Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club

                    President 2019- 2020 Malcolm Bugge   ( left )

Meets every Monday at 1.00pm.  (not Bank Holidays ) at The Imperial Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. NR30 1EQ   Tel. No. 01493 842000


Please note....on some historical pages on this website the old venue address will still be seen.



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January 2nd 2017                   No meeting....Happy New Year everyone !


December 26th 2016              Boxing meeting !


December 19th 2016


                           Xmas Evening meeting with ladies and guests.... click here for report and photos.


December 12th 2016

                           Today Dr Paul Davis gave Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary an illustrated talk entitled ‘A Brief History of the Seaside Holiday according to Comic and Art Postcards".The talk was illustrated with 102 slides of cards showing the ‘delights’ of holidays in Great Yarmouth and Gorleston.  He told us that postcards first appeared in Austria in 1869 and were a way that the less educated could in a few lines correspond with their friends without the formality and pomposity of the normal letter.  In relation to the Comic and Art card, there have been more than 12,000 designs of which more than 200 million copies have been produced.  It gives you an idea of the scale of the industry.In some areas committees were set up to monitor taste in art and literature, given the double entendre’s frequently used.  In Great Yarmouth the Council set up a Post Card Censorship board! Dr Davis was thanked on behalf of the club by Rotarian Philip Hunt.

December 5th 2016


                           SGM and Business meeting.  Main Officers of 2017 - 2018 nominated and accepted.

President...Philip Hunt, President Elect...Keith Futter, Secretary....Alan Spinks, Treasurer ...Brian Nichol.


November 28th 2016

                           Today our guest speaker was Davidas Andriuskevicius who told us of his experience when he attended  a Rotary Youth Leadership Course in September.  Davidas was put selected for the course  through the Princes Trust and it was clear he had gained a lot from it.  Illustrated with pictures of events taken during the course he spoke about the importance of teamwork and leadership with participants being allocated to teams and each having the opportunity to express their leadership skills.  Davidas said that the course helped them to solve problems, build self confidence and self esteem.  He went on to say that he became aware of the value of bring part of the community and soon became to appreciate the little niceties of life.  Each day of the week long course had different themes; the first day involved touching each others ears with their feet and this was to concentrate the mind on listening skills.  On Sunday Davidas sailed for the first time and paddled in a canoe and Kayak.  They covered teambuilding by being blindfolded and then lifted by his colleagues to a tree and then instructed to try and find a whistle and then blow it when the task was complete, which meant that he was totally reliant on his team mates. He thoroughly enjoyed archery and wall climbing and took part in an overnight walk but never panicked when at one point they became totally lost but they eventually managed to locate the rendezvous point.   At the end of the week he was hoping to relax but this was not the case when they were asked to build a raft and sail it across the lake.   One of his most memorable experiences was to take part in a business presentation which meant him moving away from his comfort zone and to quickly grasp marketing and speaking skills.  Davidas described the course as a platform for success and life in general and was formally thanked for his inspirational talk by Rotarian Philip Hunt. 

November 21st 2016              

                          Today  our guest speaker was George Hudson who was a former  Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police and now retired from being  a distinguished Toastmaster. On leaving the Metropolitan Police in 1996 after 30 years service,  George looked for a new challenge and having witnessed a  toastmaster making a poor job of organising a wedding ceremony, he decided that could  do a better job and enrolled with Ivor Spencer who was  the leading toastmaster at that time.  Over the course of three weeks, and at a cost of £3,000 he learned the craft of being a toastmaster and then became qualified to cover events when royalty are present. George then told us of the first wedding he attended and he had to use all  his skills when the groom turned up slightly under the weather  given that he had been out drinking until six in the morning. This was a gypsy style wedding and he commented that some of the bride’s family knew him when he was a Police Officer and he admitted that they had been the subject of several criminal investigations so he had to handle the situation very delicately. Sadly when it was the turn for the brides father to speak he was still  under the influence of drink but George managed to guide him  and the groom through their speeches.  Due to their condition George had to prompt them to say a few coherent words of thanks to the bridesmaids and the best man flatly refused to say anything. He only managed to extract half of his fee from the bride’s father. Not the most pleasant of starts!  George punctuated his talk with humorous anecdotes and was formally thanked on behalf of Club by Rotarian Colin Smith


November 14th 2016

                          This week the Reverend Grant attended Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club and gave a talk on the Pathway Café and Support Centre, part of Minster Mission and supported by the church as well as voluntary donations. The café which has been going for over 4 years provides a place of safety, and  a 3 course meal for disadvantaged people facing social barriers or exclusion due to homelessness, addictions or general life difficulties. This is open three days a week in the former St James Church in Admiralty Road.  Currently some 70 to 80 persons attend each session.  The café is grateful to Nicholls butchers who donate £50 of meat a week and to Tesco and Sainsbury, who supply food that would be wasted otherwise. The café is linked to DIAL, GIROS, Alcoholics Anonymous, and the Citizens Advice Bureau, all organisations which seek to empower the clients to get them back into the system whereby they are able to help themselves. The café is also linked to Great Yarmouth college where many of the clients can be guided in to learning basic catering skills, waiting skills, food hygiene, and food economics and at the end of the course receive a certificate issued by the college to that effect.The Reverend Grant also pointed out that Great Yarmouth was a pilot area for Universal Credit but there is a 12 week gap between moving from one benefit to the other and Universal Credit is only back dated for 4 weeks!

On behalf of the club Rotarian Bob Price thanked Reverend Grant for his informative and disconcerting talk which threw up the plight of many of the homeless in Great Yarmouth.



November 7th 2016


                        This week Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club member Michael Bugge gave a talk to the club entitled ‘The Rise of British Civil Commercial Aviation’ partly reflecting his time in Commercial Aviation working for Companies such as the doomed Court Line and the Charter provider Monarch operating out of Luton. 

Michaels talk started off with lighter comments such as “There’s no such thing as a person who’s scared of flying; it’s crashing they’re scared of.” but then went on to tell us that the first international commercial flight was in 1919 when Bill Lawford carried one passenger starting the first daily sustained international service.  Aircraft used at that time were former military planes converted for the purpose. 

A similar position followed after the second world war when commercial aviation began to ‘take off’.  Britain too was the first to use jet engines with the introduction of the Comet with a speed of 490 mph cutting travelling time significantly.  Fraught with troubles until it was discovered with pressurised cabins you can’t have square windows.  The defect corrected the Comet was in service for many years. 

Michael’s talk was punctuated with facts, 3.5 billion folk carried on 37.6 million flights in 2015, All Ryan Airs 363 aircraft were built by Boeing, all Easyjets 200plus fleet built by Airbus and for those of you with deep pockets and a wish to own one a 747 will cost you something in the order of £300 million.  Hmm! 

Michaels talk was entertaining, informative and humorous and given in terms that the layman could understand and he was formally thanked for it by Rotarian John Westgate.



October 31st 2016


                      Charles Lewis gave a talk to the club entitled ‘Mending a Broken Heart’ effectively a reflection of his recent involvement with Papworth and the repair of a faulty valve in his heart. 

