Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club

                    President 2019- 2020 Malcolm Bugge   ( left )

Meets every Monday at 1.00pm.  (not Bank Holidays ) at The Imperial Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. NR30 1EQ   Tel. No. 01493 842000


Please note....on some historical pages on this website the old venue address will still be seen.



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8th December 2003

Exotic countries, deadly snakes, emigrations, oil-rigs and erupting volcanoes were all part and parcel of Rotarian Ian McCreadie’s talk to the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club last Monday lunchtime. In what amounted to a thumbprint biography, he spoke of his work and travels in such places as Europe, the Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, India and Sharjah. Using illustrations, he gave geographic and socio-economic background details to Indonesia and India and painted a vivid picture of everyday life there. An eventful life which included emigrations to both New Zealand and South Africa eventually brought him to Great Yarmouth three years ago, when he acquired Prontaprint and then Screenprint Plus.


Rotarian Bert Collins told members that the Greyhound Evening had raised around £2080 for charity. He also reported on the success of the Asda Christmas Shopping Evening on 1st December and expressed his thanks to participating members and support groups such as the air cadets, sea cadets, Young Citizens Guild and voluntary first aid groups, and, of course, the staff at Asda, who hosted the event.


Members who turn up at the usual time next Monday will be about seven hours too early, as it is the Ladies Christmas Dinner and will take place at our usual venue, the Burlington Hotel, but at 7.30 p.m.


1st December 2003

With Christmas approaching, last Monday’s meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club was a distinctly shorter affair than usual. For Community Services Committee, Rotarian Bill Cooke provided final details for the Asda Christmas Shopping Evening due to take place that evening. Vocational Committee Chairman, Rotarian Des Sadler, reported that responses had been received from several local schools and the Committee was investigating ways in which club members could offer assistance. Rotarian Leslie Seabert, Foundation Committee Chairman, told members that the quiz night would be held at 7.30 p.m. at the Burlington Hotel on Thursday 12th February and will include a fish and chips supper. The date for the Car Treasure Hunt has been fixed for 3rd June. Secretary Tony King reminded members that the normal lunchtime meeting on 9th February will be replaced by an evening meeting and the speaker will be Acle vet, Roger Clark. The Club has received applications from two potential members. Elections were held for Club officers for the Rotary year 2004-5.


Next week’s speaker will be Rotarian Ian McCreadie, who will talk about his journeys around the world.


24th November 2003

On Monday, local man Frank Drew spoke about Yarmouth docks at the weekly meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. Although, historically, Yarmouth had concentrated on the fishing industry and tourism, the growth of the docks can be traced back to 1947 when Ernest Bevin, himself a former Dockers’ Union secretary, was responsible for the eventual establishment of the National Dock Labour Board. Until 1961, the local industry was still fairly antiquated, with manual loading and unloading and the use of old-fashioned units of measurement. The arrival of the Superior Company accelerated modernisation and change and Yarmouth Docks were soon the busiest in the United Kingdom, with 1800 movements per week, the highest paid Dockers in the country and the envy of all other British ports. When Norfolk Line took over, the docks continued to expand. The disbandonment of the NDLB preceded the departure of Norfolk Line by a couple of years and there followed a steady decline in the dock’s fortunes. The arrival of the outer harbour could do much to reverse that decline.


Rotarian John Westgate reported that the Club’s Quiz team had suffered a rare defeat at the hands of a team from Great Yarmouth Rotary Club, with only one question separating the two teams. There are two further legs in the current round.


17th November 2003

Rotarian John Burroughs was subjected to a Focus Interview by Senior Vice-President Michael Woods at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. A Norfolk man, he spent his early life in the Lakenham area of Norwich and attended school there. His first venture into business was the establishment of a newsagent in the area and his success enabled him to sell up and go to Spain for a month’s holiday. He stayed 18 years and was involved in a number of commercial ventures. At one time, almost by accident, he found himself arranging football matches in Spain for teams of young lads from England. Returning to England for family reasons, he took over the Lord Nelson Public House in Gorleston with the intention of making it a good, old-fashioned type English Pub. This necessitated closing for four months to undertake a complete renovation and allow the opening of one bar. A second bar was opened subsequently. Drawing mainly from a local clientele, his large choice of real ales is popular with ale enthusiasts.


Rotarian Bert Collins reminded members that the Greyhound Evening will take place on Wednesday 26th November and he is still accepting donations of prizes for the draw.


There will be a Club Council meeting at PKF premises on Thursday 27th November at 7.30 p.m.


Next week’s speaker will be Frank Drew.


10th November 2003

Peter Paine, Port Chaplain for Great Yarmouth was the speaker at last Monday lunchtime’s meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. After commenting on the benefits that an outer harbour and a wind farm would bring to Great Yarmouth, he turned his attention to the welfare of seafarers. The nature of visiting seamen to the port, which are virtually 100% of foreign nationality, defines the kind of requirements that are needed locally. Apart from providing welfare and a safe haven to visitors, the Seafarers Centre also helps seamen return to their vessels after being stranded by events such as sickness or hospitalisation. Whilst the vessels are still in British waters, it is obviously much easier than if they have left for foreign shores. Looking to the future, it is hoped that the Chaplaincy can be extended to include the gas fields. The Seafarers Centre is staffed by volunteers and it is necessary to raise all finances required to provide welfare to seafarers.


