘Callan’ ,  ‘Love Thy Neighbour’, ‘World at War’ and many more.  In 1980 he moved to Anglia TV, sound recording for many drama series, news and documentaries. By 1993 he was working full time with the ‘Survival’ series taking him to Africa, Alaska, Europe and America.  He felt that he had been extremely fortuitous in having such an interesting career, having the opportunity to work with so many celebrities and famous people. After several questions from the members Ian McCreadie gave the vote of thanks.  




July 14th 2014


                 Literary lunch. At todays  meeting the club was under new management namely President Jack Thorpe flanked by the President Elect Peter Bondi and the Vice President Malcolm Loveland.   Every year the club organises a ‘Literary’ lunch, with members selecting a variety of short stories and poems.  This is now an annual event in the Haven calendar and it was the inspiration of past member namely Ken Ward.  The session began with a short story read by Philip Hunt depicting an event that took place in the 1st World War and this was matched by Ted Witton who read a poem called the ‘Stretcher Bearer’ written by Tommy Crawford.  Charles Lewis read out two poems by R S Thomas one of which was called ‘Welsh Landscape’   No literary lunch would be complete without some humorous poems selected and read  by Des Sadler and Wally Ladmore.   A surprise addition to the programme came in the form of a ’Bed Time’ story called the ‘The Gruffalo’ created by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler , the most successful author/illustrator  partnership in picture book publishing.  John Wiseman chose this modern classic not only telling this story with passion but also bringing the characters to life.  All the members managed to keep awake during the story so better luck next time John.   Richard Delf thanked all those who had made a contribution to this special meeting in memory of Ken Ward.  Next week’s speaker will be introduced by Ted Witton.


July 7th 2014


                Presidents handover day and first 100+ Club draw.


                Full report and photos here.....


June 30th 2014


               A belated presentation was made at Mondays meeting prior to speaker Brian Ollington.
Jonathan Bloomfield, a local accountant of Bloomfield Business Services Limited,won first place in The Great Yarmouth Haven Duck Races which take place annually in September at The Waterways. In fact this is the second year running that Jonathan has won in the Corporate Race. He received a prestigious tankard suitably engraved and made by Ernie Childs at his pottery. This year on September 21st there will be an additional race , The Giant Duck Race. Businesses and Companies are encouraged to purchase a duck and decorate with coloured acrylic paint or have them suitably done by SPP Digital professionally.
At the end of The Giant Duck Race the entrants ducks are returned to them .
Following presentation ( photo attached ), Leslie Seabert introduced Brian Ollington, a well known local photographer from Gorleston. Brian talked of his career in Photography  of 45 years and how he had started his business in Gorleston High Street following his work as a trainee in Lowestoft. His enthusiasm showed throughout his presentation and admitted he had enjoyed every minute of his work.
The boom years of the 60's and 70's reflected the many traditional marriages at that time and was a joy to work in Black and White images. It was 1973 when colour prints started and the advent of good quality paper assured the customer that the prints would last and not discolour.
He loved photographing Children and Animals and even better when the 2 were together. He had many tricks to encourage the very young to pose naturally.
Brian presented many of his best photographic works , starting with B & W through to Digital era. He had been mostly engaged by local Commercial Companies connected with the shipping and oil industries and told of many experiences he had had in order to get the best result for his photography.
John Burroughs, after many questions, thanked Brian for his most interesting talk.



June 24th 2014


                 The Haven A Golf team of Alan Spinks and Bill Cooke were successful in their latest match against Stowmarket B team at Great Yarmouth and Caister Golf Club today.

Despite rainy conditions the team won 7 and 6. We await the next round. Thanks to John and Barry from Stowmarket RC for an enjoyable afternoon and evening meal.