It all started late in 2014 when Charles went for his annual flue jab when the nurse administering it asked to check his pulse, which apparently was a bonus added to the injection.  The nurse sought a second opinion.  In short they discovered a heart murmur apparently, according to Charles, caused by him becoming decrepit. 

In September 2015 they discovered that Charles’ heart was enlarged and that he needed to go to Papworth for further investigation. 

Some heart murmurs are innocent, others are not.  Further investigation of Charles position discovered that his was not and he was faced with a possible repair or replacement. 

In July 2016 Charles went to Papworth for open heart surgery to have the valve fixed.  He had expected Papworth, the leading Heart unit in the country to be a modern state of the art unit rather than the former T.B. sanatorium that it was.  However, with five operating theatres significant numbers of people have been helped over the years. 

Charles talk was both entertaining and informative and he describe it as being nostalgic for some members who had undergone similar surgery and informative for those who might yet need it. Charles too is a regular speaker at Women’s Institutes and he thought his title for the talk might appeal to them! 

Charles was formally thanked for his talk by Mick Erskine.


October 24th 2016


                     This was a business meeting following Club Council meeting on 18th.


October 17th 2016


                     This week Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club member Ian Tilley gave the club a talk around the vehicles he had owned.  In a list of 47 cars out of 57 cars owned over a driving career spanning 60 years, Ian has been a regular buyer and seller of cars, more impressive when you consider that his latest vehicle he has owned for 14 years! 

Ian’s first car was a 1948 Chevrolet Fleet line which Ian told us had a tartan upholstery.  It is an impressive looking car. Ian has also owned a Bentley S3 and Austin Princesses and not so impressive and at the other end of the scale a fiat 850, economical at the time, a time when petrol rationing had been threatened. There was also talk of a rear engine Skoda which apparently ran better when there was a hundredweight sack of potatoes in the front ‘boot’. 

Each car Ian talked about was accompanied by a coloured illustration which was passed round the membership and viewed with amazement. 

Ian was thanked for his talk by Richard Coller, Ford car dealership, who expressed his dismay that in the list of 47 cars there had only been two fords and in respect of George Ermini, Peugeot car dealership and club member, only one Peugeot and that had been left in France!



October 10th 2016


                      At our meeting this week President Malcolm firstly announced that the Haven Rotary Club had been recognised by The Rotary Foundation for sponsoring outstanding District Grant Funded activities in 2015/2016 and had received a Certificate of Recognition.

The speaker this week introduced by Michael Self was Katy Jones from MAP , an Organisation based with Centres based in Norwich and at Deneside in Great Yarmouth.  MAP is for young people finding their way, with advisors, counsellors, and youth workers who work together to provide the best help for those with problems which can include poverty, mental health issues, problems with educational stress and pressure from social aspects such as bullying, eating disorders, family breakups and all social media problems relating to an unsafe environment. Norwich and Great Yarmouth have drop-in centres but also other places around the County. They are there with fully trained professional staff to solve problems, need things to do, or someone to talk to. Rural areas are particularly vulnerable since thee is a sense of isolation in the villages , poor access to social activities, and for young people who today need good broadband to do homework and communicate, there is frustration at the lack of facilities.  Katy explained all the services available and what could be done for the young people and the need for anyone to feel in a safe environment with youth workers they can trust.

Their work takes them into schools where help is given with disruptive pupils and also combining with the Youth Advisory Board to work with and re-engage understanding relationships with others, to give support to get their choices right. All this is a free service and much more information is available on their website at and on Facebook and Twitter.

After many questions John Burroughs summed up the interesting talk by Katy and thanked her in the usual way.



October 3rd 2016


                      Our speaker today, introduced by Jack Thorpe, was Simon Gilbert-Barnham, Principal of the Ormiston Venture academy at Gorleston. He gave a very full and interesting insight into the working and operation of the school. Simon is a resident of Eastern Australia and told of his visit to Norfolk with his wife and how they grew to like the area. having applied for a job at the then Oriel High school in 2003 as a teacher of maths , he stayed and was appointed Principal in 2013. The school has had a chequred history since their formation, from the their funding system to their reputation, but Simon and his team have made a very admirable achievements and holds high hopes of even greater successes in the years to come. They have a close association with Greshams School in Holt where one student is selected each year to study there , almost free of charge.He answered many questions from members and the vote of thanks was given by Ian McCreadie.


September 26th 2016


                           Today Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club members welcomed David Tuthill Manager of Coleman’s Opticians to talk to us about his career journey.

David started work within the National Health Service working at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital when it still retained two sites City centre and Colney.  He was also a domiciliary optician visiting those unable to get to appointments.  He cites as the oldest person whose eye’s he tested being 107 years old and still with really good vision.

David’s training as an optician followed a path of 4 years University study before he became fully qualified.

David moved to Moorfields where he specialised in Paediatrics and Low Vision conditions working with RNIB in this area.  He was also on call for the Eastern region for emergency issues.

Returning to the NHS David did additional work for various opticians at weekends including some of the chains and also Colemans who eventually persuaded him to leave the NHS and become one of Coleman’s directors.

David was questioned about Macular Degeneration and the distinction of the types, myopia, which he commented was highly prevalent in China and Japan through the constant use of screens by the short sighted, laser surgery and the in depth analysis and diagnostics of the many layers of the eye. He was also questioned about the use of Readers and the donation of old glasses for those less fortunate in the world something which he fully endorsed.

David was thanked for his talk by Tony King and further complemented on his handling of a lively question and answer session.



September 19th 2016


                           Club President Malcolm thanked the members of the Duck Race Committee and other members who had worked hard to make the event the most successful yet.

Chairman and Club Secretary announced that the final figures were not yet completed but was hoped the nett profit would be around £12500.

Today's speaker was Charles Reynolds, the owner of Reynolds Coaches of Caister-on-Sea, introduced by Richard Delf.  Charles gave a very interesting talk on the history of the last remaining Coach business in the Borough. It was the first time he had given such a speech and the details he was able to tell, from the days of the horse drawn carriages in the early 1900's to his present day fleet of 22 quality coaches, had the members intrigued, particularly with the tales of his great grandfather, his grandfather and the devotion to the family business by his mother and father. His father had a very close association with Fletcher Dodd, founder of Caister Holiday camp, so relevant they can claim to be Norfolk's Oldest Established Coach Company. When Charles finishes work in years to come , it will be sad there will be no family member to take over the business. Charles still works long hours but enjoys every minute of it. He speaks of his friendship with Des O'Connor and Jimmy Tarbuck and frequently goes to their concerts.

Ted Witton gave the vote of thanks.


September 18th 2016


                           Our 17th Annual Duck Race.......Thanks for all helpers !


September 12th 2016


                          Business Meeting.


