Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club

                 President 2018- 2019 Keith Futter.  

Meets every Monday at 1.00pm.  (not Bank Holidays ) at The Imperial Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. NR30 1EQ   Tel. No. 01493 842000

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December 19th 2005


On Monday evening, members and guests attended the Ladies Christmas Dinner and enjoyed the usual excellent meal. Afterwards, the Dusmagrik Young Peoples Theatre Co. provided a variety of Christmas entertainment.

The Christmas holiday period means that there are no Club meetings on 26th December and 2nd January.

 The Club’s programme resumes on Monday 9th January, when there will be a debate on the Paul Harris Fellowship Award.


December 12th 2005


John Cove struck a very positive note when speaking to members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting. Speaking mainly about growing older, he pointed out that he and his colleagues unsuccessfully attempted a management buyout of a group of hotels and then purchased a hotel and conference centre on the south coast, becoming entrepreneurs around the age of sixty. His firm message was that neither life nor opportunities stop as people approach or reach retirement. The pessimism spread by the media about the cost of support an ageing population would, he suggested, prove to be a temporary blip whilst the baby boomer generation works its way through the system. Generally, people are much healthier and fitter than they were and are able to take account of their overall situations to consider options other than retirement.


Rotarian Robert Lovick gave a brief report on the Shopping Evening when members transported and escorted senior citizens on their annual shopping trip to Asda.


Members attending at the usual time next Monday will be both disappointed and hungry, as it is the date of the Ladies Christmas Dinner, which will take place in the evening (7.30 for 8). 


December 5th 2005


Gary Francis of SARAID was the speaker at last Monday's lunchtime of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. He explained that SARAID consisted of specialist teams that supply Search and Rescue Assistance in Disaster areas. Formed about four years ago, using the expertise and experience of similar organisations, it is a non-governmental organisation charity and is staffed completely by volunteers. Recent areas of activity include Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Algeria, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and the Tsunami disaster area. The most recent undertaking took place on 8th October when a team of twelve volunteers were invited to the Pakistani earthquake area to provide search and rescue operations. Under the auspices of the U.N. coordinators, the team decided to combine resources with a similar group from Germany, which included medical experts and search and rescue dogs. Members were given a vivid, graphic and, sometimes, heart-breaking account of the conditions that the team encountered and the daily, often dangerous, operations in the disaster area.


Rotarian Robert Lovick gave final instructions for the Asda Christmas Shopping Evening, due to take place on Monday 5th December.


At the end of the meeting, President Monty Spandler (right) presented a laptop computer to the David Curtis Technology Trust. Receiving the computer, on behalf of the charity, was Mr Derek Hill (centre), a trustee of the Trust and a recent speaker at the Haven Club. Senior Vice-President Bert Collins (left) also attended the presentation.


Next week's speaker will be John Cove, who will be talking about pensions.


November 21st 2005


Last Monday, the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club returned to their usual venue and listened to a talk by Rosie Crouch of InteGREAT about the road alterations to Regent Road and the promenade. InteGREAT is a partnership of local councils and other organisations that combines the function of introducing schemes to improve the local amenities for residents and visitors and acquiring the finance to fund those schemes. The current road improvements are taking place in the Regent and Nelson Wards, which are scheduled for economic regeneration and can attract European funds. After major consultations, InteGREAT adopted a good quality scheme that would give an identity to the town and provide a cohesive link between town and sea. Other local schemes that involved InteGREAT included The Old Sailors Home, the rebuilding of the Wellington Pier, the provision of beach wheelchairs, the pedestrianisation of Regent Road, recent improvements in the Market Place, the restoration of St. James Church, the provision of three large screens in the town, historic lampposts for a heritage area. Future projects include a thorough survey of the Town Wall, which is the most complete in the country, and a restoration of Market Row.

Rotarian Alan Spinks is taking over the maintenance of the Club’s website and appealed to members to send any information relating to the Club direct to him. 

There will be no speaker next week as it is a Business Meeting.  


President Monty with Rosie Crouch from InteGreat and view of proposed scheme

near Hollywood Cinema Complex. 