June 23rd 2014


                 Our Chairman of Community Service, Bill Cooke, introduced Terry Hickman Smith as the speaker for this weeks meeting.
Terry is the President of Wymondham Rotary Club and was invited along to talk about his fund raising efforts across Norfolk. Terry is Chair of Governors at Chapel Road Special School, in Attleborough, a special state school for pupils aged from 4 to 18 being disadvantaged and  who have severe and profound learning needs. His focus for fund raising and providing assistance in practical ways encouraged him to organise and take a full part in a cycle event specially to raise money for and awareness of The Norfolk Special Schools.The cycle ride took four days around Norfolk visiting every Special School. This includes our nearest school of The John Grant in Caister-on-Sea for whom our Club has helped practically in the past. The route was about 180 miles starting at Attleborough, then Dereham, Kings Lynn, Sheringham, Sidestand Cromer, Caister-on-sea, Norwich and finishing at Chapel Road School. He was joined by enthusiastic friends and colleagues, raising money by sponsorship. His initial goal was £5000 but this had been pleasantly surpassed to £6500. Our Club were pleased to support with a donation of £250. The money would be split equally between the 11 schools. This will help to use their portion of funds to assist with Summer Schools. This helps the children but also gives much needed support to parents during the long summer holiday. Terry is hopeful of getting a grant from Rotary District and asked any members to give their practical support to their nearest school and follow the Rotary motto of " Service above Self ". Monty Spandler thanked Terry for his interesting and informative talk.
Next weeks speaker would be Brian Ollington introduced by Leslie Seabert.

June 16th 2014


                When local emergencies occur it is likely that the voluntary sector will a play part during the crises which could involve calling on vulnerable neighbours, utilising their local knowledge and assisting at rest centres.  Rotary is a voluntary organisation and has now become a member of the Norfolk Resilience Forum which means that members can now offer their services when local emergencies occur. This initiative has been embraced by our Club together with the Yarmouth and Gorleston Rotary Clubs whose members recently attended a table top training exercise at the Town Hall. This event was organised by the Borough Emergency Planning Manager Jan Davis and it gave the members the opportunity to experience a local emergency namely a garage fire where gas cylinders were being stored.  Having been given a role each group was fed with information of the unfolding events and naturally they were required to formulate a response. None of members had any experience in dealing with such situations this but it gave them a flavour of the sort of problems that the emergency services and the other agencies may come up against.  At Monday’s meeting the club held its Assembly under the watchful eye of Assistant District Governor Keith Tovey.  At this meeting the various Committee Chairs set out their plans for the coming Year.    The International Committee headed by Alan Spinks presented his report and is keen to look at over seas projects having won the John Grant Trophy in 2013.  Bill Cook who is the Chairman of the Community Service Committee set out a full programme of local projects and fundraising ideas for the coming months.  Keith Futter becomes the new Chairman of Vocational and stated that he will continue to promote the ‘Dictionary 4 Life’ initiative and will endeavour to obtain sponsors to purchase the books by December.  With Polio eradication being one of the main goals for Rotary International, it was the Chair of Foundation Leslie Seabert who will continue to raise funds in support of this project.



June 9th 2014


                  Today was a business meeting coupled with the AGM. Officers of the Club for Rotary year 2014 - 2015 wee put in place.

The club also welcomed Rotarian Manish Gupta from the RC of Brahmavarta Kanpur District 3110 in India.

International Committee chairman Alan Spinks and officers of the club, held an informal meeting after the main meeting and useful discussion took place to further Inter Club relationships.






