Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club


                  President 2015 - 2016 Peter Bondi.



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Ian Tilley

President 1982 - 83

              The Rotary year 1982/83 was one of consolidation for the Great Yarmouth Haven Club, following its inaugural year with all the excitement that the formation and launching of a new club brings.

               A drive for membership was successful and the committees got down to the hard work of establishing and carrying out their programmes.  The passing of time dulls the memory and much of the specific detail and events are now long forgotten but a full programme of business and social events expected of any self-respecting Rotary Club was undertaken with enthusiasm.  At the end of the year the Club was in a stronger position financially and also with its membership than it was at the start of the year, and for foundations laid the previous year under the Presidency of John Dawson were being built upon and the successful Club we have today was beginning to take shape.


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The club meets every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at  Burlington Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth at 1.00 p.m. 


Telephone: +44 1493 844568


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