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                 President 2018- 2019 Keith Futter.  

Meets every Monday at 1.00pm.  (not Bank Holidays ) at The Imperial Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. NR30 1EQ   Tel. No. 01493 842000

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Rotary International offers a broad range of humanitarian, intercultural, and educational programs and activities designed to improve the human condition and advance the organization's ultimate goal of world understanding and peace. Nine structured programs and nine service opportunities help clubs and districts achieve their service goals in their own communities and in communities abroad, fostering fellowship and goodwill in the process.

International Service Committee 2018 - 2019

Ian Thomson     Chairman

Richard Delf..    Vice Chairman.

Alan Carman

David Neve

George Ermini

Ian McCreadie

Ian Tilley

Derrick Garwood





What exactly is a Sand Dam?


A Sand Dam is a steel reinforced concrete (or technically speaking, rubble stone masonry) wall built across a seasonal sandy riverbed.  During the rainy season, a seasonal river forms and carries soil (made up of sand and silt) downstream.  The heavy sand accumulates behind the dam, whilst the lighter silt washes downstream over the dam wall.  Within one to four rainy seasons the dam completely fills with sand.  However, up to 40% of the volume held behind the dam is actually water stored between the sand particles.  The water can be abstracted from the sand dam in three main ways: Traditional scoop holes; an infiltration gallery either leading a tank behind the dam and/or piped through the dam leading to a tap; an infiltration gallery leading to a sealed shallow well in the valley side – topped with a hand pump. 

Sand Dams are not only cost-effective but last at least 30-50 years and along with the virtually zero operation and maintenance costs make them a remarkably low-cost, sustainable solution to rural water supply.

What are Sand Dams? 


Sand Dams are the most cost-effective form of rainwater harvesting and provide communities with a clean, local and reliable source of water – even during periods of drought.

Sand Dams store up to 20 million litres of water and provide a year-round supply for up to 1,000 people – with virtually zero operation and maintenance costs.  Sand Dams store water under sand, protecting it from contamination and evaporation – cleaner water that lasts longer.

Sand Dams save people up to 8 hours a day because they provide water to families an average of only 30 minutes from home.  Communities are then able to invest this time in protecting their land from erosion and investing in climate smart agriculture.



Meeting held at Apollo Tavern on Monday 20th February 2012

Present...   Ian Thomson, Alan Spinks, Norman Bailey, Ted Witton, Richard Delf, David Neve, Bert Collins.

It was proposed that as there were no more favoured donations to make that 8 Shelter Boxes at £490 each would be purchased.

The total amount would be sent directly to the Organisation.

A previous proposal of £250 to Water Aid in the Phillipines was agreed and sent. Also £250 to Aqua Box.

The Duck Race was discussed and felt more ducks needed to be purchased.

Supported in 2011

Aquaboxes, Brendon Taylor International Malaria, Calls for Heroes, Japan Tsunami .

This year it was felt that allocations for International would be better used by the Community committee for local use and this policy would be reviewed for next Rotary Year.

International Committee Meeting June 9th 2011

Meeting held at Apollo Tavern discussing Charity funds and The Duck Race 2011.

Present     Ian Thomson, Alan Spinks, Bert Collins, Alan Carman, Brian Potter, David Neve, Ian McCreadie, Norman Bailey.

Apologies   Richard delf, Mike Muskett, John Westgate, Ted Witton


Duck Race 2010   Report here.

Charities supported in 2010

Shelter Boxes, Covenant Home Trust, Acle High School, Field of Life.

International Committee Meeting June 21st 2010

Meeting held at The Apollo Tavern at 7.30pm.

Those attending to discuss minutes of last meeting, Donations, The Duck Race, Sponsors and Pre-race responsibilities were :-

Richard Delf, Ian McCreadie, Alan Carman, Bert Collins, Ian Thomson, Brian Potter, Ted Witton, Alan Hall and Alan Spinks.



Chairman Richard Delf reported that following the lunchtime meeting on 25th January when Dr. David Watson spoke about a charity called ‘Fields of Life’ constructing a school in Uganda, £1,000 had been anonymously donated by one of our members. Richard asked Council if they would support matching this most generous donation and made it a formal proposal. The proposal was seconded by John Burroughs and carried by Council.

At the Business Meeting this proposal was seconded by Ian Thomson and carried.

 Richard then also referred to the presentation by the pupils from Acle High School this time with emphasise on the ‘porridge fund’ which would help give the Kenyan school pupils a breakfast before school lessons, something which a number of them lacked completely. He proposed Haven donate £500 specifically to this fund.

The proposal was seconded by Ian Thomson and carried by Council. 

At the Business Meeting this proposal was seconded by Ian Thomson and carried.