June 2nd 2014


                At today's meeting, The Club welcomed The Mayor John Burroughs and the Mayoress Jenny . This was the last official duty before handing over the chain of office to the new Mayor. It was a special welcome as John is a member of our Great Yarmouth Rotary Club. John proceeded to enlarge on some of the 400 plus visits that they had attended during his mayoral year. The history of Major of Great Yarmouth goes back 800 years and it was a great honour for John to represent the Borough and had been a tremendous privilege to visit so many local charities, organisations and schools.
The level of education , good manners and welcome from the local schools had been most impressive, and it was a surprise that there were so many places that has little publicity and yet are doing tremendous work in the local community. He made reference to the delightful walk through the woods just behind the offices in Beacon Park in Gorleston and the volunteer work that had made this possible.
The mayoral chain of office that he was wearing had been made in 1716 and in those days cost £166 which was a lot of money. John shared many of his experiences and visits with great humour but assured the members it was something he and Jenny would always remember with pride.
Together they had attended many birthday celebrations, visited so many places, enjoying an electric bike ride along the sea front, many meetings with Mayors from other parts of the country, car rallies and clubs and Associations. It had been a lovely year and it was through Rotary that John had been tempted into local politics. John particularly thanked Mayoress Jenny for all her help throughout the year.
After many questions from members, Ted Witton thanked John for his illuminating and most interesting talk.


May 26th 2014


                 May Bank Holiday...... no meeting.


May 19th 2014


                 This week’s speaker was Club Member Colin Smith who is no novice to giving talks which are normally based on his profession as a Stone Mason or sport related matters. However this presentation was about his passion for the Rolex watch and the history surrounding this very special time piece.  The history of Rolex is inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of Hans Wilsdorf, its founder. In 1905, at the age of 24, Hans Wilsdorf founded a company in London specialising in the distribution of timepieces. He began to dream of a watch worn on the wrist. Wristwatches were not very precise at the time, but Hans Wilsdorf foresaw that they could become not only elegant, but also reliable. To convince the public of the reliability of his resolutely innovative timepieces, he equipped them with small, very precise movements manufactured by a Swiss watchmaking company in Bienne. In 1926, the creation by Rolex of the first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch marked a major step forward. Given the name “Oyster”, this watch featured a hermetically sealed case which provided optimal protection for the movement The first expedition to fly over Everest was equipped with Rolex Oysters. The members of the crew were highly satisfied with the performance of the watches. The year 1945 saw the birth of the Datejust, the first self‑winding wrist chronometer to indicate the date in a window on the dial. A watch of great distinction, the datejust was equipped with a Jubilee bracelet created specially for it and a fluted bezel, making it immediately recognisable as a Rolex. Colin explained that you have to have a good knowledge of the watches and it is quite easy to be sold a fake watch unless you know what to look for advising people to always use established jewelers. He went on to say that old Rolex watches are always more valuable when it comes complete with its original box.  Albert Smith thanked Colin for his most interesting talk and for sharing his interest with the members.  


May 12th 2014


                As the club approaches the final months of this Rotary year the incoming District Governor Nick Cork came our Monday meeting as he is endeavouring to visit all the clubs before he takes office in July.  As the next DG Nick has already attended training in the USA and is keen to make his mark as Governor for over 70 clubs in this District.  Nick is a member of the Rotary Club of Framlingham and has a very distinguished career within Rotary having been involved in several overseas projects.  He talked about his background and his objectives for the coming year. He supports micro financing and reiterated his plea for other clubs to get involved.  He acknowledged that Haven has already signed up to this scheme and like other clubs was keen to monitor just how the money was being utilised for different projects throughout the world.  Nick is a great supporter of ‘Food Bank’ projects encouraging all clubs to help distributing food or money to the various organisations and established food banks.   He then covered the subject of publicity and the effective use of a good public relations team.  Rotary within the UK is still not a well recognised organisation by the majority of the general public and with the new appointment of a Marketing Officer within this District, he is hoping to redress this situation and push the Rotary Brand so that we can get more recognition for the work undertaken by  the membership.  Nick felt that to increase and retain membership you have to be a vibrant and a happy club which he acknowledged was truly evident amongst the Haven members.

The vote of thanks was undertaken by Ted Witton who on behalf of the club wished him well as the incoming District Governor. 