September 5th 2016


                         This week Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club member John Westgate entertained us with some items he had found ion the internet including John Cleese’s  ‘Alerts to threats in Europe’ a satirical look at the various threat levels available to countries, ‘Disorder in the Court’ a series of amusing quips from court hearings, ‘facts to remember as you get old’ – but I’ve forgotten them; ‘Some strange facts’ were given to us, for example you can’t lick your own elbow, (but then why would you want to?); “a letter to Cameron”; and closing with a poem “Guy in the Glass” probably the most reflective piece of the talk.  In all a whistle through some literary gems. 

John was thanked by Wally Ladmore for his entertaining talk.


On another note it is worth remembering that on 18th September starting at 2pm at The Waterways, Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club is holding its annual duck race to assist the hard work of raising funds for its charitable work.  We would like as many of you as can to come along to support us and maybe buy a duck in one of the races.  There will be plenty available.  See too the lengths some of our sponsors go too to decorate their giant Ducks.  All of these will be on display before the main race. 

The Duck Race Day is, however, a time of fun and excitement and we hope is rewarding for all who come along.

 August 29th 2016     Bank meeting !


August 22nd 2016

                    President Heather Babb from Diss and District Rotary Club visited Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club to talk about Shelter boxes. A Shelterbox contains a family sized tent, cooking sets, solar lights and activity sets for children among other items, shelter for those who have lost their homes and to support them until their home can be rebuilt.  There are also Shelter Kits with Tarpaulins and tools to help roof of patch badly damaged properties.The charity Shelterbox was founded in 2000 and Heather gave us a snapshot of what it achieved in 2014.  2,854 shelter boxes were supplied to numerous countries from those in Asia through to Africa and South America and mostly needed because of flood events.  Additionally 6,016 standard tents were supplied, 605 mid size tents and 2,000 large tents as well as  14,500 tarpaulins and 1,138 shelter kits in 18 deployments helping 12738 households.Shelter boxes cost £590 and Shelterkits £75. There are supplies held in various regions where disaster prevails so that relief is immediately available. With 98 Shelterbox response teams and 181 active members looking after disaster areas, working in conjunction with other organisations such as the U.N, Oxfam and the Redcross the intention is to get help where and when it’s needed rapidly, yet 80% of families hit by disasters get no help.  Some countries refuse help and in war torn areas it is difficult to get help directly to those who need it.

Club members appreciated Heather’s talk and there was a lively question time after the talk.  Heather was formally thanked for coming to talk to us by Bill Cooke.

August 15th 2016



                    This week Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club member John Wiseman talked to us about sugar.  As a type 2 diabetic this is very important to John and he is looking to control his diabetes by diet and remove the dependency on medication.  

John confessed to not being an expert but has, though changing his diet and research for his own benefit has drawn the conclusion that fatty foods won’t necessarily make you fat, but ingesting excess sugar will. Many ‘low fat’ products substitute sugar for fat, partly to make the product more palatable. 

John commented that the recommended daily intake of sugar is 7 or 8 teaspoons and that some processed food and fruit drinks contain this level in one portion. John also gave an example of the sugar content of what appeared to be a healthy days diet.   

Even the five a day fruit intake came in for comment from John stating that some fruit, grapes for example have very high sugar content, with fructose being processed through the liver to lay down fat. Dried fruits too had particularly high sugar levels and certainly ought to be avoided.  High fibre foods that took longer to break down helped to slow sugar absorption compared to the more easily digestible foods which could lead to high insulin production in the body.  By and large the Mediterranean diet seem to be the best approach for diabetics as far as John could see, perhaps avoiding Italian Pasta.  Moderation, however was always the key.


John was thanked for his talk by Ian Tilley for a very interesting talk. 


August 12th 2016


                    36 people attended the Southwold Theatre this evening to see and listen to a great comedy well acted.

Before this a very nice 2 course meal was enjoyed at The Swan Hotel. Thanks to Mick for organising.



August 8th 2016


                    The Club met at How Hill this week....a very nice Pimms was supplied by Richard Coller who also presented  a bottle of champagne and 2 pots of honey for a " Heads & Tails"...won by Bill Cooke.


                    Danielle Gravestock talked to us about Break, the charity and in particular the new Great Yarmouth Contact Centre.

 The centre is aimed at separated families where for one reason or other parents are no longer together and perhaps through difficulties one parent is unable to relate to their child.  It is a place where parents are able to spend time with their children and keep in touch with them in a relaxed atmosphere; perhaps learn to communicate with them through games, arts and crafts or just by sharing refreshments together.Danielle gave the club several examples of how the centre can help families in difficult family breakdown situations.

 The centre is ‘staffed’ by one paid volunteer and at present 5 Volunteers (although Break are looking to add two more volunteers when suitable candidates are found) and covers not only Great Yarmouth but also Gorleston, Lowestoft and Acle.

 Clients may be referred by the court, solicitors health visitors, schools or by self referral and last year the centre helped 33 families involving 42 children.

 The centre is currently looking to raise awareness of how it can help in such difficult situations.  Additionally as not all the clients are funded through social services Break are looking to raise a modest £5,000 to help pay the rent and other costs, plus the costs of registration with professional bodies, through which their work is monitored.

 Danielle was thanked on behalf of the club by Philip Hunt, who commented that it was clear that she was passionate about her work.



August 1st 2016


                 Business Meeting.


July 25th 2016

                The meeting began with a birthday celebration drink which was kindly provided by Ian McCreadie who, in true Haven tradition did not divulge his age but in the Rotary spirit is young at heart.  Peter Bondi informed the members that he had visited Peter Howkins in the morning and that he was quite well and was enjoying the morning sunshine.  The Club has in the past conducted a ‘meet the new member’ session so it was most fitting when Tony King organised a similar arrangement whereby our President Malcolm would give us a ‘This Is Your Life’ presentation.  Malcolm who was born in Tunbridge Wells in 1943 started his talk by distributing a black and white picture of his father who was a Milkman with his horse drawn cart, however business was very lucrative and he was able to sell other provisions from his cart.  His Mother came from Great Yarmouth, both meeting at the very popular Garibaldi which was situated on St Nicholas Road.  In 1946 at the age of 3 they moved back to Great Yarmouth and his father took over the Queens Arms Public House where the family lived for many years. During the summer holidays he stayed with his Aunt in Greenwich where he would enjoy idyllic summers days visiting all the places of interest including the Naval Colleges.  Whilst living in Great Yarmouth Malcolm recalled meeting several stars namely Terry Thomas and Beryl Reed and also had the opportunity to see nearly all the live summer shows when Yarmouth was a thriving seaside resort.  In his younger days he enjoyed many sports including football, cricket, swimming and running.  He passed the 11 plus and went to the Yarmouth Grammar School but left at the first opportunity and took up employment with Birds Eye Foods Ltd in Research and Development, remaining with the Company for 26 years.  He went on to create Loveland Estate Agents which operated in the Town for several years.  Malcolm who is married to Diana was a Yarmouth Councillor for 6 years and admitted that he was asked to join Rotary several years ago but due his business he was unable to make the commitment.  Malcolm is now retired and with 4 children and 12 grandchildren he is still kept very busy.  It is with pride that both Malcolm and Diana are both Presidents of their respective Rotary Clubs. Malcolm Bugge gave the vote of thanks for tony organising and Malcolm for sharing his life.

