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Michael Woods

President 2004- 05



                 In the years sitting “below the salt” I noted the sadism of Rotarians electing members onto Presidential pedestal in order to use them for verbal target practice. It seemed that the President can either duck and weave or fire back. I decided on the latter for most of my time. As you might expect the most accurate incoming fire was from the Past Presidents who could recognise any tenuous coverings up or signs of pusillanimity having been there themselves.


            The year saw two major events: the centenary celebrated and the Indian Ocean rim tsunami disaster.


            The centenary was a chance to work with others to make a difference in the lives of local people. We decided to give a mini bus to the autistic children at their centre Smart Kids. Potter’s Leisure Centre and The Lords’ Taverners joined us for this. The benefit was not only to the kids themselves but to their parents and siblings who desperately need respite from the invasive activity that autistic children manifest.


                The response by the Club to the tsunami was like a beacon being lit on the Club, Rotary, particular members and on the community of the Borough of Great Yarmouth. The response was immediate, committed, co-operative, hard working and effective. Devastated families on far sea coasts were sheltered and supplied with clean water by people who did not know them. Lifted off the painful edges of death and hopelessness the victims could concentrate on grieving and rebuilding assured by the tangible evidence that others cared enough to be on the beaches with them in the shape of tents and other life supporting equipment. This was one of Rotary’s finest hours.


                More paced and long term was the continued fight against Polio involving hundreds of thousands of Rotarians across the world and their allies as well as this Club’s interest in fortifying the work in Africa to combat HIV/AIDS.


                Tri-club activities were a great success and showed how you can change the geography of the catchment area but the hallmark of each Rotarian remains.


                The majesty of what we did that year shrivelled the irritation I had frequently with Rotarians who can’t stop talking when the bell rings or who can’t resist improperly adding ‘God bless her’ to the loyal toast or the conversations that lead too often to the feeling that the Rotary may after all simply be the Tory party at lunch.




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