Honorary Secretary Tony King reminded members that the Haven Quiz Team will meet the Great Yarmouth Team in the first round of this year’s District Quiz, which will take place at 7.30 p.m. on the evening of Thursday, 20th November at the Burlington Hotel.


With the Greyhound Evening, on Wednesday 26th November, approaching at a rapid rate, any donations of prizes for the draw should be passed promptly to International Committee Chairman, Rotarian Bert Collins.


Next week, Rotarian John Burroughs will be the subject of a Focus Interview with Senior Vice-President Michael Woods in charge of the interrogation.

3rd November 2003

Bird watching was revealed as a pastime of Rotarian Charles Lewis at last Monday lunchtime’s meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. Employing a number of humorous anecdotes in his talk, he explained how the activity caters for the thrill of discovery and satisfies the hunting and collecting instincts. After describing some of the equipment used by bird watchers and the reasons for its use, he went on to list some of the birds he had seen recently. In addition to regular sightings of Marsh Harriers and Bitterns, he has also spotted more rare birds such as Hobbies (a kind of long-winged falcon) and an Osprey at a Norfolk site. He gave generous praise to the wild life habitat of the area, which affords ample opportunity to keen bird watchers.


Honorary Secretary Tony King advised the meeting that the Haven Quiz Team had been drawn to meet the Great Yarmouth Team in the first round of this year’s District Quiz, which will take place on the evening of Thursday, 20th November at the Burlington Hotel. Rotarian Ted Witton reminded members that the Walking Weekend is on 7th/8th May and, as there are only ten rooms available, reservations should be made without delay.


As this year’s Asda Christmas Shopping project will take place over one evening, rather than two, a three-line whip is in operation and Rotarian Bill Cooke is seeking details of availability as soon as possible.

Next week’s speaker is Peter Paine.


28th October 2003

Last Monday lunchtime’s meeting was rather a sombre occasion as Rotarian T.C.Harry addressed the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club on the subject of HIV. After giving a brief history and detailing the global spread of HIV since the first recorded incidence in 1981, he provided a number of statistics relating to geographical, sexual type, age and gender factors. He stressed that the presence of HIV does not automatically translate to AIDS. On a more optimistic note, he explained the options for treatment and therapy that are now available. The virus itself has no cell division process, but latches on to the cell division mechanism that occurs naturally within the body and, eventually, can take over if left unchecked. At that point, an individual has AIDS. Advances in medical knowledge now mean that an individual can be treated to prevent a breach of the virus, inhibitors can be introduced to stop the virus from entering cells after a breach has been made and drugs can be used to replace natural elements in the body and stop the cells from dividing, if that point is reached. Whilst these three main therapy options are available to alleviate the symptoms and control and minimise the spread of HIV, they cannot yet completely eradicate the virus and elements will remain within the body.


Members who were absent last week should note that they should indicate their interest in a trip to London to see the new Rod Stewart musical on Friday, 23rd January. Rotarian Mike Muskett is arranging the trip.

Next week’s speaker is Rotarian Charles Lewis.


21st October 2003

Last Monday lunchtime’s meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club was a business meeting. Community Services Committee Chairman, Rotarian Bert Collins, reported on the progress of the Asda Christmas Shopping Evening on 1st December. Following a request from the Junior Archaeologists Society, a donation of £100 was agreed, to help with the purchase of tools.


Rotarian Norman Bailey, Chairman of International Committee, reported that the net profit for this year’s Duck Race was £5144 and attributed much of the large increase to improved sponsorship for the Corporate Duck Race. It is planned to improve presentation for next year’s event. He recommended donations of £5296 to eleven different charities and they were all agreed by the meeting.


Deputising as Vocational Committee Chairman, Rotarian David Bluck sought and received the agreement of members to a pledge of £200 to two local students who are raising money to finance a trip to Kenya to undertake voluntary teaching in one of the remoter parts of the country. Discussions are also under way with one of the local schools to determine how members can offer assistance.


Senior Vice-President, Rotarian Michael Woods, reminded members of the responsibilities regarding provision of speakers. This year’s Ladies Christmas Dinner will take place on 15th December. He gave notice that the meeting on 9th February will be an evening meeting featuring Roger Clark as the speaker. The President’s Ladies Night is on 2nd April at the Imperial Hotel, followed by the Walking Weekend on 7th/8th May, the Joint Council Dinner on 14th May at Lazzarella’s and the Club Charter Night at the Burlington Hotel on 25th June.

Next week’s speaker is Rotarian T.C.Harry.


7th October 2003

It takes a brave man to stand up in front of the Haven Club members and invite questions on anything and that is precisely what Rotarian Mike Erskine did last Monday lunchtime. Eschewing the normal “speaker” format, the introduction of this “Question Time” approach was something of a step in the dark. However, the number and diversity of the questions suggests that it may not be the last time that this model is employed. The range of subject matter included the Town Council, Foreign Footballers playing for English Clubs, the loss of apprentices from Industry, offshore wind-farms, hobbies and asylum-seekers. The fact that Mike survived is a tribute to the calm, measured and practical stance he adopted in dealing with each question.


Rotarians Mike Butcher and Alan Spinks will be giving a joint presentation next Monday following their visit to Swaziland to investigate the incidence of Aids and the resources required to combat it. 