May 8th 2014


                The car rally was held this evening when 41 members and guests took part. The weather was luckily good and winner Des Sadler and his team showed they were able to fathom out the clues better than any one else, despite organiser Lesley trying to put them off track with wrong mileage ! Runner up Bill Cooke's team. Following a nice meal the raffle raised £250 which would go to the Foundation pot for next years subs.


May 5th 2014


                No meeting.....May Day Bank holiday.


April 28th 2014


                On Friday evening a group of Club Members together with guests took part in the Norwich City History Tour organised by Charles Lewis.  Charles undertakes several of these walking tours each year and as we gathered at the Barn Road Car park we strolled to the first point of interest namely the New Mills Pumping Station.  Records will indicate that due to the location of this site a Mill has been operating there since the 1400’s and Charles explained the history of these buildings.   Once the present building was de-commissioned it was turned into a working Museum in 1988.  We then moved onto the  Colegate area observing the 18th Century houses and then onto Fye Bridge Street where the ‘King of Hearts’ house is located which was restored in 1990.  In 1830 and onwards large factories were built undertaking leatherwork many of which are still standing today.   Churches such as the St Georges and St Mary’s were also covered in the tour and the history of the old Breweries that still bear some of the landmarks to this day. Each group member made a monetary contribution to the walk which was passed on the Foundation Chairman Leslie Seabert.   President Elect Jack Thorpe thanked Charles for organising the walk and giving up his time to show the members around this most interesting part of Norwich 

 Today the club dealt with business matters whereby each Chairman of the various Committees set out their requests for funding, future projects and fund raising initiatives.  The Rotary Gourmet Evening will take place at the Ambitions Restaurant Great College of Further Education on Thursday 15th May.



 April 21st 2014


                   No Meeting....Easter Bank Holiday.


April 14th 2014


                 Honorary member Michael Woods who now lives in Kuching, Sarawak has always been the Master of Interviews when he grilled new members about their background and career, naturally balanced with an element of fun. So it was left to Ted Witton to undertake this role at this week’s meeting when Philip Hunt was selected to be interviewed.  Philip was born on Yarmouth Road Norwich and was a pupil at the Norwich School.  He lives in Thorpe End, Norwich with his wife Linda and enjoys walking, DIY, writing, music and the theatre the latter of which reflects in his involvement in the Helm Players where he not only designs and builds sets but is also a cast member on stage.   The questions then moved to his connection with Great Yarmouth explaining  that he came to work in Yarmouth at the Accountants PKF in 1990 as Tax Manager, a position he held until 2012.   After a short break he continued working in this field, now operating between Norwich and Yarmouth.   He is also involved in several local charities including being the chair of the Norwich Branch of ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind’, and the Treasurer for’Charring Cross Centre’, and admitted that due to the fact the Government Grants have been stopped more effort had to be made to raise the shortfall.  Ted Witton asked why he had chosen a Yarmouth Club as apposed to a club closer to his home.  Having worked in the town for many years he had built up many business acquaintances and having visited the club on many occasions he felt that the fellowship he experienced meant that he could best serve the community as a Haven  member. After further questions from the floor about his work it was left to Dick Fiddy to  give the vote of thanks.  The club will meet again on Monday 28th April.



April 7th 2014


                 This Mondays meeting , Richard Fiddy once again showed photos of old Great Yarmouth.
His knowledge of buildings and scenes long since gone, reminded the members of how Great Yarmouth had changed over the last 100 years.
President Elect Jack Thorpe thanked Richard for providing such an interesting slide show and for bringing back memories of our town.


March 31st 2014


                      At this club meeting, John Clark introduced Andrew Sykes from the Accident Reduction Department of Norfolk County Council.
He gave an interesting talk on safe road driving and the importance of adhering to speed limits , warning signs , and being aware of potential hazards.
His Department deals with the option that speeding offenders have to take the 3 penalty points and fine or attend Speed Awareness Courses which go into detail on the dangers of speeding and related instances,  in the hope of making drivers more aware of need for safety on our roads
He received many varied questions from members during and after his talk .
Peter Bondi gave the vote of thanks.