November 14th 2005


In place of last Monday’s lunchtime meeting, the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club enjoyed an away day at the premises of Screenprint Plus where they were given a personal tour. The Company, which has now been in Great Yarmouth for 29 years, has extended its services from basic printing and photographic imagery to provision of fruit machine graphics, all types of signage, including commercial fascias and banners, fleet contract signs and point of sale units. During the tour of the premises, which cover in excess of 30,000 square feet, members learnt something of the history of the Company and saw some of the state of the art equipment currently in use. Our thanks go to Rotarian Ian McCreadie and his colleagues for such an interesting and informative visit.

There will be two speakers next Monday – Joe Butcher and Rosie Crouch from Integrate.


11th October2005

At last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club, members were entertained by John Dolan, retired Norwich City College Lecturer. His main topic was his experiences as a Food and Beverage Manager in Nigeria. After growing up in the east end of London, he attended Westminster Technical College for two years and trained as a chef. His first job was with the Cunard Steam Ship Co. on the transatlantic route. Later employers included the Dorchester Hotel and Fortnum and Mason. Marriage provided an incentive to increase his income for house purchase and he went to work for the Nigerian Railway Company. On arrival in Nigeria, he found that he would be working for an Aircraft Company. He related a number of amusing incidents that occurred during the servicing of arriving aircraft, which had to be completed within 45 minutes, and described the attractions of South African Airways. His subsequent move to a hotel and, later, to Sierra Leone was illustrated by anecdotes of intrigue, murder and illicit diamonds.


Prior to the speaker, members discussed an emergency proposition to send help to the victims of the Pakistani earthquake and agreed to provide four shelter boxes.


There will be no speaker at next Monday’s meeting as it is a Business Meeting.


4th October2005

Rosemary Mitchell, of the Norwich Speakers Club, was the guest speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. The main objective of the club is to build confidence through public speaking and it has a membership of around 25.The club is affiliated to Toastmasters International, a worldwide organisation. People join the club for a variety of reasons – some are terrified of speaking in public, others need to improve their speaking skills for professional reasons and it also provides a focal point for social contact and variety. The talk was illustrated with a number of examples to show how guidance and support is used to help members absorb lessons from other speakers and encourage skills to grow over time.


Members on the Club Council should note that there is a Council Meeting on Tuesday, 11th October, a change from the usual day.


Next week’s speaker is John Dolan.  


5th September 2005

History records that on 21st October 1805 at 11.50 a.m. Nelson sent his famous message “England expects that every man will do his duty”. Ten minutes later, the British fleet engaged with the French and Spanish fleets at the commencement of the Battle of Trafalgar.

By a strange coincidence, “Horatio Nelson” is an anagram of “The Noon Sailor” and noon is also the time when ducks will congregate in the Waterways for the annual duck race organised by Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club on Sunday, 18th September. To commemorate the 200th anniversary of Nelson’s notable victory, this year’s event, sponsored by local companies Screenprint Plus and Potters Leisure Resort, will be known as “The Pride of Norfolk Duck Race”, with prize money totalling £350 for each non-corporate race. Spectators are encouraged to bring along Union Jacks and White Ensigns to spur on their ducks. As in previous years, the first race (the green race) will commence at 2 p.m., followed by the Corporate Race and the yellow race. The Mayor of Great Yarmouth will be in attendance to start the races and oversee proceedings. Radio Broadland’s “Black Thunder” will bring welcome glamour to the day’s attractions and a working display of model boats by Gorleston Model Boat Club will add to the entertainment.

Ducks costing £1 each are being sold by Club Members and all branches of Aldreds (The Estate Agents). They are also on sale from 11.a.m. at Waterways on Race Day.

4th July 2005

Last Monday, the Great Yarmouth Rotary Club entered a new era as retiring President Michael Woods installed new President Monty Spandler as his successor. In thanking his officers and club members for their support and confidence over the past year he commented that the greatest thing about the Club is that the world is a better place for the weekly Monday lunches.