29th September 2003

At last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club, members learnt about one of Gt. Yarmouth’s largest, oldest and least well-known societies when Colin Tooke talked about Great Yarmouth and District Archaeological Society. The society’s origins lie in 1875 in the closure of the town’s jail situated in The Tolhouse and its subsequent descent into a state of disrepair. A number of civic-minded citizens, amongst them C.J.Palmer (of Perlustrations renown), were keen for the building to be preserved and, eventually, in 1883, it was handed over to trustees who decided to restore it. A small library was opened in 1886 and, two years later, the trustees met with members of the Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society to form a Great Yarmouth branch. Membership thrived and regular programmes of excursions (via charabanc and bicycle) and lantern lectures were the norm until the middle of the next century. It was not exceptional for excursions to incorporate visits to four or five local villages and towns in one day. When the society’s activities recommenced after the war, membership grew and the branch broke away from the NNAS to form it’s own society in 1953. Under the leadership of its then Chairman, Bill Ecclestone, the Society started organising guided walks of the town wall in the early 70’s and also branched out into excavations, the most notable sites being at Caister and the Chapter House at the Gorleston Priory Site. The first Junior Archaeological Society was formed in 1976. The parent group flourishes and continues to be active around the town.


Rotarian Bill Cooke explained the array of trophies when he reported on the success of the Club’s golfing contingent at the local event organised by Gorleston Rotary Club at Caldecot Hall recently.


The next Club Council meeting will be held at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 7th October at the premises of PKF.


22nd September 2003

Buildings of Islam was the subject of the talk given by Rotarian Charles Lewis at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. After describing the political geography of the world at the time of Mohammed’s birth in 570, he detailed the development and spread of Islam through the Middle East, Far East, Africa and much of Europe. Defining a mosque as an Islam place where someone prays, he went on to explain the characteristics of a typical mosque, the main types of mosque and illustrated the ways in which regional and local styles can influence the architecture of mosques.


Rotarian Alan Spinks gave a brief summary of his visit to Swaziland, with Past President Mike Butcher, to assess the problems that the country faces from HIV, with particular emphasis on the transmission of HIV from mother to child. A more detailed analysis will be given in due course.


The most successful Duck Race yet was the description given to last Sunday’s event by organiser Rotarian Norman Bailey in a preliminary report. A full account will be made at the Club’s next business meeting, but early estimates suggest that a sum in excess of £5,000 has been raised and will be available for donation to charities. He thanked all those involved in organising and supporting the event.

Next Monday’s speaker will be local historian Colin Tooke.


15th September 2003

At last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club members learnt about the intricacies of car auctions. With around 100 car auction companies in the country, Chris Beckett explained that auctions were part of an extremely sophisticated used car market place in the United Kingdom. They provide a physical arena for a wide range of cars, opening up the market to fast, efficient and competitive buying. In the past, auctions have been used as a back door for new cars when sales are slow. Whilst the Internet has introduced new avenues, it tends to complement auctions and not replace them as it provides neither a geographical central process nor a physical presence. His firm, a family business established in 1946, holds two auctions per week, one for budget cars and the other for general cars and commercial vehicles. The average car auction lasts about one minute and the car is bought as seen.


Before the meeting commenced, Honorary Secretary Tony King read out a letter from the District Governor expressing his condolences following the demise of Rotarian Aleyn Jordan. Ever an optimist, Aleyn was never known to decline the opportunity of a friendly chat and his bright and breezy personality made him a popular member of the Club. His store of knowledge, particularly about music, and his erudite use of it ensured that he was a formidable member and organiser of the Club’s quiz team. He will be missed. Members had paid tribute to Aleyn at a previous meeting and some attended his funeral on 10th September. Our sympathies are extended to Valerie. 


Next Monday’s speaker will be Rotarian Charles Lewis.


8th September 2003

Last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club provided members with an insight into the world of diving courtesy of a talk from Don Shiers. After giving a brief résumé of his interest in diving, which started in the Royal Marines and includes a stint with the SBS, he went on to trace a brief history of diving. Although pearl diving has been around for over 2000 years, modern diving techniques started in the 1600’s with a bucket over the head, enabling the user to take a breath under water. Around a hundred years later, developments led to the diving bell, which is a very large bucket, but still limited by the inability to pump air down. The first diving helmet developed specifically for underwater use was produced in the 1840’s and patented in 1848. It allowed the diver to control his own air supply and adjust the pressure to allow for the depth. Various refinements resulted in the modern standard diving helmet that has been in use for more than 100 years. The talk ended with a display of different types of diving helmets and several members experienced the size and weight of the standard helmet.


Next Monday’s speaker will be Chris Beckett.

1st September 2003

Philip Fellas, Chairman of Friends of GOVI (Gambian Organisation for the Visually Impaired) was the speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. His involvement with the organisation began with a tour round a local area whilst on holiday in the Gambia. The tour included a visit to a school for the visually impaired and he noted the poor condition of the two asbestos-roofed buildings. He returned two years later and, finding that conditions had deteriorated further, resolved to try to help. The involvement of Norfolk County Council resulted in an official visit to the area and a report taking the form of a thesis. Mr Fellas was unsuccessful with an application to the National Lottery for a grant for a new school and received a similar response from Comic Relief. He decided to get back to grass roots to raise money for this worthwhile project from small local groups, such as Rotary Clubs and the Lions, etc. A grant of £10,000 was received from Muslim Aid UK and, in total, he raised a sum of £30,000.In December 2002, on World Disability Day, the new school was opened in a ceremony lasting 4 hours and attended by the Gambian Vice-President, press, TV, radio, WHO and other charities. After marching 1½ miles in temperatures of 100º, the children, themselves, participated fully in the ceremony. A further private donation provided the school with a kitchen and a £10,000 cheque from Jersey enabled him to return to the Gambia to purchase materials for the construction of a large dining hall, which can be used by other local organisations also. Following two very hot summers, which hit farmers badly, his next project will be to raise money for food for children at the school.    