Projects and Charities supported during 2009

Shelter Box    Water Aid    Sight Savers     Jaipur Limb Centre    Hope and Homes for Children    IMPACT

Tools for Self Reliance    Project 2009 Kenya     Project 2009  Africa


July 13th 2009

Service Committee Meeting at The Apollo Tavern

Report later...


April 20th 2009

Service Committee Meeting at The Apollo Tavern


Richard Delf, Ian McCreadie, Norman Bailey, John Burroughs, Alan Carman, Alan Spinks, Bertie Collins, Alan Hall, Ian Thomson


David Neve, Brian Potter, John Westgate, Ted Witton

Donations..... It was agreed to fund 3 Shelter Boxes ( £1500 ) to replace stocks used in the Italian Earthquake disaster.

Duck Race Sponsors.... The Chairman, Ian McCreadie and Bertie Collins volunterred to seek sponsors for the "green" and " yellow" races.  Ian McCreadie reported that Brian Potter had offered to contribute up to £200 if Race Day profits were less than £5000.

Pre Race Responsibilities..... These were approved as written, with the addition of Alan Carman to the corporate race sub-committee and Bertie Collins to organise the provision of 16 barriers and 4 wheelie bins.

Next meeting.... July 6th at the Apollo Tavern.


July 28th 2008

International Service Report


Richard Delf ( Chairman ), Ian McCreadie, Norman Bailey, Bert Collins, Alan Hall, Brian Potter, Alan Spinks, Ian Thomson, Ted Witton

Apologies from Alan Carman, David Neve, John Westgate

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.


The project submitted by T.C.Harry for a 50% funding for 3 Nigerian Village boreholes at a total cost of £3300 ( £1650 for us ) was again discussed.

The chairman reported that he was in touch with Anglian Water regarding the cost of £1100 per borehole and would have an answer in good time for next meeting.

Norman stated that it seemed illogical to send money to a country that was the eigth largest oil producer in the world, surely with the enormous increase in revenues, they must be able to provide a basic water supply to their villages. Brian felt it was important to support members projects when ever possible.

A proposal to donate £500 to Tools for Self-reliance was agreed without dissent.

The final arrangements and pre race responsibilities for members was discussed and noted. Any member not sure of his duty on the day, please ask Norman.

Date of next meeting..... Monday 15th September 7.30pm Burlington.


April 28th 2008


Chairman Richard Delf reported that his Committee would like to make the following two proposals; that,

£1,000 be donated to the Mercy Ships Charity.

£1,000 be donated to the Wheelchair Foundation.

(The wheelchairs would be distributed as needed by the Leonard Cheshire Charity).

President Ian seconded these 2 proposals en-bloc and they were agreed by all those present.

At the A.G.M.of April 28th this joint proposal was put to the Membership. It was seconded by Alan Carman and carried by a majority of those present.


January 2008


Chairman Richard Delf reported that his Committee would like to propose the funding of 4 Shelter Boxes at a cost of £490 each (£1,960). This was seconded by Ted Witton and passed.

 The question of Aqua Boxes was then discussed as there was a Tri-Club initiative to fund the contents of 45 of these. They would be collected and delivered by transport supplied by Simon Cooper of the Gorleston Club at no cost. Haven would be responsible to fill 15 boxes at approx’ £50 each. A list of recommended items has been provided (attached).

After much discussion, President Ian proposed that £750 should be made available from the Charity Account to cover this project. This was seconded by Robert Parker and carried.

At the Business Meeting of 28th January, Robert Parker gave the Club full details of this project and made a formal proposal which was seconded by Ian Thomson and carried by a majority.

International Committee Donations 

International Service Committee 2007

Minutes of International Services Committee Meeting held at Burlington Hotel Great Yarmouth on Monday 19th February 2007.


Ted Witton, Norman Bailey, Mike Butcher, Richard Delf, TC Harry, Brian Potter, Les Seabert, Alan Spinks.


Were received from Alan Carman,  Derek Garwood, Alan Hall, Ian McCreadie David Neve, and Ian Thomson

 Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Minutes of previous meeting Mon 15th January were taken as read.

 Matters Arising: Issue of Foundation officer having vote at Council Meeting has been deferred by Council for next year’s incumbents to consider.

 Correspondence and Charitable Donations:

1.        Since the Club had ratified our Committee’s proposals at the last Club Business Meeting, there was little to discuss. Chairman had mislaid correspondence from Fleggburgh lady (Julie Howlett) - re Project African Wilderness,  but had now obtained a contact number and £250 distribution could be made shortly. We have also still to make £250 distribution to Buenos Aires (Andrea) but Mike Butcher has this in hand.