On being presented with his chain of office, President Monty Spandler looked forward to an enjoyable year and continued liaison and fellowship with the other two local clubs. He thanked secretary Tony King for his help and guidance on his route to the presidency. On hand to offer their support and good wishes at the induction ceremony were President John Newman and President Alan Potter, new Presidents of the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Clubs respectively.


Also in attendance was Brian Baxter, District Foundation Committee Chairman, who will be returning to the Club to speak about the Foundation Committee next week.



27th June 2005

The Norfolk Probation Service was the subject of a talk by its Chairman, Charles Winstanley, at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Rotary Club. The organisation is approximately 100 years old and employs around 250 staff of the 200,000 officers throughout the country. Apart from the probation aspect of the work, officers also run a drugs treatment and testing centre, contribute to parole decisions, make pre-court recommendations and operate a hostel in Norwich. The UK prison population is around 75,000 and each inmate can cost up to £1,000 per week. It can be argued that a strong and effective community service programme may be preferable to short-term prison sentences, which generally don’t work as a deterrent against further offences. Various types of community work were cited as possible options in the future. The possibility of the service being commercialised was also briefly examined.


Members were warned that more than half the tickets for the Thursford Christmas Carols trip on Wednesday, 30th November have already been taken up.


The next social functions will be the trip to Southwold Theatre in August, followed by the Greyhound Evening on Wednesday 7th September at 7.30 p.m.


There will be no speaker next Monday as it is the Presidential Handover


20th June 2005

Horatio Nelson took pride of place at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Rotary Club when Charles Lewis gave members a taster of his new book “Nelson – I am myself a Norfolk Man”. Nelson was born, one of 11 children, in September 1758 in Burnham Thorpe, where his father was rector. After attending a local school, he went to Norwich Grammar School before transferring to Paston School at North Walsham. On leaving school, he signed on for his uncle’s ship and soon found himself in the Arctic. He passed his naval exam in 1777 and became a captain in 1781 when he was put in charge of protecting a convoy. In 1787, he returned to Burnham Thorpe and spent the next five years there involving himself in various aspects of Norfolk life. By 1793, trouble with France was brewing and he received a further appointment. His reputation as a Naval Commander was established with the Battles of Cape St. Vincent and the Nile. He returned a hero and landed at Gorleston on 6th November, 1800. Throughout his travels, he retained both his Norfolk links, writing to family and friends, and his accent. He had planned to retire to a little cottage in Norfolk. Fate decreed otherwise and this year celebrates the 200th anniversary of his death at the Battle of Trafalgar.


Des Sadler reported that the Gourmet Evening at the Ambitions Restaurant had raised a total of £864.70 from members and guests.


The next social event takes place on Friday, 24th June at 7.30 p.m. when the Club celebrates its Charter Night at the Imperial Hotel.


Early reservations can now be made for the Thursford Christmas Carols trip on Wednesday, 30th November.


Next Monday’s speaker will be introduced by Rotarian Mike Erskine


13th June 2005

Last Monday, the Club Assembly took place and President-Elect Monty Spandler introduced his team of Committee Chairmen, who presented their programmes for the new Rotary year. In a written report Club Service Committee Chairman, Bert Collins, put the well being of the Club at the heart of his programme. His committee would continue to ensure that an interesting panel of speakers was maintained and a balance struck between social activities and charity events. The atmosphere of good fellowship and a healthy, active membership would continue to be the priority for the year.


John Burroughs confirmed that the Community Services Committee had agreed to arrange the Christmas Shopping Evening for a further year and also support the “Kids Out” day, which had involved the Club in hosting a record number of kids at Pleasurewood Hills in the past year. His committee will extend its support for local charity groups for a further year and is hoping to organise a lunch and theatre visit for elderly local residents.


Foundation Committee Chairman, Nick Fenn, advised members that his programme would include social events to enable the Club to sustain its contribution to the Rotary Foundation Charity. He looked forward to welcoming the visiting GSE team to the district and is hoping to involve his committee in the Ambassadorial Scholarship Scheme and a matching Grant project.


Des Sadler reported that the Vocational Committee is investigating a suggestion for student sponsorship. The Rotary-produced CD-ROM “Coping with Life” will be offered to local schools via the School Governors. The committee is also exploring ways to offer sponsorship to young musicians and is hoping to arrange breaks in France for disadvantaged children.