Rotarian Norman Bailey reported that the Club’s bowls team had lost the semi-final of the District Bowls Competition.

Rotarian Derrick Garwood advised members that a Golf Tournament had been agreed with Gorleston Rotary Club. It is open to teams of four and takes place at Caldecote Hall on Friday, 26th September.


Next Monday’s speaker will be Don Shires.


22 August 2003

Last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club was a business meeting and Community Services Committee Chairman, Rotarian Bert Collins, told members that the Greyhound Evening (26th November) and Asda Christmas Shopping (1st December) would be proceeding as usual this year. For Kids Out Day next summer, his committee are exploring the option of the Pleasure Beach as a venue. Each year food and shelter is provided for those in need of it at the Marina Centre on Christmas Day and members agreed to his proposal to donate £500 towards the cost.


Rotarian Leslie Seabert, Foundation Committee Chairman, gave a brief report of the international investments of the Foundation Charity. He indicated that donations to the fund from members would exceed £1,000 in the current year. He sought and was given the agreement of members to continue with the Quiz Night and Car Rally.


International Committee Chairman, Rotarian Norman Bailey, told the meeting that committee members were concentrating all their energies on this year’s Duck Race at the Waterways on Sunday, 21st September. Not only had prizes been doubled this year, but there will also be an operational display of model boats. The Committee will be meeting after the event to make recommendations for the distribution of any charitable monies received from the day.


In the absence of Vocational Committee Chairman, Rotarian Des Sadler, Honorary Secretary, Rotarian Tony King, reported that the committee was examining ways in which it could assist local schools.


Next Monday is a Bank Holiday and members, particularly the President, should take note that there is no meeting. The speaker at the meeting on 1st September will be Philip Fellas.


5th August 2003

At the beginning of last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club, President John Clark welcomed Rotarian Pam Tubbs from the Rotary Club of Norfolk, Virginia. Anne Edwards, editor of the Yarmouth Mercury, was the speaker and began by giving a brief summary of her career. She entered journalism at the age of 17, with the Melton Times in Melton Mowbray, rising to the position of sub-editor. In 1971, she became the paper’s first female sports editor covering teams such as Leicester City and Nottingham Forest. Coincidentally, she was also one of the first women to qualify as a football referee.  After a brief spell in Kettering, she moved to Peterborough and thence to the Newcastle Journal as a night editor. Promotion to deputy editor followed. She recalled family holidays in Great Yarmouth as a youngster and described her move to the Yarmouth Mercury, a year ago, as the best move she ever made. Praising some of the physical features of the area, she sees her main purpose as the promotion of Great Yarmouth. She stressed that the paper should belong to local people, who generally were proud of “their” paper. The recent change in the masthead came about after consultation with local people. Local interest articles will continue to be a priority for the paper, which would tell the stories in a simple way and not sensationalise. Currently enjoying a short visit to Great Yarmouth, courtesy of the Chernobyl Life Line, are young Russian children from the Chernobyl area. Some will visit the club next week to give members an up-to-date account of the conditions in that area. Both President and Secretary are unable to attend next week’s meeting. Members should send apologies for non-attendance to Rotarian Monty Spandler or pray for forgiveness.


28th July 2003

District Governor, Malcolm Whittley was the speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. In his address, he spoke about his meetings with both the National President and the President of Rotary International. He reminded members that 2005 would be the Centenary Year for all 1.2 million members worldwide and urged the Club to undertake a centenary project. He touched on some of the problems that Rotary is tackling worldwide and made special mention of famine, literacy (especially amongst females) and poverty. Under the “Lend A Hand” theme, he listed the five priorities that he will be disseminating to the 73 clubs that he visits this year:

(a)    Increased contributions to the Rotary Foundation Charity

(b)    Public Relations – he urged all clubs to report on the worthy projects that they undertake

(c)    Membership retention

(d)    Youth Activities

(e)    The District Conference, which takes place at Norwich this year.

He finished by congratulating members on some of the community and international projects that it regularly supports.

Rotarian Derrick Garwood, the Club’s Sports Officer, reported on last week’s cricket match against a John Critophs team. There seems to be some doubt about who actually won, but it is probable that the Haven Club came second. Rotarian Tony Wortley told members that the Club’s golf team had been successful in their last match and would be meeting a team from Downham Market Club in the semi-final of the District Plate competition.


16th June 2003

For Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club members, last Monday’s lunchtime meeting took a different format. John Wells, Chairman of the local NHS Trust, welcomed them to the Burrage Centre at the James Paget Hospital on the occasion of the formal presentation of a CO2 Incubator to the Micro-Biology Department. The Club was supported in its initiative by the Great Yarmouth Rotary Club and Lowestoft Rotary Club and their respective Presidents, Tim Thomas and Brian Hunter, also attended.


Dr Tim Cotter, accepting the incubator on behalf of the hospital, told the meeting of the increase in the incidence of TB and touched on some of the reasons. He stressed that there was no room for complacency. Using new techniques, the new equipment reduced the time taken for diagnosis from 6-8 weeks to 3 weeks, allowing much prompter treatment.


