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George Ermini

President 1995 - 96

I was in my late 20’s when I was taken to Rotary by the late Geoff Drury and became a member of the Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club weeks later. I enjoyed the company of my slightly older Rotarian colleagues and got involved at an early age as Youth Exchange Officer for 2-3 years and then International Chairman.

 A few years later when some of us were returning by train form Winschoten, Holland; a trip which I had helped organise (in which a few nearly got thrown off the train), I must have impressed the then President and hierarchy, or maybe they were desperate, and was asked to take on the Presidency. I considered myself far too young but accepted with some anxiety a couple of years later, thinking that I had a while to prepare myself but how quickly the time passed! There was I, following in the footsteps of Ken Ward and many other good Presidents before me. Which made me wonder ‘How can I match them?’ Then it came to me; I should not attempt to copy them but be myself and have a fun year. I was 41 and younger than most Rotarians when joining.

 Of course there were difficult times, but most Mondays were fun as were our evening functions and Ladies’ Nights, especially the Greek evening where we had Greek food and dare I say a “Turkish” belly dancer provided by Rotarian Charles Lewis, also our somewhat different Christmas carols where my young children and I sang carols in Greek.

Being President I am sure has given me so much more confidence in myself, and a wider knowledge of Rotary and life in general. I would recommend to those who are nervous and think they couldn’t possibly take on such responsibility to just do it! The support you get from the entire club really makes it a special year in your life. I hope I live long enough to enjoy it second time around.


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