The International Committee Chairman, Ted Witton, reminded members of their efforts in the past year in raising £30,000 for the Asian Tsunami Disaster Appeal and over £5,000 from the Duck Race. The latter event will be the committee’s main fund-raising event and is scheduled to take place on 18th September in the coming Rotary Year. The committee will maintain its tradition of charity with both Water Aid and Aqua Boxes acting as a conduit. Charity funds will be channelled via Rotary International to Africa Hope and Hope and Homes for Children. He is conscious that both his committee and the Club is accountable to the public for funds that are raised from their contributions and will maintain the committee’s vigilance to ensure that money is not misdirected. He urged other bodies to be alert to the possibilities of corruption and employ the same safeguards.


In reply, District Governor, John Gillespie, praised the Club for such a well-prepared Club Assembly. He referred to members’ response in raising money for the Tsunami Appeal and presented President Michael Woods with a small personal gift in recognition of the Club’s achievement. He noted that the project had done Rotary a lot of good and their ability to cut red tape, get round restrictions and ensure that the aid was delivered to the right recipients had rightly earned the public’s trust.


Next Monday, Charles Lewis will be talking about his newly published book about Nelson “I am myself a Norfolk man”.


6th June 2005

There was no speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. In lieu, a noisy and competitive quiz took place and Rotarian Ken Ward did well to control any dissenting voices from the ranks.


Rotarian Leslie Seabert reported on the Car Rally that had taken place the previous Thursday and confirmed profits of £180 for the evening.


Hon. Secretary, Tony King, reminded members that the Ambitions Restaurant Dinner takes place on Wednesday, 15th June and the Club’s Charter Night at the Imperial Hotel on Friday, 24th June. Members wishing to go on the trip to Southwold Theatre on Friday, 12th August are urged to reserve a place without delay.


The Club Assembly takes place next Monday and will be attended by the District Governor.


16th May 2005

In the past, the Club has been involved in the collection of spectacles from people who no longer need them. The spectacles are then forwarded, from a central point, to other parts of the world where they are desperately needed. On Monday, Holly Price talked to members about Vision Aid Overseas and explained exactly what happens to the spectacles when they arrive in other countries. The charity undertakes about 14 projects each year using 6-8 volunteers per project to measure the refractive error of the spectacles and match them to some of the 200 million people who need them. Over the last 20 years, 500,000 patients have been found suitable spectacles to improve their sight. Illustrations of some of the hospital locations in Sierra Leone, Swaziland and Burkina Faso showed aspects of the charity’s work in progress. Some of the patients will walk for days to the hospital locations at the prospect of improving their sight. A secondary function of the organisation is to teach and train local people to undertake the projects and operate on a more independent basis.


Rotarian Ted Witton supplied final details for the walking weekend. Senior Vice President Monty Spandler drew attention to the Car Rally on Thursday, 26th May, the Joint Council Dinner at Lazzarella’s on Friday 3rd June, the Ambitions Restaurant Dinner on Wednesday, 15th June, the Club’s Charter Night at the Imperial Hotel on Friday, 24th June and the trip to Southwold Theatre on Friday, 12th August.


Next Monday’s speaker, Chris Noble, will talk about Water Aid.



9th May 2005

Rotarian Bob Price was the subject of a Focus Interview by Rotarian Ken Ward at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. In a lively and entertaining résumé of his life, he revealed that he was born in Maidstone, but moved to Great Yarmouth at the age of four when his parents took over a local alehouse. He attended Northgate Infants, Runham Vauxhall and Technical High Schools before becoming an apprentice compositor at Clowes Printers. He stayed with the firm for six years and was a copy preparer when he left to enter the heating and plumbing trade after helping his father-in-law at weekends. He explained how the firm introduced and was one of the leading exponents of galvanised products and prospered. It continued to do well and is still a successful and respected business in the town, with Bob rising to the heights of National Chairman of his professional association. Many sports people in the town remember him as a keen footballer and cricketer and, latterly, as a football referee. He commented on his enjoyment of the fellowship within Rotary and also referred to another contribution he makes to the local community – that of magistrate.