July 18th 2016


             This week Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club were given a most interesting talk by Cathy Hembry, General Manager of Emmaus Norwich, a charity which operates out of All Hallows Ditchingham.  Those helped are the homeless, the suicidal and those who have lost control of their lives and following the very solid ethos of providing a home, work and solidarity all of which give the companion (as those helped are called) a key to regaining the self esteem they have lost. Cathy told us that at present they home 16 companions and are looking to refurbish more of the building to accommodate a further seven companions. The work ethos largely takes the form of restoring pre loved furniture for sale to raise funds for the charity who actually pay the companions a small weekly sum as well as providing their food and housing them.  The charity also seeks to be self funding and encourages companions not to claim benefits from the state except housing benefit.‘We’ve had hard times, we’ve gone down the wrong road in life, perhaps, or the wrong journey, so we know what other people are going through so we’re there to help each other out and that’s how Emmaus works’ words expressed by one grateful companion.

Cathy encouraged club members to visit and see how Emmaus works in practise, and to have coffee and cake in their café!

Cathy was formally thanked on behalf of the club by John Dawson who expressed our thanks for such an informative talk. It certainly made us think.



July 11th 2016


               This week Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club were entertained by our Club member,Ted Witton, who re kindled Ken Ward’s ‘Scroby Island Discs’ taking us from 1952 and the first chart ‘topper’ with Al Martino singing “Here in my heart” and taking us up to the arrival of the Beatles in 1962.  The intention was to illustrate the talk with clips of popular songs downloaded from Computer.  Ted may be a whiz on the guitar but his technical skills need a little more honing.  Arriving at 1955 and Mario Lanza and The Drinking Song, the cursor saw a chance of escape and the call went out for technical help. There was some delay and much amusement had as the music and Ted fell silent as they struggled to resolve the technical malfunction.  To quote the Tremeloes’ “Silence is Golden” and we had some golden times.

Mike Erskine bravely strode to the rescue and soon had the computer back on track, that track being Elvis Presley’ ‘Hound Dog’

In his second instalment I expect Ted to cover The Beatles to at Least Simon and Garfunkel and the Sroby Fair Canticle!

Joking aside the talk reminded many of us of the days of your youth and the happy times we had.

Ted was formally thanked on behalf of the club by Richard Delf who advised Ted to bring on the technical help sooner when conducting the second threatened instalment. Overall, I think all those who attended would agree that the talk was interesting, certainly amusing and entertaining and I don’t think that Ted was “All Shook Up” by the experience.

The Club welcomed our Honorary member Michael Woods from Kuching who was visiting the town.

 Script by Philip Hunt  !


July 4th 2016

           The month of July is always a busy time for Rotary as new Presidents take office and other members of the Club are appointed into some of the most demanding roles that keep the wheels of Rotary turning. Club member Robert Lovick attended the District Handover at the Parkside Hotel in Diss on Friday evening when Derek Rothwell from the Woodbridge Deben Rotary Club became the new District Governor.  During the evening Derek presented Robert Lovick with his chain of office as the District Governor Elect.  Robert will be the Governor on the 1st July 2017 and he and his wife Roberta will be travelling to San Diego in January to undertake training with other incoming District Governors.

 Today the outgoing  President Peter Bondi took the opportunity to thank all members who had served him during his year in office.  He presented a certificate to Mike Self (outgoing Secretary) which outlined his appreciation of his sagacious manner, wise guidance and ready wit during his period in office. A Certificate of Appreciation was also awarded to Des Sadler (outgoing Treasurer) which will be presented to him at a later date. Peter then handed the chain of office to Malcolm Loveland who becomes the 35th President. Malcolm gave an acceptance speech outlining his commitment to continue the good fellowship within the club and to embrace the ‘Objects of Rotary‘   Philip Hunt became the President Elect and Keith Futter is the new Vice President.  Newly appointed President of the Yarmouth Club Diana Loveland wished the club well for the coming year and pledged her club's commitment to work closely with Haven and Gorleston and would continue to be active members of the Tri Club Group. 

June 27th 2016


                 Our Monday meeting welcomed Diana Staines and Jackie James from Centre 81 to give a slide presentation of their work and plans for the future at The Tar Works road site. The Centre was opened in 1981 the year of the disabled. In 1995 it  was registered as a Charity and in 1998 purchased the land of the present site. The Centre operates a hugely popular Skills and Activities Centre, which encourages members ( there are 70 + ) to develop new skills and interests, both at the Centre and in the community. The members have a range of disabilities and it is now clear that there is no room in the old , tired, 2nd hand buildings and land has now been purchased adjacent and a 5 million New Building Appeal is under way. Major grant funding is being sought and this initiative is not just for the people with disability but for the whole of the community.
The Centre also has a fleet of 10 fully accessible mini buses providing a Community Transport Service for anyone who cannot access public transport. It is a lifeline for more than 750 members, who use it to go shopping, attend medical appointments, visit friends and go on social outings. Membership for this is £5.00 per annum. There are 19 MIDAS trained drivers who are available to keep the service in operation daytimes Monday to Friday.
Diana and Jackie were passionate about the object of the Centre where it was fun for everyone, giving adult people a sense of being part of the community and giving them back their lives. It’s a place for fun. Ability not Disability. The members enjoy activities like painting, cooking, crafts, drama, photography, singing and using social media.
Jack Thorpe gave the vote of thanks , wishing Diana, Jackie and the Centre 81 the best of luck in achieving their goal of a new , purpose built centre for the future success of the Charity.


June 20th 2016

                 On Friday evening 15th , members of the Club celebrated its 35th Charter Night with several founder members attending this event.   The Club President named Robert Lovick as Rotarian of the Year and then talked about his commitment and dedication to our Rotary aims and recognised his achievements within the club in such an exemplary fashion.   We were then suitably entertained by Mike Sutherland wearing his trade mark Police Sergeants uniform and delighting the audience with his humorous jokes and finishing with the Singing Postman’s well know song ‘Hev Yew Gotta loight Boy'.

  On Monday the club held its last business meeting in this Rotary Year.  Colin Smith’s Community Service Committee put two proposals to the Club. The first was to support the James Paget Endoscopies Unit Appeal  to the sum of £500.  This pledge will go towards the purchase of a Bowel Cancer Flushing Kit.  More recently Sophie McKinna came to the Club to talk about her sport namely the Shot Put and the very demanding training programme that she is currently undertaking.  The club agreed to help her with these costs by donating £300 with a possibility of further financial support in the coming months.  Alan Spinks gave an update on the preparations for the forthcoming Duck Race in September.  He took the opportunity to exhibit the new Duck Race Cards and announced that an audit and renumbering process had now been completed.  He confirmed that the club has booked a stand at the Gorleston Cliff Top Gala on Sunday 31st July to promote the Duck Race.   Keith Futter representing Vocational confirmed that the Dictionaries which will be distributed in September have now been delivered to the storage unit and will have the labels inserted in August.   The Performing Arts Bursary and the Conference Video Competitions were both ongoing and further updates would be brought to the clubs in due course.   A letter has been received from the John Grant School thanking the Club for their contribution to their annual performing arts festival.   Leslie Seabert Chair of Foundation announced that the total money raised in this Rotary Year was a grand total of £2,207.00 which will be split between our own Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus.   Next week's speaker will be Diana Staines from Centre 81.