2.        We are therefore left with £1000 earmarked equally for Shelter Box and Aqua Box, if there is a specific disaster, but to be sent at Rotary year end if there is not. We also have contrived to have £500 in hand by persuading the Club to fund the Foundation contribution and Chernobyl children.

3.        E-mail from Hugh Davies suggesting our Water Aid contibution be pooled in a matching grant scheme for NE Natal. Too late as distribution already made, but may bear in mind if funds remain available at year end and ask Club for an extr £100 to poay for one well.

 Allocation of Duties for 2007 Duck Race – Sunday Sept 23rd.

 Allocation of Duties – Duck Race 23th Sept 2007. Draft approved

 Norman Bailey

  • Sheet Distribution (and numbering)
  • Commentary for mid section of race.
  • Duck Race Income and Payout

Alan Carman

  • Corporate Race Sub Committee

Derek Garwood/ TC Harry

  • Sales on Race Day from Command Module.

Richard Delf

  • Corporate Race Sub Committee
  • “Free agent to handle any matters arising on the day and therefore relieved of Commentary from start of race
  • Corporate Race trophies.
  • Waterways Banners
  • Thank you letters from President
  • Care of Mayor (with President)

Alan Hall

  • Sheet numbering
  • Model Boat Club liaison
  • Corporate Duck numbering

Ian McCreadie

  • Corporate Race Sub-Committee
  • Printing
  • Banners
  • Trailer liaison

David Neve

  • Supply wet suits
  • Course layout
  • Duck herding

Alan Spinks

  • Course layout
  • Water Marshall

Ian Thomson

  • Selwood Pumps Liaison
  • Course layout
  • Advertiser liaison
  • Supply of audio equipment
  • Approach to S.J.A.B.

Ted Witton

  • Lottery Registration. Completed
  • Requests for Race Sponsorship. Awaiting response from Ian McCreadie, LB & Co and PKF. Brian Potter has agreed
  • Approach to Borough Council re Waterways Bert Collins has confirmed verbally following letter
  • Approach to Foundation Committee for day assistance with sales etc.
  • Risk Assessment Preparation
  • Publicity – Mercury, Advertiser, EDP What’s On, Radio Broadland Black Thunder, Radio Beach, Market Place Screen
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Assist with Audio on Race Day.
  • Waterways Liaison – David Halfacre
  • Day Manning Levels and Timings

  Other Non- Committee Members


  • Entertainment of Mayor elect

 John Westgate

  • Assist with Press Publicity
  • Day Sales

 John Dawson

Medical attendance

 John Wiseman


 Date of Next  International Services Committee Meetings

 2nd April

21st May – concentration on advertising

30th July

10th September – Final details of 2007 Event

19th November – Dinner at Charcoal Grill

 There being no further business of an official nature, the meeting closed at 9.15pm. Kitty still in credit  £22 and a few odd bits of change that Richard kept.

 Minutes of International Services Committee Meeting held at Burlington Hotel Great Yarmouth on Monday 15th January 2007.


Ted Witton, Norman Bailey, Mike Butcher, Alan Carman,  Richard Delf, Alan Hall, Les Seabert, Ian McCreadie Ian Thomson


Were received from Derek Garwood, David Neve, Brian Potter, and Alan Spinks.

 Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Minutes of previous business meeting 3 Sept deemed irrelevant as they detailed planning for 2006 Duck Race. No minutes capable of being recorded for Nov. Dinner meeting.

 Correspondence and Charitable Donations:

Chairman summarised numerous items of correspondence.


1.        Further discrete enquiries re www, as suggested by Brian Potter.

2.        2006 Duck Race profit confirmed as a record £6052.

3.        We have received in addition allocation of £2000 from Club Charity Account.

4.        £500 each already sent to Intermediate Technology and Impact

5.        We have already resolved to recommend to Council:

Water Aid                             £1000

Hope & Homes                     £1000

Sight Savers                          £  500

Mercy Ships                         £  500

Jaiphur Limbs                       £  750


6.        This left a balance of £3302  for consideration  and it was resolved that we would make further recommendations to Council as follows:

Wheelchair Foundation      £  500

GY Youth/Ukraine trip         £  500 (via International Aid Foundation)

Project African Wilderness£ 250

Brenda Taylor Africa trip   £ 250

Argentine GSE request       £  250



7.        Agreed that we hold back £1000 earmarked for Shelter Box, Aqua Box assistance in a particular region, in anticipation of a disaster somewhere before Rotary year end which we might wish to prioritise, but failing which, funds to be remitted without specific reservation to those charities by Rotary year end