Senior Vice President Monty Spandler referred to the forthcoming walking weekend and encouraged members to firm up their reservations for the following events – the Car Rally on Thursday, 26th May, the Joint Council Dinner at Lazzarella’s on Friday 3rd June, the Ambitions Restaurant Dinner on Wednesday, 15th June, the Club’s Charter Night at the Imperial Hotel on Friday, 24th June and the trip to Southwold Theatre on Friday, 12th August.


The speaker at next Monday’s meeting will be Holly Price.



19th April 2005

One of the delights of being a Rotarian is that, occasionally, a phenomenon arrives, other than the radiant countenance of President Michael, and brightens the day of all members present. One such event occurred last Monday lunchtime when the Haven Club hosted the GSE team from Argentina at its weekly meeting. The team of Andrea, Graciela, Team leader Jorge, Maria and Virginia (left to right on photo below) introduced themselves and gave a short visual presentation. They are all lawyers who practise in the Buenos Aries province. Their visit coincided with a short address by The Mayor of Great Yarmouth, Councillor Mike Taylor, who was accompanied by his wife, Brenda. Giving a brief summary of his year of office, he commented on the contribution that Rotary makes to the community and referred to three individual members and their efforts with regard to the Time and Tide Museum. Other highlights of his Mayoral Year included the £3,000 raised at the Bangladeshi Evening at St. Nicholas Church, the inward £75 million investment on the wind farm, the introduction of public art sculptures in the Middlegate area and the possibility of the reinstatement of a Youth Mayor. He made particular reference to the number of foreign guests who had enjoyed visits to the Town Hall and took especial pleasure that the Assembly Room in the Town Hall is to be used, once again, for a civic evening.


Honorary Secretary Tony King drew the attention of members to a possible visit to the Southwold Theatre on 12th August.


There is no speaker next Monday as it is not only a Business Meeting, but also the Club’s AGM.


12th April 2005

Local naturalist, Arthur Patterson was the subject of Beryl Tooley’s talk at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary. He was born in 1857 in Row 36, son of a shoemaker and the youngest of nine children. His mother died when he was three. He attended the Primitive Methodist School and was taught by William Wallace. He was good at drawing, reading and writing, but it was the nature rambles in the country that kindled his love of nature. On his father’s allotment, he could hear the sounds of the birds on the Breydon side. As soon as he was able, he frequented both the riverside and the seaside and made friends with the people who lived and worked there. In 1878, at the age of 21, he had his first letter published in the press, the first of many letters and numerous articles, many written under his pen name of John Knowlittle. A year later, he married Alice Paston and, subsequently, undertook a variety of jobs including Singer Sewing Machines salesman, Insurance Agent, Theatre Ticket Collector, postman, zoo-keeper (in both Dublin and Preston) and a warehouse man at Palmers. In 1898, he took the position of School Attendance Officer and held it for 32 years. It was an ideal position as he had a way with children, probably because of his story telling, and truancy fell dramatically. The work gave him the time to pursue his first love of wild life. Although he was an all-round naturalist, his speciality was wading birds and fish and virtually all his spare time was spent in a nature environment. It was a wonder he found time to write more than 20 books. When he retired on a pension of 15/6d per week, he moved to Hellesdon, but his wife never fitted in and died shortly after. He returned to Great Yarmouth and lived in Southtown before his death in 1935.

Honorary Secretary Tony King reminded members that there is a Club Council meeting at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday 21st April at PKF offices.

Next Monday, the Club will host the Group Study Exchange team from Argentina, a meeting that will be attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Great Yarmouth.



5th April 2005

Mark Barrow, Deputy Chief Executive to the Borough Council, was the speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary. His subject was the Tourist Industry in Great Yarmouth. With 14,000 people employed in tourist related jobs, it is still very important to the local economy. A brief summary of competitive elements focussed on cheap flights abroad and foreign investment in such emerging economies as China. He reflected on the kind of customer research that large companies undertake and the nature of modern advertising and queried if local tourism should be about dream fulfilment, providing people with an experience rather than a service. A large consultative initiative is underway to seek opinions from the Sea Front Partnership and other interested parties so that a local plan can be compiled and provide a new planning framework for the whole of the local tourist industry. He made reference to the outer harbour, the regional casino and plans to improve the gateways to the town, river frontage and areas such as Southtown and Cobholm.

