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February 11th 2019



February 4th 2019


                      Our Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club was entertained with a fascinating talk by Richard Hughes who is Chef Director of the Assembly House in Norwich.

Richard began his talk by outlining the training he received as a very young trainee/apprentice at the Imperial Hotel, Great Yarmouth. His background was from an isolated village in the Fens which had two pubs and no restaurant! He is to this day amazed he was offered an apprenticeship having never been in a restaurant before. He was very nervous and somewhat naïve and had his leg pulled a number of times. However, he quickly learned to follow instructions at all times although it took a lifetime to learn the business.

In due time he started his own first business and was distraught at a report on ‘trip advisor’ which rated his business at 1 out of 5. He subsequently found the writer had looked at the menu posted outside his premises, did not like what was on offer and went home giving a poor assessment!

The business at the Assembly Rooms is different from years ago. Today it is about providing food people will like, at the customer’s needs and with a degree of entertainment. It is widely used by many groups including men only cookery classes. The building is owned by a trust and the business privately owned. It opens at 7 a.m. until midnight 365 days a year. A very demanding schedule but which Richard loves.

A Vote of Thanks was given by Rotarian John Clark.



January 28th 2019


                      Sad News...Today our friend and Past Founder member Alan Hall passed away ...sincere condolences to daughters Gillian and Lesley.


This week Rotarian Mike Self introduced Rob Handford, a former teacher to give us a talk on the lighter side of education.  Rob commented that his talk included some matters which had directly resulted from his own position or that of his wife who had also been a teacher and between the two of them they had spent some seventy years in Education. 

The talk started with a few amusing but real names of children on the register, for example Cherry Stone, Tanya Hide, and Annette Curtain before moving on to some of the absentee notes sent in when children have been absent from school ‘Elizabeth was absent because her mother had twins.  It won’t happen again.’ Or ‘Billy wasn’t in school because there wasn’t a newspaper delivered so we thought it was Sunday. 

From this Rob moved on to letters of complaint from parents one of whose children had been told by the teacher he was illiterate.  The child went home upset and complained to his mother who wrote to the school to set matters straight that no’ little jimmy’ wasn’t illiterate she and the child’s father were married long before they were born. There were letters with spelling errors some corrected by the parent e.g. Whot was corrected to Wot.  Moving onward we came to examination answers. ‘A buttress is the wife of a butler.’, A Goblet is a male turkey.’ 

Rob conclude with a story of the Art class where a young student was painting a depiction of God. “Don’t you think it’s a good likeness” she asked the teacher. “I can’t say, he responded “No one knows what God looks like.” “Well they will do when they’ve seen this the student replied. 

Rob was thanked on behalf of the members for a highly amusing talk and for his long service to education by Rotarian Alan Carman.


January 21st 2019


                    Business meeting.


January 14th 2019

                      Our Haven Rotary Club was informed and entertained with a fascinating talk by David Jamison who has an aviation background and who talked about the development of the Super Marine Spitfire.

The original plane was the result of an Air Ministry 1934 specification to replace the biplane models which were in service at that time.  The first flight of the new plane took place at Southampton in 1935 and an order for 310 planes placed with the company.  It was so large the work of producing them had to be sub-contracted out by Vickers Armstrong the manufacturing company building the planes.  The new aircraft was the first to be constructed with an all metal skin.  Various marks from Mark 1 to 19 were produced over some 20 years, the last flight being in 1954 in Malaya.  Developments ranged from increased flying height to 50,000 feet, over 400 m.p.h., bomb carrying and armament developments and an ability to carry out 8 hour recognisance missions covering the whole of Europe.The last Spitfire was built in 1948 but there are still some 80 planes flying in the world today.

A Vote of Thanks was given by Rotarian Malcolm Bugge.


January 7th 2019

                     A history of one of Great Yarmouth's oldest buildings, namely The Fishermen's Hospital, was explained in great detail by one of the Club's members, Richard Fiddy. It was opened in 1702 ,built in a Dutch style , and was for the fishermen of the Port of Great Yarmouth who had reached a stage in their life of being unfit and very often homeless after a life at sea. Some taxes from the Government were given to the Borough who then purchased the land, now familiar near the Minster .The retired fishermen had to be over 60, no women allowed unless married, and a widower could only remain if remarried and with the permission of The Trustees. Originally housing 60 , today there are only 8 flatlets for the elderly. Richard illustrated his talk with many old slides and after questions was thanked for his informative talk by Rotarian Peter Bondi.

December 31st  2018

No meeting................ 


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The club meets every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at  The Imperial Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth NR30 1EQ at 1.00 p.m. 


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