Rotarian Richard Hyde, of the Rotary Club of Ramsey, spoke about the charity TB Alert, which was founded in 1998 and was the first specific TB charity formed since the 60’s. Speaking about the early work of the charity, he pointed out that new cases in this country had never dropped below 5000 per year. He commended the local effort in taking a more proactive role and presenting the incubator to the hospital.


President Mike Butcher thanked Rotarians T.C. Harry and Monty Spandler for taking the lead in this worthwhile project and seeing it through to fruition. Closing the meeting, Chief Executive, David Hill reiterated the Trust’s thanks to both the Haven Club and other local organisations for their continued help and support.


Last Wednesday (11th June), the Club entertained 112 local youngsters at Pleasurewood Hills on its Kids Out day. 50 attended from John Grant School, 50 from Autistic Way and 12 from Hillside. Community Services Committee Chairman, Rotarian Monty Spandler, expressed his thanks to the marshals for the day – Rotarians Terry Ashbourne, Bert Collins, Alan Hall and Michael Woods.


Next Monday is the Club Assembly and members are asked to arrive promptly for a punctual start as we return to our usual venue.


9th June 2003

Rotarian Brian Johnston was the subject of a Focus Interview at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. Whilst enduring the usual inimitable style of questioning from Rotarian Michael Woods, he talked about his early life as a police officer in Northern Ireland. A change of career took him to the Salvation Army and he came to Great Yarmouth after stints in London and Lincolnshire. After highlighting some of the activities of the Salvation Army, he likened some of the problems in Great Yarmouth to those found in an inner city, but on a smaller scale.

Rotarian Leslie Seabert reported on the successful Car Rally last Thursday (5th June) and thanked all those who contributed to its success. The event raised £123 and was won by Rotarian Norman Bailey. 

Rotarian Tony Wortley drew attention to the success of the Club’s golf team in overcoming Wymondham Rotary Club 3-0 in the knockout plate competition

Maintaining the good news, Rotarian Norman Bailey gave details of Club’s bowls team, which defeated a strong Diss side 27-9.  

Members are asked to take note that next week’s lunchtime meeting will take place at the Burrage Centre at the James Paget Hospital and they should be there by 12.30 for a prompt start at 12.45.


12th May 2003

At last Monday’s business meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club President Mike Butcher thanked Rotarian Ted Witton for his organisation of the successful walking weekend over 10th/11th May.  

Rotarian Leslie Seabert, Foundation Committee Chairman, reported on the visit of the Group Study Exchange Team from Brazil and reminded members of the club’s Car Rally on Thursday, 5th June.

International Committee Chairman, Rotarian Norman Bailey, proposed that the Club should purchase an Aqua Box for use in an area of the world where it is needed and members agreed to his proposal. He advised the meeting that this year’s Duck race will be on 21st September and the entertainment will be enhanced by a Model Boat Club display.

Rotarian Monty Spandler, Chairman of Community Services Committee, advised those present that the meeting for 16th June would be held at the James Paget Hospital to facilitate the formal handover of equipment purchased for the hospital. He requested agreement from members that a sum of £200 should be donated to the Women’s Aid Council for the purchase of TV’s and videos and £50 should be donated to the Neatishead Air Museum following a Club visit there. Both proposals were carried. This year’s Asda Christmas Shopping will be held on Monday 1st December. For Club Service Committee, Senior Vice President John Clark reminded members that the Joint Council Dinner will be at Lazzarella’s on Friday 30th May and the Club’s Charter Night will be on 27th June.


Next Monday’s speaker will be former Mayor of Great Yarmouth, David Thompson.  


27th April 2003

At last Monday’s lunchtime meeting, the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club welcomed the members of the Group Study Exchange Team from Brazil. Representatives from both the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston clubs ensured a full house. Mucio Pires de Souto, the team leader, introduced each of the team members in turn, who then spoke about themselves, their home locality, their vocations and their reasons for being on the exchange. Prior to the meeting, the team was taken on an historical tour of Great Yarmouth by Rotarian Charles Lewis and introduced to the recently opened Nelson Museum.

With another Bank Holiday next Monday, there will be no meeting, but a visit to North Walsham Club on Tuesday at the Beechwood Hotel (12.30 for 1 p.m.) is planned. Social activities are beginning to gather pace with the Walking Weekend on 10th May, the Joint Council Meeting (at Lazarella’s) on Friday, 30th May and the Car Treasure Hunt on Thursday, 5th June.


The next meeting on Monday 12th May will be a business meeting.


13th April 2003

Last Monday lunchtime, Rotarian Ken Ward gathered together a small, but select, band of literary facilitators to provide an entertaining and diverse Literary Lunch. With philosophy, romance, humour and sport as subject matter, they were able to maintain the high standard marked by previous such lunches.

Rotarian Leslie Seabert announced that this year’s Car Treasure Hunt will be held on Thursday 5th June and appealed to members for good support.

There will be a meeting of the Club Council at the Burlington Hotel on Thursday 24th April at 7.30 p.m.

There is no meeting next week as it is a Bank holiday, but the Club will be hosting the GSE team from Brazil the following week (28th April), which is also the Club’s A.G.M.