Senior Vice President Monty Spandler advised members that a new “Welcome to Great Yarmouth” sign provided by the three local Rotary Clubs to commemorate the centenary of Rotary is now in place at Vauxhall Station. He thanked Screenprint Plus for sponsoring the project.

President Michael Woods reminded those present that the Mayor and Mayoress would be attending the meeting on 18th April, when the Club is welcoming a Group Study Exchange Team from Argentina. The next Club Council meeting will be on Thursday 21st April (7.30 p.m. start) at PKF premises.

Next week, Beryl Tooley will be talking about local Naturalist, Arthur Patterson.



22nd March 2005

At last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club, Rotarian Terry Ashbourne gave an illustrated talk on Belarus. Bordering Poland, Russia and Ukraine, Belarus is a land-locked country about the same size as Britain, but with a population of only 10 million. It is generally flat, with lots of marshland and its 10,000 lakes and 3,000 rivers make it a popular destination for boating holidays. The wild life is also similar to this country, but the lower population leaves more room for a wider variety of wild animals such as wolves, bison and bears. Hunting is a popular sport. It has a labour-intensive agriculture, with 46% of the land still farmed to produce the main crops of sugar beet, potatoes and flax. The capital, Minsk, was almost completely rebuilt after the war and is quite modern, but some of the remoter rural areas are lacking in basic facilities such as sanitation, collecting water from a standpipe or well. The nuclear accident at Chernobyl is still causing defects such as brittle bone disease in newly born children. The disaster has also had a huge social impact leading to a large number of families breaking up and 30,000 children in orphanages. Despite their many problems, the local people give a warm and friendly welcome to visitors and are generous to the extreme.

Rotarian Les Seabert reported on the success of the Foundation Quiz Night, which raised around £220.

Rotarian Ted Witton reminded members about the Walking Weekend on 20th-21st May, based at the Lestrange Arms, Hunstanton.


The Club’s Centennial Project was deemed to be one of the most worthwhile in the District and, in recognition of that, District Governor, John Gillespie, attended the meeting in his official capacity to present an award to President Michael Woods.

Members should note that there is no meeting next Monday as it is a Bank Holiday. The speaker for Monday 4th April will be Mark Barron.


15th March 2005

Phil Rider, Managing Director of Digital Phone Services and Digital Insurance Services, was the speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. As a Director of Business Link, he spoke about what is happening in Norfolk and Suffolk. The regional agenda is for a seamless plan to cover the whole region’s government funding with a focus on new business and improving training and development. Norfolk is the fifth largest shire county in the country, with a population of 800,000. Norwich is the largest financial cluster in Eastern England and is one of the top ten retail centres in the country. The UEA has a world reputation as a research centre in its specialist subjects. The Broads and the coast is the largest tourist destination in the area, with 27 million visitors’ nights each year. For the future, the Norwich-Cambridge section of the A11 will be a fully dual carriageway by 2008, as will the Burlingham bypass. The new Norwich Bus Station was funded by a £9.5 million investment and will provide enhanced railway links. A northern bypass is planned for Norwich, with improved facilities at Norwich Airport. For Yarmouth, Eastport has already been approved, improvements to the Vauxhall roundabout are planned and efforts will be made to relieve congestion at the Eastern end of the A47. Dual carriageway from Yarmouth to the A1 was specified, though no date was provided for the Yarmouth-Acle section.
Next week’s speaker will be Ken Sims from Thrigby Wild Life Park.

28th February 2005

At last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club David McDermott, Chairman of St. Georges Theatre, entertained members with a number of humorous anecdotes that covered such diverse topics as the Chelsea Flower Show, Pantomimes, Anne Widdicombe, a local branch of the W.I. and Roedean School.