March 24th 2014



                   At this weeks meeting the club embarked on a quiz whereby three teams battled it out as the quiz master Tony King set a range of questions to test the minds of the members.   Monty Spandler was appointed Captain of Team A and set the pace with several correct answers during the early rounds. Bert Collins and Philip Hunt were the Captains for the other two teams which trailed behind declaring that Philip’s team were being given all the difficult questions.  However Team Hunt shone through and managed to beat the other two teams by one point.  When Haven members take part in any club quiz there is always controversy with some of the answers which makes the whole process most enjoyable and great fun.  Bill Cook thanked Tony King for setting the questions and keeping the members under control. During the meeting the date for the Gourmet evening was announced as Thursday 15th May. Once again this will be held at the Ambitions Restaurant at the Great Yarmouth College.  In September the club is planning a trip to Buckingham Palace and this is being organised by Robert Lovick, who has instigated an event sheet which was circulated during the meeting.  John Clark will be arranging the speaker for the next meeting.


March 17th 2014


                     Business meeting. Any information please contact secretary Michael Self at



March 10th 2014


                   This week’s speaker was club member Charles Lewis who having been nominated as our Quiz Captain at the recent Yarmouth Rotary Quiz, had kindly put himself forward to enlighten the members with his chosen topic namely ‘The Discovery of America’ I would imagine that if this formed the basis of a quiz question many of us would give the answer as Christopher Columbus.   However Charles presentation set out to prove that other travellers had entered North America long before Columbus but due to a lack of evidence to pinpoint a date it is difficult to substantiate many of the claims of settlement. He went on to talk about the Vikings and other sea faring travellers who were possibly blown off course and landed in Greenland so named because when they embarked they were overwhelmed by the flat green landscape.   As soon as this land was discovered other travellers followed the same route and once again it is very likely that other travellers were blown off course and landed south of Greenland.  Some argue that Asians migrating over the Bering Strait to North America in prehistoric times were the first to discover America.  Most agree that Columbus was possibly not the first European to sail to the New World and did not reach the mainland until his third voyage in 1498.. Charles completed his talk giving the members food for thought.  Great Yarmouth has been a fishing port for many years so could one its ships having headed North and with limited navigational skills unsuspectingly  headed west and landed in the ‘New World’  We will never know. Next weeks meeting will deal with business matters.


March 3rd 2014


                  As the club returned to its normal Monday lunchtime spot it was Rotarian Richard Fiddy who was this week’s speaker.  Richard was born in Norfolk and his family going back two generations were involved in the holiday business and many of the members will remember Richard's father operating the ‘Man With The Scales’ which  was situated near the Britannia Pier over many years.   So it was quite fitting when Richard having acquired some old Yarmouth photographs and postcards and ably assisted by Alan Spinks selected some of the more well known views which were converted onto a slide presentation.  The herring industry featured on several of the slides highlighting the fact that 30 associated trades resulted from if this thriving industry. Richard then talked about the devastation to the Yarmouth area as a result of the Second World War especially in the Middlegate area.  No bygone presentation would be complete without mentioning the Yarmouth Rows especially ‘Kitty Witches’ and other photographs depicting scenes of the Quay and Yarmouth seafront which were thronged with visitors making the town a very popular seaside destination.  Many of the pictures highlighted the mode of transport namely trams, horse and carts with the streets free of traffic which was a delight to see. The members were shown many other slides including  the Suspension Bridge, Golden Galleon, the Shunting Yard where Lidl now stands, the Market Place and the Two Bear s Hotel which is now being demolished and once again another local landmark will be lost for ever.  Retaining such pictures is an important part of the history of the town and such pictures will always delight generations to come. Richard Delf gave the vote of thanks.

