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                  President 2015 - 2016 Peter Bondi.



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Michael Muskett

President 1999 -2000


                There is no doubt that my year will be remembered for the theatre trip to London. On arrival at Liverpool Street station

 the organisation so far was working well, there sat the mini-cabs we had ordered to take us to see the musical “We Will Rock You”.

 Unfortunately, we got so absorbed in the finale that when we left the theatre so had the mini-cabs we had ordered to take us back to the station

. The result – most of us missed the last train back to Norwich, that is apart from the two members who got a London cab and certain other members

 who decided in any event a night sampling the various nightlife available was preferable. The rest of us ended up catching the drunkards train back

 to Colchester and then taxis back to Great Yarmouth. On a very damp night upon arrival at Colchester – the sign displaying the words “Colchester

 welcomes Rotarians” remains engraved on my memory.

          Leaving this aside, I believe we had an enjoyable year having had a number of successful fund raising events which included my usual

 Greyhound evening, which I was pleased to do as President having instigated this event during my years on the Community Service Committee.

             My thanks go to Brian Potter for allowing me to have the use of his facilities for President’s Ladies Night for which I was given the

 choice of dates when various celebrities were performing, my eventual choice being Alvin Stardust.

          During my year, I realised a review of the finances of the Club was required, which I was able to tackle when I became Club Treasurer two years on.

          It was quite apparent during my year on my visits to other clubs that no club could match my own for friendship and fellowship. Long may it continue.  


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