8.        This leaves a balance in hand of £500. We are conscious that recent additional aircraft take-off tax by UK government will increase costs of Chernobyl visits this year. In view of our own members’ involvement would wish to see the club’s contribution increase accordingly, over and above last year’s contribution of £1000 to £1080. Whilst we would prefer to see this come from Club Charity Account which appears to be flush at present, without eating into the modest surplus remaining available to International Committee, we are content to leave this to Council’s discretion. However,

9.        We wish to draw to the attention of Council, an apparent anomaly with regard to Foundation, which no longer functions as a separate committee in this Club, although it is Rotary’s own charity and an important aspect of our Rotary activity. We elected last year to discontinue our Foundation Committee as it was somewhat disfunctional.. Mike Butcher is elected as our  Foundation Officer, and attends International Meetings. We do contend that:

a.        As Foundation Officer, he should be allowed to attend, speak AND vote at Council Meetings.

b.       By our recollection, Foundation does not appear to have received any funding this year – unless this was intended to come from the International pot. The GSE funding request and indeed the Chernobyl and Ukraine ventures, are quasi ambassadorial/educational and could therefore be viewed as “in house” Foundation type disbursements and we would ask that this should be born in mind when considering our above request re the Chernobyl funding, otherwise (and this is as broad as it is long) International will need to approach the Club for additional funding from Charity Account to make a sensible contribution to this project and also if  we are to match any Club contribution to Foundation from Duck Race profits.

c.        Mike Butcher has alerted the Club to our apparent willingness to support the Chancellor by failing to claw back gift aid on charitable (Foundation) contributions from our members. This does need to be addressed as a matter of urgency, and until the Club’s Foundation contribution has been agreed, International cannot readily offer any matching contribution from Duck Race profits.


Even at the existing level of contribution of £10, we are in effect providing the Treasury with £2.80 per member of money to waste, which would otherwise go to charitable causes and we would be surprised if our President would welcome this profligacy. If indeed International’s matching Duck Race contribution to Foundation was somehow given instead from member’s funds, (i.e. General Account or Members’ Fund) then the tax benefit would double, but this might not be sustainable.


(MB has suggested that if we were to increase the members’ contribution to Foundation from subscriptions to £20 per Rotarian then with Gift Aid, that would increase to £25.60. This represents a 100% hike in members’ contributions to Foundation, but if deemed necessary we could offset the extra £10 per Rotarian by a similar contribution back from the members’ fund.)


If International were then willing and able to match this with £25.60 from Duck Race profits then Rotary’s own worthy Foundation Charity would receive £51.20 per Haven member. This would achieve District targets and may seem a tall order, but notwithstanding recent bad publicity, Foundation is the ONLY charity in the world that gives out more than it Receives (£1.09 for every £1 given) 


Whilst some of our members have reservations with regard to some of its activities, nevertheless, Ambassadorial Scholarships, Group Study Exchange, Matching Grant Projects, Polio Plus eradication and Peace Scholarships would not happen without Foundation .


Accordingly, International Committee seeks guidance from Council.


The 2007 Duck Race

 This will take place on Sunday Sept 23rd subject to confirmation of availability of the premises. Planning is under way and we shall report in further detail at the next Council meeting.

 Date of Next  International Services Committee Meetings

 19th Feb – agree duties

2nd April

21st May – concentration on advertising

30th July

10th September – Final details of 2007 Event

19th November – Dinner at Charcoal Grill


There being no further business of an official nature, the meeting closed at 9.15pm. Kitty now in credit  £22.


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International Committee 2001 - 2002


Fund Raising      The Great Millennium Duck Race 2, together with the Corporate Duck Race, raised over £ 4300 for International projects.


Fund Allocation


£8300 has been allocated.  Projects supported include:

Tools for Self Reliance

Hope and Homes for Children

Sight Savers

Friends of the Gambian Organisation for the Visually Impaired

The Rotary Jaipur Limb Project

Water Aid

Intermediate Technology ( ITDE )


The Nepal Trust

Chernobyl Children Life Line

The Rotary Foundation

Aqua Boxes '30'..........6

Rotary Shelter Boxes ...... 2

The Great Millennium Duck Race  2001



The Start.    Rotarians Alan Spinks ( in water ) and Alan Carman ( on bank ) release the 1000's of ducks for the start of the Millennium Duck Race 2001. The water was very cold !!


Corporate Duck Race Presentation 2001

Rotarians Alan Carman and Ian McCreadie ( the main fund raisers ) join Ted and Norman at the winners presentation of the Corporate Duck Race.



Post Duck Race

Local Radio Norfolk broadcaster, Wally Webb, receives a cheque for his help with the Millennium Duck Race from President Ted Witton at an evening club rotary meeting. Vice President John Clark looks on.


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