February 24th 2014



                        Today the club arranged an evening meeting but sadly the members did not embrace this change which was reflected in the number of apologies.  However the club was delighted to welcome four guests and in true Rotarian tradition they were embraced in fellowship and having enjoyed the evening meal sat back to listen to this week’s speaker namely children’s author Hilton Pashley.  Hilton lives in Norfolk and when he is not working or writing he flies large kites and drinks enormous amounts of tea.  Before he began his talk he explained to the audience how at the age of 34 he became one of the youngest magistrates in the county having seen an advert on a Norwich bus. He applied for the position but had no idea of the process that was to follow.  After an in-depth interview which he found quite daunting he was appointed and then talked briefly about his encounters as a trainee.  Hilton then explained that after the death of a close friend he reflected on his life and decided to embark on a desire to write a children’s novel and this was the basis of his talk.  He gave the members a flavour of the long journey he undertook to get a novel published but never gave up realising that whilst he had a good imagination he needed professional assistance if the quality of his writing was to be good enough for general publication. His determination paid off and eventually David Headley from the DHH Literary  Agency offered him a publishing contract which eventually lead to the launch his first children’s novel called ‘Gabriel’s Clock’   There were several questions from the members and after an impromptu book signing the Senior Vice President Jack Thorpe gave the vote of thanks.

Next Monday’s meeting will be back to our lunchtime spot and the speaker will be Richard Fiddy


February 17th 2014


                   Members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club welcomed Gary Pettengell of Empowering Communities, a Social Enterprise, who gave a talk on how a new software system available Nationally can save money and speed up the impact of a whole range of organisations in the management and handling of their cases and at the same time enabling other organisations involved in protecting individuals to be aware of what actions are being taken by the other.

The system, E-CINS, is a cloud based case management system that enables the case management of victims, offenders and vulnerable persons.  The advantage for the taxpayer is the system speeds up the process under which any case is handled reducing the time taken, by cutting back on meeting time, telephone calls, and duplication, helping agencies to think outside the box and link to data of other agencies that may or will be dealing with that case.

With 30% of Police forces already using it and many other agencies already signed up the aim is that ultimately the system will be used by every caring agency in the country. Data will be readily available to those working for those agencies so that prompt, targeted and sympathetic care is provided cost effectively.

Gary emphasised the security of the system and the protection of sensitive data.

A fascinating and interesting illustrated talk into how all Agencies are getting together and the benefit to the taxpayer that the system will have in solving problems and reducing time.

Gary was thanked on behalf of the Haven Rotary Club by Rotarian Richard Delf.

For more detail the website is



February 10th 2014


                       At previous meetings Peter Howkins has talked about antiques and given an overview of interesting objects that the member’s had brought to the club. So as Peter was this week’s speaker we were delighted to learn that his talk was focused on ‘Jewellery Styles throughout the ages.  Peter who admitted that he was not technically minded brought a power point presentation and was ably assisted by hotelier Jason Delf . His talk started with slides showing gold and silver rings, necklaces and bracelets  from the Roman and Egyptian period. It was quite amazing that the designs and the workmanship was outstanding bearing in mind that they had no specialist tools to shape the gold and it was interesting to try and understand how they successfully bonded the metals together. He went on to talk about jewellery from other periods including the Tudor and Victorian era right up to the present day. Sadly many gold pieces of jewellery which are not desirable within the fashion world are sold for their scrap value and this price can vary on a daily basis. One particular slide included ‘Polished Steel’ from Germany which for most of the audience were unfamiliar pieces  proving to be an interesting discussion point for the members. It was quite evident that many of the current designs reflect the patterns that were formulated many years ago. Peter is always a popular speaker renowned for his plain speaking and wit.  His wealth of knowledge in this particular field  is second to none and he did not disappoint the  members. Vote of thanks....Tony King.

The speaker at next Monday’s meeting will be Gary Pettengell who will be introduced by John Wiseman.   


