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                  President 2015 - 2016 Peter Bondi.


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Monty Spandler

President 2005 - 2006



 What an honour and privilege to be President of Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club during the Rotary Centenary and the Clubís 25th Anniversary Year. The year has been brilliant and I will treasure the memories for a long time. If I were truthful, I do not want to hand over the Presidency, as itís been so enjoyable.

                 I would like to thank the members for their help during my year, especially Tony King and Bert Collins. I had a very high standard to maintain and hope the members have found me to be up to standard.

                 My year has allowed me to meet a lot of fellow Rotarians and I am especially thankful to the committee of the 3 Club Venture for organising such enterprising events.

                 I felt that I had to give a 100% commitment and, as such, I have attended every meeting during my year and I must say a big thank you to my partner Ann for her help and consideration in enabling me to do this.

                 Special thanks go to John Clark who, with a little help from Bob Price, organised the Houses of Parliament Trip. This was the highlight of my year with the Charter Night coming a very close second.

                 My successor, Bert Collins, will take over a very happy club and I wish him every success.

                 Thank you all the Past Presidents who have contributed to this special booklet to celebrate 25 years of Rotary with the Haven Club and I hope that members will enjoy reading about our success.

                 My very sincere thanks go to John Westgate for compiling this booklet. Well done!


                I am saddened to record the death of my dear friend and fellow Rotarian Geoffrey Denton, who died on 12th May 2006. Geoffrey was committed to Rotary and was an essential member of the Duck Race team, with his wife Margaret usually sorting and counting the many thousand ducks.

God bless.     Monty.


Born 1943. Professional Haulage Contractor and Test Station Operator for all vehicles. Joined family firm in early sixties and is based in Great Yarmouth. Joined Rotary in 1997 .Enjoys the fellowship, social side and fund-raising activities. Lives with wife  Ann on the outskirts of Great Yarmouth and has three grown up children. Hobbies include walking, theatre, and spending time with four grandchildren.


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The club meets every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at  Burlington Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth at 1.00 p.m. 


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