June 18th 2016


                  The "A" Golf team lost today to Ipswich RC team . Played at Ipswich Golf Club Purdis Heath.


June 15th 2016


                  Annual Club Charter night was held at The Burlington Palm Hotel. Members of the Club celebrated its 35th Charter Night with several founder members attending this event.   The Club President named Robert Lovick as Rotarian of the Year and then talked about his commitment and dedication to our Rotary aims and recognised his achievements within the club in such an exemplary fashion.   We were then suitably entertained by Mike Sutherland wearing his trade mark Police Sergeants uniform and delighting the audience with his humorous jokes and finishing with the Singing Postman’s well know song ‘Hev Yew Gotta loight Boy'.

  Robert presented with the Rotarian of the Year tankard.



June 13th 2016

                 On Wednesday the Vocational Committee organised the second of its Literary Evenings at the Premises of Pertwee & Back on the Gapton Hall Estate. Managing Director and Rotarian Richard Coller hosted this event and the buffet was provided by Rtn. Albert Smith.  The Mayor Cllr. Bird and several Borough Councillors, teachers representing the local  Primary Schools alongside Rotarians from 11 Clubs attended this literacy update.  District Governor Elect Robert Lovick gave an overview of the project and the background with regards to the current research into the effectiveness of the Dictionaries that are being supplied to Year 3 children in the Yarmouth area. Paul McIntee who is the District Literacy Officer explained how the books were being used throughout this District which gave the audience a measure of the project and the Lowestoft Rotary Michael Marriott Award winner for public speaking Ray Wang. talked about how he benefited by using a Dictionary at a very young age.  On Thursday evening 45 members, partners and guests took part in the annual Foundation Car Treasure Hunt.  As the groups slowly made their way to the various points they all managed to complete the route to finish up at the Huntsman Public House.  Leslie Seabert who was ably assisted by John Burroughs thanked everyone for taking part raising £252 for Rotaries own Foundation Charity.  On Monday the club speaker was Rotarian Colin Smith who talked about the history of the  Yarmouth Town Football Club .   This Club was formed in 1897 taking most of its players from two local clubs namely the Yarmouth Fearnoughts and Yarmouth Royal Artillery winning the East Anglian Cup in 1952 and the Eastern Counties League in the 1968-69 season..  Colin then gave an overview of former Norwich player Bill Punton who took over as Manager with a spell of 21 years in charge making him the longest serving manager.  Colin then went on to talk about the clubs successes and more recently their promotion to the Premier Division which will no doubt put a strain on the club’s finances.  It is interesting to note that they play at the Wellesley Recreation Ground whose Grandstand is believed to be the oldest in regular use since it was opened in 1892.  Bob Price thanked Colin and reminded the members that Colin has been one of the most successful and devoted Chairman of this Club throughout its history. 


June 9th 2016


                The annual Car Treasure Hunt was enjoyed in lovely evening submit weather by about 45 members and friends.  The route through Broadland arriving at the final destination for a super meal and friendship.  The raffle raised £252.50 for Foundation, the winners were Desmond Sadler and family.



June 6th 2016

                This week Great Yarmouth and Haven Rotary Club heard from Sophie McKinna the first British female to win a gold medal in the shot put and who has qualified and is hoping to compete for Great Britain at the Olympics in Rio. Sophie started with the shot put when she was 13 and soon gained her first G.B vest and in 2011 at 16 Sophie threw 14.9 metres to win Silver in the World Youth Championships in Lille. Sophie has also broken the world under 23 record. Although she has already qualified for the Olympics, Sophie has yet to be formally selected.  Selection is still dependent on ongoing competition results.Currently ranked 13th in the world Sophie Sophie’s funding has been withdrawn, despite her successes along with many other sportsmen and Sophie is currently working as a police custody officer to help fund her travelling and overnight costs in attending competitions.  With a zero hours contract work is not guaranteed and without help from her family she could not continue.  Even so she is committed to training twice a day six or seven days a week, but does need financial support and sponsorship. Sophie also is committed to going into schools and encouraging youngsters to participate in sports. Sophie was formally thanked on behalf of the club by John Westgate who told Sophie that the last Olympian the club helped sponsor came back with a gold medal.  No pressure Sophie! 

Sophie welcomed by Peter.

May 30th 2016

                 No Meeting...... May Bank Holiday.


May 24th 2016


                Visit to RAF Marham....... Report and photos here.....


May 19th 2016


                 This evening several members and guests attended the Ambitions Restaurant at the Great Yarmouth College for the annual Gourmet evening.

Well organised by Robert Lovick , this event helps the club's Vocational service committee to fund the bursary for musical and theatrical talent.

A prospective candidate Charlotte was present after the very good meal to play 3 numbers on her saxophone.


May 16th 2016


                 Today’s meeting President Peter Bondi welcomed outgoing Major Shirley Weymouth to talk about her year in office.
It had been a very rewarding and successful year and Shirley went on to outline the wonderful people she had met and gave an insight into the Charities that she was supporting.  President Peter presented a cheque for £250 to help towards the funding of her main Charities.
These were dear to her heart and for many personal reasons involved Guide Dogs for the Blind, The Cinnamon Trust, East Coast Hospice Appeal and D.I.A.L.
Shirley emphasised the work of the Charity The Cinnamon Trust which is less well known than the others. It is the only specialist national charity for people in their last years and their much loved, much needed companion animals. A network of 15,000 volunteers “hold hands” with owners to provide vital loving care for their pets. It keeps them together - for example, walking a dog every day for a housebound owner,  foster pets when owners need hospital care, fetch the cat food, or even clean out the bird cage, etc.  The Trust provides peace of mind for owners, love and care for their beloved pets.
Shirley was passionate in her work and hoped this had shown through in her many visits in the area. She had met so many sympathetic and caring people, mainly dedicated volunteers and had made a plea that more attention and thought be given to helping the youth and the youth organisations.
Finally she had had a fabulous year and thanked many people for their assistance and was most grateful to The Haven Rotary Club for their generous support for her named Charities.   Ted Witton gave the vote of thanks.


Mayor Shirley Weymouth receiving cheque for £250.



May 9th 2016       It is with deep sadness that our club member Tony Smith passed away today. The club sends sincere condolences to Sara and her family.