February 3rd 2014


                      At our Monday gathering it was our President Elect Jack Thorpe who chaired the meeting welcoming this week’s speaker Dr Paul Davies. Paul is well known in the town especially his involvement with the Yarmouth Minister and with the Great Yarmouth Heritage Trust.  It became apparent to Paul along with other local residents that our local cemeteries were being neglected with many of the stones in a poor state of repair some being vandalised and others barely visible. He set to work launching a project named ‘Cemetery Project 2013’ and after successfully applying for funding work began in earnest.  He formed the.' Friends of the Cemetery’ and with other volunteers began the task of clearing and restoring the graves.  His slides showed the transformation of the grounds highlighting the enthusiasm of the workers and volunteers who were involved in the project which was put forward for an English Heritage Award.   Paul then went onto explain the history of some those who were buried there especially those who had local ties to the borough and referred to some of the grave stones depicting engravings of fishing boats, barges and local scenes.   A brief explanation then followed concerning how some of the statues and the tombs were restored and the fact that during this process a map was created highlighting the location of all the graves.  Some of those who were involved in the project from the beginning are still helping out once a month to continue their work.  There is a very interesting video that is available on ‘You tube’ showing some of the work undertaken by the group throughout the project.  The local public can now witness for themselves the transformation by taking part in one of the organised walks. John Wiseman gave the vote of thanks and next week’s speaker will be arranged by Peter Howkins.



January 27th 2014


                      At Mondays regular meeting, Monty Spandler introduced his guest speaker, Dr. Patrick Thompson.
Patrick , himself a Rotarian of The Frinton-on-Sea Rotary Club, had many subjects he could speak about but today his talk would be " Catering the Royal Way ".
He was born in Lowestoft and went to local colleges , before going to London to study at The London School of Economics. It was this background that he found himself working for the firm of J.Lyons the catering giant. For 3 years he was in charge of 3 Lyons establishments in London, and reckoned that about 4 million meals a week were served. Through this expertise of management ,he was approached to go to Buckingham Palace for an interview with Lord Cobholn, knowing very little of what to expect. He was fortunate that he was offered the post to her Majesty The Queen, of Deputy Master of the Royal Household. He recalled having to meet all the staff and was a few weeks before he met his boss ! In those early days, The Royal Household consisted of about 1250 staff and 42 establishments under his control. Nowadays about 6 establishments are controlled by The Royal Household. It was worth noting that any garden parties etc . could be attended by 10000 people so the logistics of these duties needed to be well organised. Patrick recalled his first meeting with The Queen and continued to amuse the members with his recollections of the insight into Royal duties.
However after 4 years at Buckingham Palace , he decided to leave hoping he would be involved with his own hotel. After various activities, he became involved with Mental Health and Charity work. Qualified as a doctor and a Ph.D in mental health, this led to being associated with the charity for Osteoporosis.
This talk by Patrick enthralled the members for its content and humour and was one of the most enjoyable speakers the club had had. Bob Price gave a poignant vote of thanks on behalf of the members.
Next week Colin Smith would introduce Dr Paul Davies to the meeting.



January 20th 2014


                      The club held a business meeting, today  whereby the committee chairs announce their proposals and expenditure during the past few months.  Jack Thorpe Senior Vice President informed the members that Malcolm Loveland had been appointed Junior Vice President Elect for the forthcoming Rotary Year.  Bill Cook from the Community Service Committee  placed a proposal before the members to donate funds to the charity ‘Break’ who had recently attended the club to talk about their work. A community emergency payment was also approved and the members were informed that the President Ian McCreadie had donated furniture to Lt Byrne who is setting up a Marine Cadet Unit in Great Yarmouth.  The Committee is hoping to organise a summer dance and are actively looking for a suitable venue.  Malcolm Loveland who is head of the Vocational Committee informed the members that the 2013 Arts Bursary winner Nicholas Fitch was unsuccessful at the preliminary round for the Rotary Young Musicians Competition held at Beccles.  His Committee will be promoting the ‘Dictionaries for Life’ Initiative and will be contacting local schools in the coming weeks. Members of this Committee agreed to hold the Gourmet Evening at  Ambitions Restaurant at the Great Yarmouth College some time in May.  Ted Witton representing International team gave information concerning the acquisition of shelter boxes and Lesley Seabert from Foundation updated the members on the Polio Plus programme and the fundraising evening which will take place in March.  It was also announced that plans were underway to hold a Car Treasure Hunt and and a Norwich Walk later in the year  .Next week’s speaker is Dr Patrick Thompson who will be introduced by Monty Spandler



