Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club


                  President 2015 - 2016 Peter Bondi.



Norman Bailey

President 1983 - 84

( R.I.P )

“A Monthly Extract from the President’s Diary”


Visit from District Governor, Dennis Adams.  Wondered why – now we know – we’re wanted to host the District Conference at Gunton Hall.  IN other words, provide stewards for the weekend.  I’ll get Bill Cooke to head up the organisation, just his forte I would think.


Committee Chairman Alan Spinks explains all about Foundation.  If he ever gets involved with International, we’ll probably land up with a “brother club” in Thailand.


We host “District Golf Day” at the Caister Club.  Well organised, but one of our members  wins singles competition.  Better remain nameless, as other players call him a bandit.


Hosting of District Conference goes very well.  “A well-oiled machine”  declares District Governor.  Twenty at our table for dinner-dance.


Visit with wives to Police Headquarters, courtesy new member Peter Howse.  At last, an event when I can drink and drive.


Some misguided members suggest Christmas Lunch should become Christmas Dinner.  An evening meeting – no way.


District Council meeting at Diss.  Slip away after lunch to visit Tony King in hospital.  Time much better spent.


Inaugural “Casino Night” at King’s.  Food incredible.  An excellent night; and £518 for the charity account.


Annual Dinner and Dance at Burlington. Over 60 in attendance, and all seemed to enjoy the evening.


National Conference at Blackpool.  Ten make the long journey, staying at Fleetwood.  District Governor turns up at our hotel for a quiet meal  we soon put paid to that.  Ron McLeod shows us to super seats for the Saturday night entertainment.  The National President and his party appear to be ten seat short, though.


First visit of Club to Winschoten.  24 make the trip by coach via Felixstowe and The Hook.  Correction – Dover and Zebrugge – strike at Felixstowe.  Adversity brings out the best in everyone, and a great weekend ensues.  Out hosts are most hospitable and generous.  Present them with case of Norfolk wine.  Thank goodness they don’t wish to share that with us.


“Charter Night” at King’s Casino (I must be prejudiced).  Only one absentee member; and Ron McLeod is the Club guest.  Initiate “Presidential Awards” for the year – alarm clocks – to Brian Potter, for giving a vote of thanks, taking more time than the speaker’s talk, John Wiseman for arriving precisely at one o’clock for every meeting and Herbert Tonkin (who arrived in casual wear) for never knowing what time of day it is.  Well, the last event of a busy year; I hope the members enjoyed it as much as I.  


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