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Richard Delf

President 1985 - 86

My Year in office was so great

I had no time to vegetate

What did I do? Where did I go?

It’s all a secret, don’t you know!


Our ladies bloomed like lovely flowers

All sunny smiles, no April showers

Us men were macho, fit and strong

A credit to Haven to which we throng


As President I was quite outstanding

My pride and ego were expanding

The meetings were bliss, so quiet and calm

Everything perfect, I twisted no arm


My memory was so sharp and clear

Now it’s diminished, especially this year!

So imagine my reign was a wonderful one

Let thought run riot, and guess what was done!


I took over the joy-stick from my able friend and compatriot Des.  One of my first acts was to set-back the starting times of council meetings, but still managed to arrive late, however we still managed to finish on schedule.  Perhaps this was because of my belief in democracy, which was underlined by the mysterious demise of evening meetings during my year.  Naturally I remember endeavouring to trip the light fantastic with as many of the fairer sex as I could manage at the President'’ Ladies Night.

Talking of ladies brings me to John Inman who “served us well”.  In those days we still had top stars and a variety of shows in the town.  John appeared at one of our lunchtime meetings when he was at the very top of his popularity.  He told me hw was worried about being mobbed while visiting Yarmouth Races the next day and asked if I knew of any Rotarian whom could protect him.  Without hesitation I offered the services of Mr Personality, Norman – John took one look and declined the offer, stating that he preferred my Junior Vice-President.  Realising what an innocent boy our Junior Vice was, I refused on his behalf.  I informed our nervous star that the racing fraternity were more interested in Lester Pigott, an international celebrity.  John squeezed my knee and said he hoped I was right!

Winschoten visited our club and, as with the Blackpool Conference, I was working as usual, but I did receive the Goulder Cheese which my council fought valiantly to win with a verbal flow of waffling.  Before I knew it my year was over and I handed over to President Tony.


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