May 9th 2016

               Today's  meeting  Bob Price presented a report on behalf of the President Elect who is Chair of Club Service.  There was an interesting debate about dress code but it was decided that the club would not change its policy on this matter.  Bill Cooke updated the members concerning the forthcoming Duck Race in September.  Efforts were underway to repaint the numbers on the ducks and to complete a full audit.  The new Rotary gazebo had been delivered and District will now be approached to seek financial support from their Marketing and PR Budget.   This new piece of equipment will be used by the Club at the Gorleston Cliff Top Gala and Bill had already received requests from other Clubs to borrow it for their events.  He then updated the members on other International matters including their continued commitment to Micro Financing.  Colin Smith from Community Service announced that donations to several local charities had been approved including the ‘Louise Hamilton Hospice Appeal’, and ‘Home-start’.  He then went on to talk about the proposed summer dance and the other events that were taking place on the same day.  In view of this situation it was decided to postpone this event and it will be reviewed in the new Rotary Year.  Keith Futter from Vocational addressed the members and announced that the Literacy Evening which will include an update on the Dictionary Project will take place on Wednesday 8th.  A donation to the John Grant School Arts Festival was also approved.  Leslie Seabert (Foundation) thanked Charles Lewis for a very successful Norwich Walk and then obtained  club approval to pledge support for a District Matching Grant application for Misha Khmara from Kiev who has been nominated for a Rotary Vocational Scholarship.  

May 2nd 2016


                    No meeting...May Day Bank Holiday.

April 25th 2016


                   No meeting today as Tri-Club meeting tomorrow with Yarmouth RC and Gorleston RC.

April 18th 2016


                  Today’s speaker was our own club member Richard Fiddy, introduced by Albert Smith.  Richard had lots of knowledge of Malta having served 4 years RAF service at the Radar base there during the early 60’s. Subsequently he had returned for holidays many times.
The Maltese archipelago lies virtually at the centre of the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north of Africa. The archipelago consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino with a total population of over 400,000 inhabitants occupying an area of 316 square kilometers.
Malta is the largest island and the cultural, commercial and administrative centre. Gozo is the second largest island and is more rural, characterised by fishing, tourism, crafts and agriculture. Comino, the smallest of the trio, has one hotel and is largely uninhabited.
With superbly sunny weather, attractive beaches, a thriving nightlife and 7,000 years of intriguing history, there is a great deal to see and do.
Richard with the showing of many slides, outlined many aspects of its history and particularly the Fun Day Festivals which attract many visitors due to the colourful nature of the people and decorated buildings. He emphasised the nightmare of driving or using a car to get around as there are nearly as many cars as population, and is far better to use the bus services which can take you to any historical or convenient part of the island.
As usual Richard presented a very interesting and fascinating insight into the island of Malta. Ian McCreadie thanked Richard on behalf of the members.
Next Monday 25th April there will be no meeting as the following day April 26th, the meeting at The Burlington Palm Hotel will be a Tri-Club meeting with Great Yarmouth Rotary Club and Gorleston Rotary Club. There will be no meeting on May 2nd Bank Holiday.



April 11th 2016

                 Today the Club welcomed the Assistant Curate of the Great Yarmouth Minster namely Grant Boulton-Debbage as the guest speaker.   Grant agreed to conduct the blessing at the Tri Club Carol Service in December and proved very popular with the assembled audience.  Grant began by explaining that he was born just outside Watton and was educated in Norfolk and subsequently appointed to the Yarmouth Minster having completed his theological training in Oxford.   He left school to begin his studies in law  but realised that this subject was not for him and then decided that he wanted to become involved in the church.  He is very passionate in helping young people in the Great Yarmouth area and is currently the Chaplin at the Great Yarmouth College of Further Education.  It is his belief that there are many young people who for some reason do not have the aspiration to achieve and he is hoping that his work at the College will turn this around. He is arranging for inspirational speakers to talk to the students namely music producer Jeremy Thomas who was involved in the science fiction thriller movie ‘High Rise’ and Simon Amstell comedian, television presenter, screenwriter, director and actor.  Grant went on to say that Yarmouth is a very special place and it is a community like no other and is saddened when it is given a bad press.   It is most likely that Grant will be moved from this area after 3 years but he recognises how lucky he was to be posted back to Norfolk which will always have a special place in his heart.   At the end of the meeting Grant delighted the members by singing a short piece of Soul Music which has been a passion of his for a number of years and admitted that he often takes part in ‘Karaoke Evenings’  After several questions from the members Robert Lovick gave the vote of thanks. 


April 4th 2016

              Today the Club speaker was fellow Rotarian Himu Gupta from the Thorpe St Andrew Rotary Club.  Haven member Robert Lovick recently visited Himu’s club to support them at a membership evening and although Himu has only been in Rotary for less than 12 months he offered to be a guest speaker at the lunchtime meeting.  Himu came to the UK from India at the age of 19 and studied at the London School of Economics which led to a career in Social Services.  He is an Independent Trainer in Quality Control and Assurance and is well known both nationally and internationally.  He was an assistant Director of Social Services for the Norfolk County Council for five years and has extensive experience as a senior manager in social care as well as having considerable knowledge of quality control in the caring services and industry.   He has been Chairman of the Norwich Business Group and previously presented a fortnightly business report on BBC Radio Norfolk.  He is well known in the Social Management field and is the co-author of 'Quality Assurance in Social Care' (Longman and Pitman) as well as having had several articles published on the same subject.  He has worked closely with the former Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills Vince Cable who was keen to promote small UK businesses throughout the EU.  His freelance work in Quality Control takes him all over the world and his talk was based on his experience working in Rumania.  Companies from Germany and Italy have had business links in Rumania for many years but the UK has an improving picture with over 4000 businesses now  working in this country.  Gupta paid tribute to the Rumanian people stating they were hard working, innovative and they encourage all their citizens to be bilingual but admitted that they still had social care issues that they were addressing.   John Burroughs gave the vote of thanks. 

March 28th 2016


                     No meeting....Easter Bank Holiday.


March 21st 2016

                The Club welcomed Jim Whiteside who represents Lowland Rescue which is a group of volunteers who offer their 4x4 vehicles in Emergency situations.  In 2013 the Norfolk coastline was hit by a tidal surge which caused extensive flooding in the Walcott area and parts of Lowestoft.   Jim’s team were on standby at the Norwich Showground but were not deployed.  However it became apparent that once the emergency services and the local authorities had stood down there was still work to be undertaken by helping the local residents of Walcott who had been affected by the floods. .  They assisted in making repairs to their properties in the hope that they could return to their homes at the earliest opportunity. .  In December flood waters once again descended in the Carlisle area and Jim made the decision to travel to the area to offer help.  He linked up with the Tunnels for Towers Group who like Jim were volunteers helping local people to repair their properties once the emergency had been down graded.  He talked about the power of facebook and a decision by one resident to use of the site to coordinate aid to the stricken areas.  He reflected on the Walcott crises where donations of clothing far exceeded their requirements while other vital items were in short supply.   It became  apparent that local authorities have contingency measures in place for ongoing emergencies but no plans to deal with problems that occur during the recovery stage where many local residents felt that they were not being given enough support.  Jim praised the work of the voluntary and faith groups who in many cases become the Third Responders and recognised Rotary’s role in times of local crises. Ian Tilley gave the vote of thanks.  The Club will next meet on the 4th April.