6th April 2003

At last Monday’s lunchtime meeting, Rotarian David Bluck entertained the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club with a talk entitled “And then there was…”, a title which bore no resemblance to the content of the talk. After an introduction concentrating on a general interpretation of some surnames, some of which had stolen their way into the Club, he regaled members with a number of reminiscences and humorous anecdotes involving various gaffes and faux pas from his days as a dentist.

Rotarian Monty Spandler thanked all the Rotarians who had contributed towards the success of Stroke Awareness Day last Saturday and advised members he would report more fully at a later meeting. He had received a request for assistance from a Cubs group in Caister hoping to attend a jamboree in May. Members agreed to his proposal to purchase three tents for their use. 


A Literary Lunch has been arranged for next week under the watchful eye of Rotarian Ken Ward.

31st March 2003

Last Monday lunchtime Roger Sandall, former Chief Constable of Gt.Yarmouth, former Chief Constable of Norwich and former High Sheriff of Norwich, returned to his home town to speak to the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club about his year as Sheriff. Giving a pottered history of the position, which started in 1404 under Henry IV, he pointed out that Norwich is one of only 15 places in the country that has such a position. He described the Guildhall and urged members to arrange a visit there to enjoy the benefit of a guided tour. During his talk, he recounted a number of amusing anecdotes surrounding the people he encountered during his year of office. Rotarian Monty Spandler issued a final reminder to members about Stroke Awareness Day on Saturday, 5th April. Information will be available to members of the public between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. outside Burtons/Lloyds TSB in the market place and Somerfield car park in Gorleston. The Greyhound Evening has been fixed for 26th November. Hon. Sec. Tony King asked members to note that the meeting which would have been held on 5th May, a Bank Holiday, has been replaced by a visit to the North Walsham Club on Tuesday, 6th May. Next week’s speaker will be Rotarian David Bluck.

24th March 2003

The speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club was Tim Watson, who presented an illustrated talk about the decommissioning of oil platforms. After describing the different types of offshore platforms and structures, he pointed out that the UK sector has around 250 of the 650 in Europe. There are over 7500 worldwide. When the licences to explore were awarded, the oil companies were required to produce a decommissioning programme and carry it out. Removal of the UK sector structures is likely to cost £15-£20 billion. He went on to explain some of the primary issues involved and the difficulties that decommissioning agents are likely to face. Rotarian Monty Spandler reminded members about Stroke Awareness Day on 5th April. Information will be available to members of the public between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. outside Burtons/Lloyds TSB in the market place and Somerfield car park in Gorleston. Hon. Sec. Tony King asked for members to observe promptness at the President’s Ladies Night at the Burlington Hotel on Friday 28th March, 7.30 for 8 p.m. Next week’s speaker will be Roger Sandall.



17th March 2003

At last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club Rotarian Monty Spandler, Community Services Committee Chairman, asked Club members to agree to a joint co-sponsorship scheme with Potters Leisure Resort to provide a Lords Taverners Sunshine Coach for the local branch of Autistic Way. Each of the two sponsors will contribute £4500 towards the overall cost of the coach. The acquisition will feature as one of the projects to commemorate 100 years of Rotary in 2005.  He also sought approval for donations to a number of other local organisations. The amounts agreed were £100 to Dial, £100 to the Red Cross, £100 to the Young Citizens Guild, £100 to the Salvation Army, £295 to First Move/Furnishaid, £200 to St. Matthew Housing for the Sandown Road accommodation, £200 to the Cinderella Cancer Charity and a £500 contribution towards the Marina Christmas Day Lunches. He also reported that Autistic Way will be invited to participate in this year’s “Kids Out” in June and discussions regarding this year’s Christmas Shopping will take place shortly. Medical cover has now been finalised and arrangements are complete for Stroke Awareness Day on 5th April between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. outside Burtons/Lloyds TSB in the market place and Somerfield car park in Gorleston.


Foundation Committee Chairman, Rotarian Leslie Seabert, reported on the Quiz Night on 6th March, which was a very enjoyable evening despite the poor support. He thanked the people responsible for organising the evening. The Haven Club will act as hosts to the Group Study Exchange Team who will visit on 28th April. This year’s Car rally will take place on Thursday, 5th June.


Reporting on future events, Senior Vice-President John Clark drew attention to the President’s Ladies Night at the Burlington Hotel on Friday 28th March, the Joint Council Dinner at Lazzarella’s on 30th May and the Club’s Charter Night on 27th June at the Imperial Hotel, which will include a “What’s My Wine” feature. The Carol Evening will take place on 10th December. Next week’s speaker will be Tim Watson.

10th March 2003

Marshal Schaitel, Communities Fund Raiser for St Matthew Housing, was the main speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. He traced a brief history of the organisation which started with one property in 1973 in Norwich and grew to its present 70 properties spread over 6 counties. There are currently 589 residents, with 246 in Norfolk and 37 in the three properties located in the Great Yarmouth area. The organisation’s main purpose is to provide qualitative supportive housing to single, lonely, vulnerable and homeless people in one of three types of residence. House residents receive a deep level of care from the house managers and live in a family atmosphere. Residents in group homes are a little more independent and require less support, whilst those living in communal flats are much more self-contained and meeting for communal and social activities. There is no direct access to the accommodation as potential residents are fully interviewed by the local committee after referral by groups such as social services, doctors, local councils, etc. Residents are given training and assistance to help them back to independent living and many are there for a few weeks only. A small minority are likely to remain there for the duration. Hon. Secretary, Rotarian Tony King, asked members to reserve places promptly for the President’s Ladies Night at the Burlington Hotel on Friday 28th March as time is running out.

