Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club


                  President 2015 - 2016 Peter Bondi.



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Des ( Wordsworth ) Sadler

President 1984/85       




Most people know where Rotarians go

As Bernard Shaw once told them so

An honest , upright, righteous bunch

Once a week they meet for lunch


The Haven Club soon found its niche

The price was right for the not too rich

Parking was easy at Shadingfield Lodge

Just accept unflavoured stodge


Every Monday at one o’clock

With pint of beer or glass of hock

Men of substance, not prone to doubts

Gobbled up the well-boiled sprouts


Chicken pie and cauliflower

Does imbue an awesome power

Clockwork motion it will give

No need to take a laxative


Three years of mushy peas and chips

Members grew tired of greasy lips

Not only were the guts a-rumbling

Loud the sound of Rotarians grumbling


In the winter of their discontent

Many murmurings were vent

Was the time right for a move

Should they leave this shady groove


Where not to find their lunchtime nosh?

Some place not grabbling loads of dosh

Carlton, Imperial, expensive towers

The Ship was decked with plastic flowers


Deliberations, involved and long

Important not to get it wrong

The Windyshore was not too keen

The Burlington must be the scene


So it was in the bleak and cold

The Haven Club in a mood so bold

Gave the heave to poor old Dickie

And placed its faith in its own Ricky


No looking back, no sense of loss,

This was an easy bridge to cross

They soon made themselves at home

It is unlikely they will roam


Always find a welcome here

Laughs accompany each half of beer

Just ignore the grumpy midget

See a smile from the lovely Bridget


Enjoy the culinary height

Lunching here is pure delight

Each man can nor enjoy himself

Express your thanks to the family Delf

Updated: 18/08/2015



The club meets every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at  Burlington Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth at 1.00 p.m. 


Telephone: +44 1493 844568


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