March 14th 2016


                   Business meeting. Minutes sent out to all members on email.


March 7th 2016

              The Club held its Ladies President Night on Friday at the Imperial Hotel with Rotarians and guests enjoying a superb meal and entertainment  by local magician Sean Goodman.   President Peter Bondi addressed the members and welcomed the guests.   On Monday the club Speaker was Rotarian Tony Catesby PHF who is currently an Assistant Governor covering the South of the District and a member of the Framlingham Rotary Club.   Whilst Tony was on a recent cruise he met up with our President Elect Malcolm Loveland and was invited to come to the club to talk about his work as First Officer on the Trinity Lighthouse Ship in 1866 when electricity cables were being laid between the UK and France.  The task of the Trinity House Ships was to assist in navigation and positioning buoys to make shipping aware of the vessels deployed to lay the cables. This meant that the buoys were moved in line with the progress of the cable laying vessels.  Strict rules were enforced during this operational period bearing in mind that this is a very busy sea lane with regular North Sea Ferries operating at the same time. .   Tony used a power point presentation showing the type of vessels used and the special underwater machinery that were deployed to dig the trenches to house the cables.  The undersea cables which consisted of eight 46 kilometres lengths were laid between Folkestone and Sangatte (France).  In the 1960’s other cables were laid but as they were not buried they were constantly being damaged by dredging and fishing methods.  A picture of the cable reel and the two machines used to bury the cables was displayed highlighting the complex nature of this operation. The first Cross Channel link was completed in 1961 and decommissioned in 1984 whilst the second was completed in 1986.   This was a most interesting talk and the vote of thanks was given by fellow Assistant Governor Robert Lovick. 

March 4th 2016


                  The Club held its Ladies President Night on this Friday evening at the Imperial Hotel with Rotarians and guests enjoying a superb meal and entertainment  by local magician Sean Goodman.   President Peter Bondi addressed the members and welcomed the guests.


February 29th 2016

                        Today the Club welcomed Rotarian Norma Howell to the meeting who gave a talk on |Medical Detection Dogs. This Charity whose Patron is HRH The Duchess of Cornwall is based in Milton Keynes and trains dogs to use their powerful scenting instincts to help detect and manage human diseases. There are two sides to the charity which is to train dogs to alert and support people who manage life-threatening conditions and other is working on current research to detect cancer in its early stages. Norma's husband Rodney who is also a Rotarian supported her by running a video about two dogs one of which was helping a young type 1 diabetic patient and the other was demonstrating how the dogs are trained to detect cancer. The dogs can help to improve the management of both short and long term diabetes by helping to keep blood sugar levels within a safe range, greatly reducing the risk of complications. She explained that the aim of the cancer detection dogs is to assist scientists through research into the development of electronic systems through cheap non-evasive tests. They are currently studying the ability of the dogs to detect breast and prostrate cancer from breath and urine samples. Norma then went on to explain the cost of training each dog and the length of time required to complete the training programme. The dogs are donated by breeders, rescue and welfare charities or simply because they need a new home. Once a dog is too old to undertake their work they normally remain with the handler for the remainder of their life. Norma has now been appointed as a volunteer ambassador for the charity and has already undertaken several presentations and she admitted that many more had already been booked for the coming months. This charity like many others receives no Government funding and therefore it relies on public donations to operate. The Charity would like to expand its training programme and create other training centres thereby giving more people the chance to  have one of these amazing animals. George Ermini gave the vote of thanks.



February 22nd 2016


                         Today Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Clubs Monty Spandler, introduced Andrew Edmund, proprietor of Bradwell Butchers who gave  a talk on his award winning sausages. Andrew started by telling about himself and how he got into the butchery business and how it had developed into a passion for him. Andrew commented that the BSE crisis in 1988 actually helped independent butchers because folk became more discerning about where their meat came from and how it was reared.  Even today Andrew has his own specific suppliers who rear the cattle to meat his stringent requirements.

 By entering his sausages, ham and burgers into competitions, Andrew found that it was a winning way to improvement. His belief was ‘Testing yourself against competition makes you good’ . He was proud to have won the prestigious East of England Butchers shop of the year award in 2010, putting him in  the Top 6 butchers shops in the country.  Andrew is not sitting on his laurels though and aims to be Number One if he can make it.

 The butchery business is not Andrew’s only passion though.  He confessed to being good with his hands and practically minded and has designed and customised his own Harley Davidson V Rod based around the ‘Scream’ Films, the face now modelled as the radiator cover and his fist, with knife, on the bodywork and other designs on the fuel tank. Andrew handed round fascinating photographs of the bike for the members to look at. He commented that at six hundred weight, if you fell off the getting it upright was not an easy task.  He has managed a standing quarter mile in an impressive 12.49 seconds.

 Andrew was formally thanked on behalf of the club by Dick Fiddy.


February 15th 2016

                         On Tuesday evening the Foundation Committee Chair Leslie Seabert organised a Quiz Night to raise funds for Rotary's  own Foundation Charity.  Over 30 people took part in this event at ‘The Cask and Crask’ Public House in Northgate Street.  The question master Monty Spandler gave the participants a variety of topics to test their knowledge and in true Rotary fashion there was a bit of banter and heckling towards the question master but Monty performance was robust and he managed to keep everyone under control.  This evening raised £374 50p for the Rotary Foundation.  On Monday the Club welcomed the Mayor Councillor Shirley Weymouth who was introduced by Bert Collins.  Shirley talked about her involvement in local politics and her time as a Parish Clerk in Hemsby including her work as a Councillor and more recently her appointment as the town Mayor.  She worked for several years as an accounts clerk with a local building firm but her passion for home decorating, dress making and gardening was always an important part of her life which has now been curtailed due to health reasons.   She spoke about her passion to help the young people in the Borough and praised the work of the Voluntary Sector who provides so much support within the local community for many good causes.  She completes her term as Mayor on the 17th May and hopes to continue her work by  supporting  Children with autism and the elderly suffering with memory problems.  The Mayor is hoping to  remain  a local Councillor for the foreseeable future which will give her the opportunity  to serve her local community whilst enjoying her private time with  her two dogs.  After several questions from the members it was left to Monty Spandler to give the votes of thanks.


February 8th 2016


                      Today the Club welcomed David Steadman to their meeting for a talk about Britain’s best kept secret of the war. Bletchley Park, a 35 acre setting for a 70 room mansion was at the forefront of breaking German military codes and specifically playing havoc with the German U-boats during the Second World War. Even those living close to Bletchley Park were not aware of what was carried out there and were on the face of it blind to the ten to twelve thousand personnel who worked there making up the three shifts that enabled the whole operation to work continuously. The organisation was originally formed from communications experts from all branches of the armed forces and was originally called the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) which was a forerunner of the current GCHQ. Bletchley Park was originally set up in Neville Chamberlain premiership by MI5 and MI6 who acquired the 70 room mansion and the surrounding 35 acres of parkland for £7,500.David told us that the first Enigma machine was actually provided by the Polish forces who actually captured it from the Germans. A machine with three rotors, the coding of which was ultimately broken and messages obtained by listening stations, (Y stations) throughout the world and located on escort ships, which  enabled Bletchley Park to decode messages with vital information on German troops and shipping, particularly U boat movements. David commented that many of the recruits to the organisation were selected because of their ability to solve Crosswords and to play chess well, an analytical mind, perhaps. He also commented on the fact that with the close proximity of men and women working together there were romances and a number of marriages resulted within the workforce during this period. David’s talk was illustrated with photographs which were passed round to the club members. David was formally thanked on behalf of the club by John Burroughs.