Rotarian Aleyn Jordan reported that the Club’s quiz team had successfully negotiated the semi-final round in the District Quiz Competition, but had lost to Diss Rotary Club in the final. There will be no speaker next week as it is a business meeting.

3rd March 2003

At last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club Ex-Superintendent Chris Burgess related his experiences as Police Commissioner on Monserrat, the Caribbean island with an ongoing volcanic eruption. At 39 square miles, the island was 12 miles long and 7 miles across, but is growing as a result of the volcanic outpouring. The volcano first erupted in July 1995 and with a temporary 12 months break, the dome started growing again in March 1999 at a rate of 2.3 cubic metres per second. Initially, the residents’ ability to deal with an erupting volcano was frustrated by poor communication and the squabbling of different interest groups. Eventually, the Governor took a firm grip and imposed a formal communications hierarchy to keep all parties informed and aware of developments. The main centre of Plymouth was completely destroyed with three storey buildings engulfed by volcanic residue and the larger part of the island had restricted entry. One of the main policing problems was the enforcement of prohibited and controlled entry areas with farmers concerned about feeding livestock and animals such as dogs and pigs reverting to their natural wild states.

Hon. Secretary, Rotarian Tony King, reminded members of the next Club Council meeting at the Burlington Hotel on Thursday, 13th March at 7.30 p.m. The Gourmet Evening on 26th February raised £401 for the Polio Eradication project.  

Next week’s speaker will be Marsha Schaitel from the St. Matthews Housing Trust.

24th February 2003

A member’s quiz took place at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club and, somehow, Rotarian Ken Ward managed to both ask the questions and maintain some semblance of order. Rotarian Monty Spandler gave further details of the Stroke Awareness Day, which the Haven Club is arranging jointly with Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Rotary Clubs on 5th April. Publicity caravans will be sited at the TSB/Burtons end of the market place and at Somerfields, Gorleston. Doctors will be in attendance to answer questions and give information 10a.m.- 3.p.m. Rotarian Leslie Seabert reminded members of the Foundation Committee Quiz Night at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 6th March at the Burlington Hotel. Places are still available for teams of four people. After last year’s successful evening, the President’s Ladies Night this year will be returning to the Burlington Hotel on Friday, 28th March, 7.30 for 8 p.m. Next week’s speaker will be Ex-Superintendent Chris Burgess.


17th February 2003

The centenary anniversary of powered flight is on 17th December and it was appropriate for Rotarian Des Sadler to give a talk on aeronautical developments leading up to that event at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. Sir George Cayley is widely recognized as the inventor of the modern airplane. In 1804, he built his first glider “The Boy Carrier”, following it a few years later with another successful glider “The Coachman Carrier”. More importantly, he established the basic principles of aerodynamics which stipulate that an airplane should have a structure (i.e. wings) to carry the machine, be fully controllable and have a means of propulsion. Between 1891-6, the German pioneer, Otto Lilienthal, built 16 different gliders (including two biplanes) and established the principle of the aerofoil. He and Samuel Langley, who designed a steam-powered glider, inspired the Wright Brothers to design their first glider in 1899 at Kitty Hawk, followed by a second one in 1901. The building of a wind tunnel in 1902 was the prelude to their first powered airplane in 1903. On a toss of the coin, Orville made the first flight of 120 feet in 12 seconds, followed by his brother Wilbur, who flew 852 feet in 59 seconds . A member’s quiz is to be arranged for next Monday’s lunchtime meeting.


10th February 2003

Rotarian Philip Gunn, from Gorleston Rotary Club was the speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. Since 1974, he has been involved in the higher and further education of adults, with human behaviour as his specialty. At the invitation of organisations, he acts as a catalyst or a guide to achieving results by bringing about a change of behaviour in personnel. Concentrating on the personal competence of individuals, he has to analyse the way in which people work, their motivations, how they relate to their colleagues and their abilities to both communicate and listen.

Rotarian Leslie Seabert reminded members that the Foundation Committee Quiz Night has been rescheduled for 6th March at 7.30 p.m. The venue, The Burlington Hotel, is unchanged. Entries should be directed to Rotarians Aleyn Jordan or Leslie Seabert without delay.

Next week’s speaker will be introduced by Rotarian Des Sadler.


3rd February 2003

The guest speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club was Mark Fireman who had attended both Duncan Hall School and Great Yarmouth High School before living in Israel for some time. For the last three years, he has been working in the Israeli Embassy in London. He began his talk by paying tribute to Ilan Ramon, the Israeli astronaut who perished in the recent shuttle disaster. With a brief summary of modern Israeli history since independence in 1948, he sketched in a few details about the country itself. It is a country the size of Wales and has a population of 6½ million people, consisting of 5 million Jews and 1 million Moslem/Arabs. It is Britain’s largest trade partner in the Middle East and is the world leader in Search and Rescue training. It’s expertise in Agricultural Development and Computer Technology benefits countries all over the world and is widely is used for training purposes. The vibrancy of the population produces many world leaders in the fields of science, arts and culture. Following the cancellation of the Foundation Committee Quiz Night because of bad weather, Rotarian Leslie Seabert suggested that the rearranged date should be 6th March.   Rotarian Monty Spandler advised members that the Stroke Awareness project had been scheduled for 5th April.

Next week’s speaker will be Philip Gunn.