The next social function is the celebratory dinner to commemorate the Rotary Centenary at the Race Course on Friday, 11th March at 7 p.m.


This event will be followed by the Foundation Quiz, which will be held on Thursday 17th March, (7 for 7.30 p.m.) at the Burlington Hotel.


There is no speaker next week as it is a business meeting.


14th February 2005

The speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club was Philip Feller from Friends of GOVI (Gambian Organisation for the Visually Impaired). This was a return visit to the Club to provide an update of the work that had been completed in Gambia. He reminded members that funds raised by donations from a number of organisation and individuals had enabled the building of a purpose-built school which was opened by the Gambian Vice-President two years ago. A dining hall/community centre was subsequently added, but the limited electricity supply inhibited use of it. This problem was solved by the purchase of a generator and the hall is now in full use. The purchase of a Braille machine and paper has been of great assistance to educational progress and the ability to conduct examinations. He also gave a humorous account of the delivery of a second-hand mini-bus by retired volunteers who drove it from England to Gambia, encountering a number of problems en route. This has allowed children from outer-lying areas to attend the school for the first time.


Rotarian Wally Ladmore reminded members that the Foundation Quiz will be held on Thursday 17th March, 7 for 7.30 p.m. at the Burlington Hotel.


Members are reminded that there is no Lunchtime meeting next Monday as the Club is hosting a special joint centennial luncheon for the three local clubs on Wednesday, 23rd February (12 p.m.), the day that Rotary was formed. There has also been a good response to the celebratory dinner to commemorate the Rotary Centenary at the Race Course on Friday, 11th March at 7 p.m.


31st January  2005

At last Monday’s Literary Lunch, the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club were entertained by a small team of bookworms ably led by Rotarian Ken Ward. They provided contributions from Shakespeare, Hugo Williams, Dante Rossetti, Colin Grantham, Stephen Fry and Roger Woddis among others.


Honorary Secretary Tony King reminded members of the approaching special joint centennial luncheon for the three local clubs on Wednesday, 23rd February (12 p.m.), the day that Rotary was formed. There will also be a celebratory dinner to commemorate the Rotary Centenary at the Race Course on Friday, 11th March at 7 p.m.


Next week’s meeting will be an evening meeting (7 for 7.30 p.m.) and not a lunch. As usual, the venue will be the Burlington Hotel and the speaker will be Canon Ivan Bailey.


24th January  2005

Members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club bid their farewells to founder member and former President Brian Nichol and his wife Margaret at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting. President Michael Woods summarised Brian’s record of service to the Club, which includes periods as International Committee Chairman, Foundation Committee Chairman, Treasurer and Auditor. In recognition of his exceptional service during the period of his membership, Brian has been made an Honorary Member for life. The good wishes of all the members and families go with Brian and Margaret as they start their new life in Australia.


In a departure from the programme, President Michael Woods gave an account of his trip to Bangladesh with Mayoress Brenda Taylor. A humorous description of the Bangladesh Evening at St. Nicholas Church revealed that a sum of £3,500 was raised. Local schoolchildren added a further £790 by collecting 2p coins in addition to a large quantity of clothing. The purpose of the trip to Bangladesh was to ensure that the sum raised was put to the best possible use. With the help of local Rotary contacts, a small team visited a number of areas to determine who had the most need. It became obvious that the greatest impact could be made if the money was spent in one village. Using local builders and labourers, the village was supplied with hygienic toilets and new wells to provide clean water. In addition, 260 new saris were purchased for the village women and three blind residents were each given £50, sufficient to provide all their meals for three months.


Honorary Secretary Tony King asked members to indicate their attendance at the special joint centennial luncheon for the three local clubs on Wednesday, 23rd February (12 p.m.), the day that Rotary was formed. The celebratory dinner to commemorate the Rotary Centenary will be at the Race Course on Friday, 11th March at 7 p.m.


Members are reminded that the meeting on 7th February will be an evening meeting commencing at 7 p.m.

There will be a Literary Lunch next Monday.