February 1st 2016


                     The Club was privileged to welcome Paddy Seligman Chair of the EDP 'We Care Appeal' who came to speak about the Norfolk Millennium Trust set up shortly after the original appeal started in 1998. The object was to raise one million pounds to provide an enduring endowment fund to generate income to provide ongoing support to carers, which is not available elsewhere from central or local government funding. The fund supports carers in Norfolk of whom there are estimated to be 96,000, representing one in seven people. The object of the Trust is to relieve the elderly, infirm, sick or disabled in Norfolk by providing financial and practical support to carers either individually or through carer groups.’ The limit applied to the grants is £250 and more than one application can be made but this can only be made after 3 years from the previous grant. Carers may be referred to the Trust by doctors, counsellors, and members of the Church or then can be a direct application from the carer. Each application must be supported by a referee and is reviewed by the Trustees at their regular meetings. The support given might be the cost of a washing machine or other household appliance or perhaps a short respite break for the carer to enable them to recharge their batteries away from the strain of caring. For one 13 year old it was a laptop to enable them to keep in contact with their friends and gain some normality in their lives. The Trust also seeks to highlight the plight of carers, who may be as young as 9 years old, for whom there is limited support. Carers Allowance (currently £62.10 per week) is only available to the over 16 and under pension age, spending at least 35 hours a week caring. Estimates are that collectively carers save the NHS and other services £132 billion a year Paddy’s whistle stop talk included many examples of how the trust helps carers and their families..The Trust continues to seek additional monies to grow the endowment fund and to continue this vital support to carers. Paddy was formally thanked on behalf of the club by Tony King.


January 25th 2016

                       This was a Business meeting. Secretary Mike has published completed minutes.



January 18th 2016

                 Alan Carman organised the second mid-term Past Presidents evening on Friday which was held at the Jolly Farmers Public House in Ormesby. This was a great social evening with good food and fellowship in true Rotary style. Today the Club welcomed this weeks speaker Russell Stuart who was introduced by Bob Price. Russell who is now retired is a serving Norwich Magistrate and his talk was in relation to his time forming Radio Broadland in 1984 and his connection with Norwich City Football Club. Radio Broadland was a new independent local radio station launched by a group of local businessmen mainly with experience in newspapers and television. For the first two years the station went off the air at 10pm until 6 am the following morning. In 1990 Radio Broadland took over the Suffolk Group Radio which owned Radio Orwell in Ipswich and Saxon Radio in Bury St Edmunds and to reflect the addition of the new stations the company became East Anglia Radio. Due to the success of this radio station he went on to get involved with 13 further stations including a station in Italy. He went on to explain the changes over the years especially the advancement of the mobile phone and all the services that are now available. He was involved in the move to change radio to Digital and admitted that not everyone has made the change as many listeners are still loyal to analogue receivers. In 2000 he became a Co Director of Norwich City Football Club and was at the Club when Nigel Worthington became the manager in December of that year. He recalled many interesting moments at the Club especially when Delia Smith walked onto the pitch and shouted' Where are you? 'Lets Be havin You'. He then talked about how players were selected and referred to signing Steve Walsh who only remained at the Club for a short while and never really settled in Norfolk. He was one of the Directors who encouraged board members to see the players  on at least two occasions and  to undertake some research into their background to make sure that they would be happy moving to a new location. Keith Futter gave the vote of thanks.



January 11th 2016


                      Our speakers today were David Harvey and Nicky Fink from The Priory Centre , the base of The Great Yarmouth Community Trust, introduced by George Ermini.
Great Yarmouth Community Trust is a multi-purpose, neighbourhood based, community enterprise set up by local people in 2001 to support the area Sure Start programme. They are based at the Priory Centre near St Nicholas Parish Church and in venues across the town. Their vision and values is to build a local community where every individual, family and neighbourhood can share in and contribute to the social and economic wealth of the Borough.
Nicky and David presented a short video of the centre showing the activities that take place on a daily basis. The Children's centres offer Baby massage, Back 2 Basics for parents with children 1 – 2, Counselling which service is free to parents of 0-5 years old, and this is delivered by trained counsellors, who have experience and expertise in working with a variety of clients from diverse backgrounds and with complex needs and many other sessions at venues throughout the Borough.
However David and Nicky’s main talk was on being able to purchase and equip a mobile “ Sensory Bus”. This would achieve a useable source to take into the community and wider areas offering something new and unique for Great Yarmouth. The scheme for such a mobile unit is in its early days but a “ Sensory bus “ questionnaire is now being sent out to local organisations and businesses to get feed back and make this project happen.
After many questions , Ian Thomson thanked David and Nicky on their presentation and wished them the best for their innovative scheme.



January 4th 2016


                    The three Rotary Clubs would like to thank the general public for supporting their Carol Evening in December featuring the St Mary & St Peter Catholic Primary School Choir, the St Cecilia Ensemble, soloists Nick Fitch and Charlotte Ware. Due to the very generous donations taken at the end of the evening over £400 was raised which will be shared between the Yarmouth Samaritans and the Children’s Ward at the James Paget Hospital.  This first meeting of 2016 was well attended and the members welcomed this week’s speaker Rotarian Malcolm Goodson who is the Chairman of the International District Committee.  He has been a Rotarian for 28 years and brought greetings from his President Kate Secker of the Norwich St Edmunds Rotary Club.  Malcolm was invited to the Club to update the members concerning District Initiatives in relation to International projects.  Malcolm talked briefly about his visit to the Rotary Club of Johor and this Clubs involvement in running two small local Hospitals and his Clubs international project with the Rotary Club of Mainz and the Rotary Club of Reims. This set the seen for demonstrating the benefits of working with clubs overseas and the satisfaction when projects come into fruition and the benefits are realised. He praised the work of our own International Committee especially our continued support for micro-financing.  He felt that his Committee’s task was to help Clubs with their projects and where necessary to coordinate long term initiatives.  His Committee are currently looking into the work of the Street Child of Sierra Leone which is a Charity founded by Tom Dannatt in 2008.  Its mission is to reduce the number of children living on the streets by reuniting them with their families and putting them into long term education.[5]  The late Hilary King raised money for this area which was badly affected by Ebola and Malcolm was of the opinion, that it would be a fitting tribute to Hilary if the District could embrace the work of this charity suggesting that this could be a long term District Project. .  After several questions from the members the votes of thanks was given by Keith Futter.  


January 1st 2016



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