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Ted Witton

President 2001-02


                Norfolk born and bred, Ted is approaching retirement after nearly 39 years with Barclays Bank, latterly as a Corporate Business Manager but with a specialisation in Agriculture some 5 years ago - an intended sinecure which misfired into a very demanding role!
Ted Lives near Norwich with Lynda, and retains close links with both the City and Great Yarmouth.
A Past President of Great Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce, and of Great Yarmouth Marketing Initiative (GYMI),  an original executive member of Shaping the Future, and a keen member of the Strangers Club in Norwich, he is looking forward to travel and golf  as well as Rotary - when he finds some spare time.


               I have never tackled the Cresta Run on my toboggan, but I guess it must be something like being President of Haven Rotary: you leap on board and it’s a thrill a second ride until you almost get the vehicle under control, and then you’ve finished.


                Ah, the memories! I joined Rotary unaware of the grand design that a new treasurer was required, and so almost from day one, I sat on the top table in that role, and accordingly, and unfortunately, never served as a committee chairman which would have served as a useful primer for the challenges to come. Well yes, there was Club Service, but that was at the time structured as a rehearsal for the Council Meeting and involved very little original thought.


After that, I stumbled through the roles of Junior and Senior Vice under capable Presidents who seemed to know what they were doing, and seldom required any assistance (or so I thought) and then suddenly, the presidential ribbon was thrust around my neck and I was ready to embark on a journey into space – or rather, gaffes.


Fortunately, like my predecessors, I quickly discovered that our excellent, patient and long serving secretary, Tony King, was really the puppet master and so I quickly became Sooty to his Harry Corbett as he carefully manipulated me – and steered the club- in the right direction.


Mind you, Haven is a bit special and prospers through wonderful banter. The president is fair game and generally the butt of this repartee. Every president in my recollection has been systematically ambushed and goaded to the brink of despair before the members pull back; safe in the knowledge that another leader has finally been licked into shape. And I was no exception.


There are so many highlights that blur into the past and which I will not recount but the Club did raise over £5000 for the Kosovo Appeal, we won the District Foundation award as a consequence, and a successful and enjoyable District Conference was held at Potters in Hopton.  And there were the dodgy bits that seemed like penury - like the futility of spending hours with Tony, revising the Club’s by-laws, (within the spirit of Rotary ideals). A revision of the rules that could be approved, adopted and then conveniently ignored anytime thereafter as it suits the Club. Yes, I was set up again, even at the end of my year!


 But come the crunch, here is a club of friends, ready to support their president through thick and thin, and woe betide any unwanted incursions by the hierarchy or indeed any other outsiders. Fellowship First epitomised!  


                I had a wonderful year personally and can only hope my friends will reflect that I passed the baton safely to my successor, with the club having achieved a little more, and grown ever closer, life enriched by the experience.





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The club meets every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at  Burlington Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth at 1.00 p.m. 


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