17th January  2005

At last Monday’s lunchtime business meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club, Community Services Committee Vice-Chairman, Terry Ashbourne, sought and obtained agreement for donations to Caister ATC, the Young Citizens Guild and the Red Cross. All three organisations assisted the Club with the Asda Christmas Shopping Evening. Foundation Committee Chairman, Les Seabert, reported a profit of £182 from the raffle at the Ladies Christmas Dinner. Provisional dates for the Quiz Night and Car Rally are Thursday, 17th March and Thursday 26th May respectively. Des Sadler, Chairman of Vocational Committee, advised members that his committee had examined the possibility of an exchange scheme being set up with a school in the area after receiving a request from ten pupils at a school in California. However, it was felt that the Californian pupils would prefer a school in a less remote area. Rotarian Ted Witton reported that an initial £15,000 from the Tsunami Disaster Appeal had been allocated for Shelter Boxes and these had been despatched to the stricken areas. There was a consensus within his committee that the remaining amount (approximately £15,000) should be used in the same way. This was supported by the Club Council and agreed by members. Further donations of £500 each were agreed for Impact (India/Sri Lanka), Intermediate Technology, Tools for Self Reliance, Water Aid and the Jaipur Limb Centre.


Senior Vice-President Monty Spandler reminded members that the special joint centennial luncheon for the three local clubs on Wednesday, 23rd February (12 p.m.), the day that Rotary was formed, means that there will be no Monday meeting that week. The celebratory dinner to commemorate the Rotary Centenary will be at the Race Course on Friday, 11th March at 7 p.m. The Club will host the GSE delegation from Argentina on 18th April.


Members are reminded that the meeting on 7th February will be a evening meeting commencing at 7 p.m.



10th January  2005

Chris Skinner, solicitor for Great Yarmouth Town Council, was the speaker at last Monday’s lunchtime meeting of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club. His subject was the new licensing laws due to come in force on 7th February. In it’s 1997 election manifesto, the government gave a commitment to update the licensing laws. A white paper was issued in 2000, resulting in the Licensing Act, 2003. The framework has taken two years to set up. The main thrust of the Act moves the decision-making process away from local magistrates to the local authority. The aims were:


(a)    To replace the antiquated systems with a modern system

(b)   To provide a more flexible and responsive system

(c)    To provide a modern system that is cheaper and easier to run, but is protective to those needing protection.


The characteristics of the new system are:


(1)   It is up to individual licensees to decide exactly what it is they want to do.

(2)   If there are no objections, the application is automatically approved.

(3)   The Council’s Licensing Committee will deal with any objections.

(4)    The system will be fully operational by November

(5)   Once an application is approved, it will be for the lifetime of the business, subject to an annual renewal fee.


He went on to list some of the exemptions and to explain the seemingly intricate process of actually making an application.


There is no speaker next week as it is a business meeting.



4th January  2005

Despite their break for the Christmas holiday period, the members of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club made a prompt response to the Asia Tsunami Disaster Appeal. A sum of £2,500 was authorised on the expenditure of five shelter boxes. These will be despatched to the stricken areas under the auspices of Rotary International. Then, following the initiative of Rotarian Mike Butcher, members rallied round with collecting tins at various venues throughout the town and raised a total of £13,000 in three days. The sum is likely to go direct to the Shelter Box fund and will provide semi-permanent accommodation and support for over 250 people. A total of £9675 was raised at Tesco’s Store, £861 at B & Q, £907 at the Oceans Rooms, £762 at the Atlantis Arena and a further £400 at the Long Bar Complex and the Marina Centre. Additionally, a number of personal contributions have been made through Gift Aid to swell the amount from income tax rebates. The final total is expected to grow as the proceeds from other collections and from a special show at Potters Leisure Resort are received. For those wishing to support this event, it takes place at the Resort’s Atlas Theatre on Sunday 9th January at 2.30 p.m. (Adult tickets are £10 and £5 for children). President Michael Woods wishes to express his sincere thanks to all those involved in raising the money for this worthwhile cause and commented, “All our efforts have been made out of respect for the resilience of the people to rebuild their lives with the help that we can send them”.



Rotarian John Westgate,

Public Relations Officer  


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