Rotarian John Tomalin was this week’s speaker who talked about his  experience in researching the family tree.  Having retired and with time to spare John decided to trace his family history and explained to the members how he set about fulfilling this task.  Before the internet one would rely on the paper trail researching local documentation held in libraries and similar institutions and in some cases visiting locations where family members had resided.  However with the birth of the World Wide Web obtaining information became that much easier.  With the Census information now accessible on line it gave John the opportunity to trace some of the missing family members where he had little or no background information.  John admitted that he had always intended to obtain vital family information from his mother but sadly she died before this was achieved.  He went on to explain the many different internet sites that were available but admitted that certain information still had be to examined on hard copy once the trail became cold.  With the aid of his computer he was able to display pictures of some of the  family members he had traced. He discovered several problems  when people were known under one name but were registered at birth with a different Christian name, or where the hand written entries were not completely legible causing some confusion with his research.  This was a most interesting presentation and the vote of thanks was undertaken by the Junior Vice President Robert Lovick