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Tony King

President – 1986/87

               The Rotary Year from 7th June 1986 to 6th July 1987 was, perhaps the most rewarding year of my life and I was particularly fortunate that my wife, Margaret, shared my enthusiasm for the task and gave me great support throughout.

               All the normal events associated with a successful Rotary Club took place.  There were, of course, the really high spots and I also experienced one of the lowest spots I can recall our club going through when a proposed new member was objected to.  Thankfully, common sense and dignity on the part of the proposer took the heat out of what could have been a very unpleasant situation.

              During the run-up to my year as President, I gave great thought to who should be my successor as I knew full well that that person would be my “right arm” during my Presidency.  Fortunately that man was Bill Cooke and I have nothing BUT PRAISE FOR HIS Club Service Chairmanship during my year, which he carried out with great enthusiasm and skill.  Perhaps the high spot of the year was the hosting of District 108 Conference at Gunton Hall in October.  Bill’s organisational ability had to be seen to be believed and it  gave me the opportunity to give a speech of welcome to the delegates.

              Social events during the year included two successful visits to the Theatre Royal, Norwich, organised superbly by Des Sadler, an excellent Casino night which made £340 towards the Charity Fund, a first-class Ladies Night dinner and dance and a highly successful “Pool Party” by courtesy of Brian and Judy Potter.  The Quiz team had a good measure of success without reaching the heights of subsequent years, and to crown it all, I and my “team” won the Car Rally, so well organised by David and Valerie Wakefield.

            The lunchtime speakers were many and carried and three of them, David Bullock, Peter Howse and Jim Carter all eventually became members of the Haven Club.  Our most well-known speaker was Vince Hill, the singer of stage and televisions fame.  However, the meeting that gave me most pleasure was when the “Citizen of the Year” award went to the “little Salvation Army Lady” Violet Barham, in the presence of the Mayor, Councilor Brenda Mills.

            I was also privileged to welcome the Club’s first Rotary Exchange Student, Luke Blackburn, from Australia and must record with gratitude the part played by George Ermini who undertook the arrangements at short notice.  It was also gratifying to be involved in the preliminary arrangements for the return visit by our own Exchange Student, Jayne Lewis, to Australia.

           There is no doubt the Presidency of the Great Yarmouth Haven Rotary Club required one hundred per cent commitment.  I tried to give that and hope that I was able to continue the high standard set by my predecessors.



Golden Wedding  Anniversary !


Congratulations to Tony and Margaret.



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