January 13th 2014


                      In our District Newsletter we are promoting the deployment of Rotary Volunteers in local emergencies and the launch of this scheme called the Rotary Community Support Initiative took place at our club meeting today.  Haven member Robert Lovick has been appointed the District Community Support Officer and in conjunction with the Great Yarmouth Borough Council Emergency Planning Manager Jan Davis, set our how Rotarian's would become the ‘Third Category Responders’ during disasters and local emergencies which were highlighted by the December tidal surge.  This presentation included many well documented environmental disasters and Robert went on to explain how the scheme would operate and the roles that Rotarian's could undertake within their community.   Rotary is already a member of the Voluntary Sector recognised as having the relevant managerial and secretarial skills which are particularly useful in assisting during the aftermath in emergency situations.  Jan Davis gave an overview of current policies when dealing with local emergencies and was keen to get Rotary on board when local problems occur.  During the recent tidal surge many schools in the Great Yarmouth area were utilised as rest centres and it is situations like this that Rotarian's could have made a contribution.  Haven Rotary Club certainly rose to the challenge and fully embraced the initiative with the number agreeing to become volunteers far exceeding the target figure.  Jan Davis will be arranging a table top training session for all three local Rotary Clubs once all the volunteers have been identified.  Jan is very keen to get the organisation on board with regards to the promotion of resilience issues within the community.  Robert Lovick will be presenting this initiative to the Gorleston Rotary Club on the 23rd January .then onto the Yarmouth Rotary Club on the 18th February.  The votes of thanks was given by David Neve .  At next Monday’s meeting the club will be dealing with business matters.

January 6th 2014


                     The members were in good spirits after the Christmas break and with only 10 apologies it was evident that the high turnout meant that everybody was on top form. In December the Three Rotary Clubs held their Evening of Christmas Songs and Music which raised just over £400 for the Salvation Army and the Charity ‘Fields of Life’.  This week’s speaker was member Philip Hunt who talked about his passion for writing.  Philip and his wife Linda are keen members of an Amateur Dramatic Group in Norwich so it is no surprise that he has this passion to write not only stories but also plays, one of which was for radio.  It is quite an achievement to write a play but an extra bonus being a member of the cast.  Having written several stories he decided to have them published and called the book ‘The Jarmany Short Story Collection’.  Philip by chance had a copy of the book with him, which gave the members the opportunity to have a browse.  About six years ago his family decided to organise a family story competition and restricting the contents to 10.000 words, gave Philip the opportunity to show how he could develop an idea by using his unique imagination, that would form part of his main story lines.   Philip then went on to explain how he accumulates his ideas which quite simply come from observing people and situations and placing them in his note book at the earliest opportunity. Whilst Philip has never won the family competition he will continue to take part because for him he loves  using his creative skills to the full.  After several questions from the floor Philip admitted that this passion absorbs much of his spare time.  John Clark thanked Philip for sharing his hobby with the members and wished him well with future projects.

At next week’s meeting Robert Lovick and the Borough Emergency Planning Officer Jan Davis will be launching the Rotary Emergency Response Initiative.




January 1st 2014

                           No meeting......    Happy and Healthy New Year 2014 to all. 


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