27th January 2003

Well-known local businessman, Jimmy Jones, was the guest speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. With Health and Safety in Fun Parks and Fairs as his main topic, he specified an incident on the Roller Coaster at Battersea Fun Fair in 1970 as the starting point for the introduction of safety regulations. All safety inspections are independent of the industry and the government. When a new ride is installed or changes made to an existing one, an inspector will visit to assess the ride and make recommendations – both mechanical and electrical. To ensure that recommendations are followed and introduced properly and safely, two return visits are made by the inspector before the ride is allowed to operate. The thorough daily check on the rides was compared to the equivalent annual check on a car, every five days for a train and every fourteen months for an aeroplane. It is a requirement to record every incident, regardless of how minor it is. A number of developments in ride safety have been pioneered at Great Yarmouth and some insurance companies use the local parameters as the industry standard. German, Dutch and Italian companies are regarded as the best manufacturers of rides, with the latter country having great strength in lighting equipment.

Rotarian Aleyn Jordan reported that the Club’s quiz team had reached the quarterfinals of the District competition. This will take place on 3rd March.

Rotarian Bill Cooke told members that the Club’s golf team had come second in the plate competition.

Next week’s speaker will be Mark Fireman, from the Israeli Embassy.


20th January 2003


Last Monday lunchtime was a business meeting for Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. At the beginning of proceedings, Senior Vice-President John Clark announced that President Mike Butcher is to be the new Assistant District Governor – East next year, the first member of the Club to rise to such rank. Community Services Committee Chairman, Rotarian Monty Spandler, reported on the Asda Christmas Shopping evenings and the Christmas party donation to The St. Paul’s Toddlers Group. As usual, Kids Out Day will be in June this year and he is liaising with President Mike Butcher to organise a Stroke Awareness Week. The Club is awaiting a date to make a formal presentation of an incubator to the James Paget Hospital. Rotarian Leslie Seabert, Foundation Committee Chairman, reminded members of the forthcoming Team Quiz Evening and gave advance notice of the Car Rally on Thursday 5th June. Rotarian Norman Bailey asked for the agreement of members to two recommendations from the International Committee. A sum of £600 was donated to the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline and a donation of £485 was made to the Friends of Gambia Organisation for the Visually Impaired to allow them to purchase equipment.

Reporting for the Club Services Committee, Senior Vice-President John Clark confirmed that the Presidents Ladies Night would be held on 28th March at the Burlington Hotel, the Joint Council Dinner on 30th May and the Club’s Charter Dinner on 27th June. Rotarian Ted Witton gave details of the Walking Weekend scheduled for 9-11th May.

Rotarian Aleyn Jordan reminded members that the Club’s quiz team will be facing stiff competition on the evening of Tuesday 21st January at The Fleece, Bungay.

Next week’s speaker will be local businessman, Jimmy Jones.


13th January 2003


Former local man Paul Wiseman was the main speaker at last Monday’s meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. He has been with the British School in Rio de Janeiro for 15 years and Head for the last ten years. The school was founded in 1924 and has 1200 pupils across the full range of ages. It teaches a typical English curriculum for pupils wanting to study for the baccalaureate. He provided a host of statistics for the fifth largest country in the world, the size of the USA, which has 30% of the world’s forest area. Brazil is a country renown for its flora, fauna and species of animals. Rich in resources and with a strong manufacturing base, it is the world’s eighth largest economy. However, much of the country’s wealth is in a few hands and a third of the 160 million population live in severe depredation, with an infant mortality rate of 34 per 1000 and 16% of adults illiterate. With health, education, landless people, overcrowding and crime posing many problems for the newly-elected President, the economy is likely to be the main challenge.

Rotarian Aleyn Jordan advised members that the Club’s quiz team is back in action on the evening of Tuesday 21st January, where it faces a strong Diss side at The Fleece, Bungay.

The Club’s Quiz Team Evening will be held on Thursday 30th January at the Burlington Hotel at 7.30 p.m. Members and supporters are encouraged to obtain entry forms from Rotarian Aleyn Jordan and return them promptly. Proceeds will go to the Rotary Foundation Charity.

Members should also make a note of the Gourmet Evening, which will be held on 26th February.

There will be no speaker next week as it is a business meeting.


6th January 2003

Last Monday, the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club resumed their post-Christmas lunchtime meetings with a talk from Racecourse Manager, Katharine Self, daughter of local sailing enthusiast, Fred Self. Detailing her early life in North Walsham and Blofield, she went on to describe her return to higher education in Cambridge, interspersed with two stints working for stables in the Scottish Borders area. On achieving an HND qualification from college, she obtained a secretarial position at Stratford Racecourse and worked her way up to marketing manager over a 3½ years period. This was followed by a two years stint as Operations Manager at Worcester Racecourse, during which she qualified as a Clerk of the Course after a year’s training. The subject of a successful headhunting commission, she was appointed as Manager at Great Yarmouth Racecourse last September, with two race meetings still to face. She spoke of the owners’ plans to open up the course further for commercial use as a leisure facility. An investment programme commences this winter with track improvements to improve the quality of racing and attract a wider and larger contingent from the racing world. A rebuilding of the grandstand and new restaurant and bars is due to start next winter.


The next Club Council meeting will be at the Burlington Hotel on Thursday 16th January, commencing at 7.30 p.m.


Next week’s speaker will be Paul Wiseman, who will be speaking about his experiences in Brazil.


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